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Great Bend, New York Map

Can’t find the trail head Can someone help

awesome trail. the trail itself is great. a few roots here and there but nothing technical. they seemed to clean up a bit since I didnt see much trash. there was a few things but nothing crazy. took my wife and 4 yr old 2 miles out and back and they had no problems!

The App does not seem to reflect accurately the location of trailhead.

This was a fun, easy hike but I just can't give it five stars. The trail is riddled with garbage and I kept having to watch the ground to make sure my dog didn't hurt his paws. There were broken beer bottles, condoms and an entire couch laying around. It really took away from the experience.

gorgeous views and an easy trail to walk. only mar is the truck ruts and littering en mas near the pump station.

Great paved trail with a few access points to the water. Trail is great for running, walking, bike riding, roller blading, kayaking. Side note: if you're running and have the uncontrollable urge to go "number 2", please do others the courtesy and bury your waste!!! And do it off the path, even if it is a trail off of the main path! Someone took a dump and wiped with their sock, which my dog promptly found. Disgusting!!! Obviously there aren't any bathrooms on this trail.

awesome day amazing trail

road biking
Saturday, July 02, 2016

Nice scenery , easy stroll


completed today with family. Great trail except for the illegal dumping that's going on there. Random trash piles every where. I wish that I could catch them in the act.

Nice and easy trail. Bring bug spray!

Easy trail with a great view of the river and surrounding area. The right side butts up against Fort Drum, so stay away from the fence itself. Only minor 'hills' and the path is very well marked. There are certain spots you can walk onto the rocks that line the river, but be cautious, the river itself is very fast moving.

Great trail, very easy, and easy to find. Follows the river for miles. Not very hilly, couple little ones. This is fun for the whole family. Lots of views and spots to fish from. At one point you follow the fence line of Ft Drum and lots of signs that seem like they really don't want you to walk near there. But overall, this is a fun walk for any age.

Love the Black River

Thursday, September 05, 2013

This trail was nice, except for the intimidating Fort Drum signs.

A good trail to take in some quality scenery. Numerous side trails will lead you down to the black river. Can become quite confusing with all the military and dept. of wildlife signs. They're constantly telling you not to walk in proximity of FT. Drum or to stay out of certain spots of the woods. It almost seems as if they don't want you hiking the trail. All in all a great trail.

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Thursday, October 25, 2012

i did this trail today! the fall colors were awesome! tough to see the trail in some parts b/c of the leaves, so be careful for rocks, roots, etc if you plan on running it. there are a few places that trail off that take you right to the river. make sure you check those out! the river view is beautiful.

trail running
Saturday, October 20, 2012

I love this trail!! It was relatively flat and had some mud near the end. Great for those that like to train for OCRs. As other's have said it's not where to map is showing but off 26 past the bridge.

The gps is slightly off due to low signal, the trailhead actually begins next to the bridge, opposite the side it is marked on the map here. There's a rock/sand parking area. The trail is great for hiking and fishing. Very beautiful! If you enter the trail from the opposite side you can drive in to get closer to a fishing spot.

trail running
Friday, May 27, 2011

The trailhead is just across the bridge on the left. It's sandy and parking can be tricky if you don't stay right. The trail is fairly flat with a few rollers for the first mile or so before it joins a stoned roadbed and continues to the next bridge across the river. It has a few rocky and rooted spots but mostly it's solid footing. Shaded for almost 100%.

paddle sports
Sunday, October 24, 2010

Went white water rafting with a small group

Have fished the Black River most of my life. Best fishing is done from boating, although at certain times fishing off the shore works too! Give it a shot!

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