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Lots of vertical change. Trail heavily trafficked. Not to bad around dusk.

Great hike pretty steep in some areas

nature trips
6 days ago

lower path and upper path have great views. upper path is a bit more of a hike than the lower path which is more of just a nature walk.

We liked this hike just fine. It does have several points where you are just walking along a road or through parking lots, which isn’t ideal when looking for a good nature experience. There’s lots of water features and a lot of fun places for kids. The biggest drawback is probably the number of other people on the same hike and in the same area.

It was very fun but very heavily trafficked.

It’s not really a trail and it can get overly crowded fast. Better off going through the entire park and finding your own swimming spot.

Each water fall is fantastic and there are multiple spots to take a dip. The stone work and stairs make it seem like some pathway to a castle out of a movie.

on Rim & Gorge Trail

14 days ago

beautiful scenic trails. started at lower rim trail ro upper rim trail. would not have seen Lucifer Falls had we not continued on upper trail. took the gorge trail back down. moderate for beginners, but not impossible.

15 days ago

Beautiful hike- just too populated and the trails are narrow. We completed the entire hike- all 5.6 miles, just out of preference, I would opt another trail purely for the sake of ease of manipulation of crowds.

15 days ago

Great trail! We did the Rim Trail all the way up to the upper level. There's tons of spots for great pictures. Some people venture off the trails (Although, I'm not sure it's allowed per park signs) and waded/ sat in the rivers. We wore boots even though a lot of the trail was paved/gravel, an old pair of tennis shoes would be fine. There are some inclines if you go up the Rim Trail to the top, which can leave you winded. Traffic wasn't terrible either until you got to the actual falls, where people were taking pictures.
We were told by some couples to avoid taking the right at one of the splits, as there is no stairs and its just an uphill climb (more difficult). Once at the top we came back down at turned right at the bridge that has a gate on it. After crossing the bridge, it will take you down to the swimming hole where there is lifeguards and a diving board right in front of the falls. I wish we would have brought swimsuits for this. Definitely pack some river clothes, swimsuits if you have kids, its something they would definitely enjoy.

Best maintained trail i've been on in a while. A little touristy and as it got later in the day it got more crowded, but not too terrible. A really great day hike & I'd highly reccomend.

20 days ago

The hardest part about getting to this trail is finding parking. We found plenty of parking on Farm Street and walked about 5 minuets to get to the starting point. Beautiful falls with lots of photography opportunities. A shout out to the person who was patrolling the streambed to gently encourage law breakers to get out of the water as several people where attempting to get into the water regardless of all the 'no swimming' signage. Was neat to see all the college kids streaming along the trail and taking advantage of this part of Cornell University.

22 days ago

This trail was amazing: physically is was just challenging enough to break a sweat and get a good work out, aesthetically it was beautiful, it is well marked and maintained, and you can go swimming if you want to take a break. I would definitely do this again and I probably will. It was short enough that a round trip took just over two hours at a moderate pace with two people total (one experienced hiker, one beginner).

Nice hike just did a short loop. Nice water flow today very enjoyable

26 days ago

Excellent trails. Wonderful views and a Hell of a workout, a lot of stairs. I would like to try the Red Pines trail off the Gorge trail. Perfect hike with Sun, shade mud puddles and lots of wildlife! Great to see families out hiking!

While visiting my cousin in Ithaca she took me on this awesome trail. we parked at the top and hiked down. At the bottom we stopped in town shopped a little bit and had a beer before heading backup to the top. Water level is a bit lower than normal for this time of year. Awesome views nice clear path/steps you don't constantly have to stare at your feet to make sure you're not gonna trip over roots etc.

30 days ago

I have done this trail several times and I love it every time. it is beautiful and a hell.of a workout with all the stairs. Love it !

Prettiest and coolest thing I have ever seen in my life... and I am not easily impressed.

1 month ago

A good work out (if you like climbing stairs!). Beauty all the way up the gorge trail. Haven’t tried the Rim trail yet.

This was my favorite in Ithaca this far. Start by taking the gorge trail then loop to the rim trail- this will provide great views facing the waterfalls then it's like a walk in the woods.

Found a list of amazing parks in the US. Watkins Glen was on that..which spurred our trip to the Ithaca area. we then found several other great trails including this one. It is definitely moderate hike on both the Gorge side and Rim Trial. The elevation change is 450ft and it goes up pretty rapidly. There are a lot of stairs on the Gorge side and the Rim trail and pretty steep headed up or down. We did the Gorge trail past Pinnacle rock to the road and down the Rim trail. We would have done the whole trek if we had more time.

overall great and beautiful park and waterfalls.

Beautiful waterfalls on the Gorge trail turn into a quiet and peaceful forest on the Bear trail. You can then continue around a serene lake and back to the Gorge or Rim trail. Awesome hike!

1 month ago

Great trail up through the Gorge to Bear trail to the Lake & back down to the Rim Trail. Didn’t record, easy trail to follow. Steps up the falls aren’t easy but a good workout. Sights are amazing through the gorge trail.

1 month ago

Absolutely beautiful hike! We were there on a rainy day and we took the staircase downward! The waterfall was Gorgeous and the dog loved the little rocky ponds she could play in at the top of the falls!

Great Hike, Beautiful Scenery

Beautiful trail

2 months ago

It's a beautiful, large waterfall, but it's more of a walk-up than a hike.

Great hike with tons of shade and spectacular falls and vistas.

2 months ago

Gorge trail still closed, but you can walk a little way up Gorge from Old Mill parking
Impressive what water can cut through
Took Rim trail up to Lucifer Falls and down all those steps to bottom of falls. Unless you plan on wading out to bottom of falls, stay on top and enjoy view of the entire falls
Trillium ( mainly white with a few purple) and Jack in the Pulpit along trail

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