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Cool wildlife but it smelt really gross.

Super buggy and short

I'm afraid I can only rate this as an "eh." We came across some really badly-maintained areas, and the trail map doesn't really reflect the trail system once you get in there. I've been on worse, but I've also been on better.

Note that the main trail along the stream has yellow markers, not red as shown on the map. Also the ridge cutoff has red markers, not yellow. The Polypody Fern trail is aptly named.

7 days ago

I absolutely love walking the battlefield. A great place to connect with nature and history while pushing a stroller.

What a beautiful walk on great wide trails. Likely perfect for Mt. biking as well. Trails aren’t marked well but just stay right then head left and you’ll make a big loop. As for the tower, if you can’t find it you likely shouldn’t be in the woods without a guide

The trail is wonderful and I would give it a 5 star rating were it not for very poor sign posts.

I’d say it’s moderate, not hard. Beautiful views.

The views were great. I recommend taking the scenic route "Eagle Marsh Trail". the views are great and the trail has some downward slopes that utilize ropes to go down. 3.5 miles and a 2 hour 42 minute hike with a 5 person group which includes 2 older people

Easy short walk to breathtaking views. Great hike with kids or if you are short on time.

12 days ago

This was my first time trying this Trail, and OMG! Be prepared to for very nice incline to get your heart rate going! The incline in the beginning of this hike is the reasons I’ve ranked this hike a fairly difficulty rating of 5 stars. If you can get past the first 30-40 minutes or so, though, this hike becomes more of a stroll, with amazing views in all directions.

I highly recommend this hike, for everyone.

6.92 miles tracked , took 2:15 did the loop starting in parking lot and walking North up the path along the river.
Once on the Long Path more of a workout. Really nice trail.

I really liked this trail. A steep start but it has some great view points along the way.

17 days ago

My 9yo Maltese and I did the full white trail. Did the hike backwards. Took us about 4 hours total, with 2 hours of moving time. A few breathtaking views at the top, wished there were more. The rockclimbing down about 3/4 into the trail was quite steep and a little frightening at times. It was definitely a good workout.

We briefly lost our trail twice; the well-marked trail and gps function on alltrails app did us wonders. Lots of bugs in select places, though my dog came out tick/flea free with just a homemade vinegar spray, we saw lizards!!!, a very tall tree did almost fall on us towards the end (please, always be vigilent of these killer trees!), and at the end of our hike we loved being able to cross the street and go for a dip at the river beach!

The Hook Mountain trail isn't easy but very rewarding with the views!

Nyack Beach - - It's an easy walk along the river with a beautiful view.

Good hike rewarding view

One of my favorite trails in the ADK. The trail starts at the Ausable golf course so the first mile or so is a walk along a dirt road, which makes for an easier start and finish, especially when tired. Once you reach the bridge, follow the signs to the left - there will be a "Scenic Route" sign. You'll walk along the lake and slowly gain elevation so take time to enjoy the views. The summit of Sawteeth is tree'd, so much so that I never saw the marker or really realized I had hit the summit. You can either turn back here or continue on to hit Pyramid Peak (Not a 46er, but has some amazing views) and Gothics. I would HIGHLY recommend you continue on to Gothics as the views are amazing! You can see much of the ADK and have a great view of the Ausable lake below. Take time to enjoy the views from Pyramid Peak to Gothics - just turn around at any point along that trail for great views.

Lovely, mellow amble through cool mixed hardwood forest. Very easy wide paths, but LOTS of diverging paths that didn’t seem to be represented on the All Trails maps, but still easily navigated. In all, a nice break from in-town Cooperstown crowding. Nice farm-to-table cafe (Origins) just up the road from trailhead.

22 days ago

Beautiful summer afternoon for a hike. The bright sun and cool breeze made for an enjoyable walk to Lock 19. We saw several blue herons and a huge snapping turtle in the old canal.

The only drawback today was the copious amount of goose poop in several locations along the path. There was so much that it smelled like the poultry barn at the county fair.

Definitely a great trail, especially on a mon. The trail was well marked and there were SOME nice views — nothing comparable to some other trails in this region though. Saw 2 snakes, both of the garden variety and some cool sites towards the end of the hike. The first 3/4 mile was tough, the rest was a nice easy to moderate hike. Lots of cobbles, make sure to watch your step. Would definitely do it again.

22 days ago

Wonderful trail, but could state where the tower is on the map. It was a bit hard to find at first, but if you stay straight on the wide black trail you will run right into it. Great experience overall!

23 days ago

Great views out over the East River and back toward New York Harbor, and some interesting historical markers along the way. One of the most iconic bridges in the world. But man does it get crowded! Keep out of the bike lane unless you want to get run over. Nice walk to DUMBO where you can have a quick lunch, then return to Manhattan.

24 days ago

Crossed this off my to-do list. Such a historically important bridge, was cool to walk through history a little bit. I went at 7am on a drizzly Thursday morning, so crowds weren't too bad.

Walked from one side to the other and back. An iconic structure. Would have been nice if the walking/biking surface was a tad wider. I imagine it gets cramped when it's a nice weekend morning.

Lovely but poorly marked trails.

trail running
25 days ago

Good place to walk the dogs. Easy running as well as said in previous reviews. Not much on the scenic side of things. Quite area.

26 days ago

Hiked 6/19/18. Short trail but pretty steep! Loved the nice little open summit and restored fire tower. The views were absolutely spectacular from the tower and the summit. Took approximately 1 1/2 hrs round trip. 23rd fire tower.

A nice hike. Some steep inclines that give you a run for your money. Some great ruins and some nice vistas. All in all a good day out but not my favorite. There are TWO sets of ruins. One about 1/4 mike from the parking lot (on the way back) and the other about a mile and a half. There is lots to see at the other one so wander around a bit.

29 days ago


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