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Indian Lake, New York Map

This was our very first hike in the Adirondacks and we really enjoyed this trail. It starts off pretty easy which was a great warm up as it gets progressively more difficult and steep as you go! We really surprised ourselves and made it to the top. We only passed a few people along our hike and they were coming down on our way up. No one signed in after us and we ended up having the peak all to ourselves for the afternoon.

Decided to actually attempt our first mountain peak on the wife’s 29th birthday. The last mile or so got rather intense, but the pay off was definitely worth it.

on Chimney Mountain Trail

12 days ago

Fantastic hike! Roots, rocks, earth underfoot. Not difficult other than steadily steep with a few level parts. Take your time, it is a short hike and well worth the effort. Incredible views. Rock formations atop are incredible! This spot is a false summit as there is a trail heading out to the real summit which has a 360 view. We opted out this time. Wish we did not but there’s always tomorrow!

Thought be more rock scrabble .. decent trail condition nice view

Awesome,it’s a must go to. Definitely recommend this hike

Swam in the water pool next to the waterfall, it was a great cool down!

Hiked up on 6/1/18 and camped until 6/3/18. Lots of caterpillars at the top but it was a nice hike with beautiful views!

on OK Slip Falls Trail

18 days ago

This was a great hike to the falls. It was a good workout with uphills and downhills but nothing too steep.

22 days ago

This 70+ year old had a pleasant hike into the lake. Except for the usual tree roots and small rocks trail was easy to follow. Only went up and down around 200 feet so no problems there. Lake is small but very pleasing to see.

Great hike. similar elevation gain to some high peaks, but the ground is pretty soft most of the hike, which makes it easier.
you can definitely bring a dog that is use to hiking on this trail with no issues.

an amazing place to be. I wish I could live here there's just something magical about this place

This was a great hike. It was steeper than I would have expected a kid friendly hike to be, but the payoff was worth it. The caves and rock formations are awesome, but you won’t be able to take full advantage if you bring a dog, unless you have someone to take turns holding the leash with you. The view is great at both Chimney Rock and the actual summit, but it is truly spectacular if you are brave enough to climb on top of the rock formation next to the chimney. The caves and Chimney Rock had a lot of traffic, but we were the only ones who traveled on to the summit. It is only about a 1/4 mi flat hike farther and was worth it. My kids had fun finding toads in the woods on the way up and down. Probably about 20 in all which was good for distracting them briefly from the steepness of the trail. My kids are 6 & 8 and do a moderate amount of hiking and this was rough for them, both up and down.

There is a $2 cash parking fee at the lot. Luckily I had it on me.

on Snowy Mountain Trail

27 days ago

We hiked this trail during the winter months and it was a ton of fun. The last mile to the top is tough but worth it for the incredible views. Check out my full write up with pictures and directions.

Spur of the moment hike but it was good! Super steep in parts but if you take your time it’s easy. Lots of rocks and tree roots to use as steps and to give you traction. For being in what I felt like was the middle of nowhere, the trail was quite busy. No bugs. Took 50 minutes up, 40 minutes down. The top is neat with caves and rock formations. I’d do it again.

Been hiking snowy for 20 years, every time we come to Indian Lake. Took our ambitious 6 year old one year which was a bit much for him. Last part is a scramble and some friends we've taken have really struggled, but if you are in decent shape it is not hard. Views from fire tower are worth every step.

first 2 miles are enjoyable with mostly hard packed dirt, roots, and occasional rocks. the last mile made me almost turn around...we had our boxer dog on leash and she needed to be lifted at times. toward the top it gets really hard to keep on trail. we missed trail to tower to find an even better lookout. on way down, we found tower. I would do this again, with more daylight to enjoy the amazing views. my app and watch said it was over 8 miles.

It was a very long hike that let to the valley top on the opposite side of the falls. I was hoping more to be up close to the falls.

this was and awesome hike a bit longer then what I'm use to but pretty easy hike we stopped once on the way in. I will suggest anyone trying to get to the bottom of the falls to bring a rope that would have been very helpful.

1 month ago

Great hike with beautiful waterfall at end. Never too steep.

1 month ago

Great hike with my youngest. After the rain the falls was flowing nicely and the Hudson River was being enjoyed by numerous rafters. 4hr and 20mon with some time spent at the river.

1 month ago

The first three miles were easy, nothing strenuous. The final push to the summit is steep and very tough! It is nearly a mile of serious climbing. It was a challenge for me, but my son basically jogged up to the summit, arriving 30 minutes before me. The view from the cliff face is spectacular. Push on to the tower about 50yards further, and take in the 360 views. The tower needs a little work, as some fencing was missing from this higher levels, but it’s strong otherwise. We did the climb after 5 days of rain, a little slick and muddy, but not terrible. The descent was difficult in the steepest section, after that it’s an enjoyable walk back to the vehicle. My app said it was 8.1 miles round trip.

love to return

2 months ago

1st mountain I’ve hiked! Great experience. Definitely got harder the last mile. Moderate traffic but not too bad. The view was amazing from the fire tower!

2 months ago

Nice and easy hike that was great for my dog with shorter legs! After seeing the falls from the overlook it is worth it to take the trail to the right (on the way back out) to the bridge and follow the stream to the top of the falls. If you want something a little more strenuous take the trail further down to the Hudson River. Steep hike back up but the river is peaceful and great for a dip on a hot day!

Spectacular views but can get pretty muddy towards the top!

Very steep and Rocky ascent. An exhausting trip to the top. Nice rock outcroppings when you get to the top but don’t stop there. Go another 15 minutes for full 360° view

Made it to overlook to Snowy Mt. Trail markers few and far between. Lot of horses crap on the trail that we took. Easy to mod hike. Enjoyable.

Took us 2 and a half hours to get to the top, and 2 hours and 20 to get down with a few minute breaks. Beautiful views, worth the trip, definitely a hard trail for beginners.

took me an hour and 57 minutes to summit, the last 1/2 mile is steep and challenging if the trail is muddy, but well worth the trip up.

How neat is the view from here? I had half of my father's ashes strewn on the summit.

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