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Very enjoyable trek through the woods...didn't encounter another soul on a cold morning until I hit the junction with the Anthony's Nose trail. Decided to extend the hike about 0.8 miles and take in the views from the aforementioned Anthony's Nose. If time allows this is a must stop...gorgeous views of the Hudson River and Bear Mountain.

Made a loop out of this by taking the purple-blazed trail over Fort Hill and then, at the end of the purple trail, turned left onto a blue blazed trail, at the end of which I went on an in blazed trail that ended at Snake Hill Road which I took back to where I started

2 months ago

I enjoyed the walk and found it moderately challenging. Came with family who are not used to the climb and they were able to make it with some complaints. The main inconvenience was water running down the trail paths and making them muddy, so you need to wear waterproof footwear. There were some good spots to stop and enjoy the scenery. I would return.

Great hike for kiddos. 3.5-9 yrs. follow red mark and see the view of West Point.

I enjoyed this hike. It is relatively short and easy until the incline at the top. I went in the Autumn and the trees and view of the Hudson River were beautiful.

Fun little excercise trail. Very well marked. Have to cross a stream at a few different points so bring your waterproof boots.

Pretty steady climb but the views were worth it. Red Trail to North and South Redoubts was very well marked. Yellow trail not so much.

Not a favorite. The first 1/4 mile is through a meadow and was overgrown. Given the large amount of copperheads (i just saw one the day before) and tick borne illnesses in the area - I found it a bit unsettling. The trail does open up but to nothing spectacular. You will get some subpar views of the river and west point but nothing great. Even the walk in the woods was depressing. Im assuming this area got hit hard with recent storm because you are essentially walking though a maze of fallen trees. Its really quite sad actually. There are such better trails in this area.

Great views of the river

Saturday, January 20, 2018

Had a few hours in the afternoon and decided to do a little 4 mile in and out on this tiny sliver of the Appalachian trail. It was super nice out (Jan 20th), mid 40s and sunny. The trail was definitely a moderate but with a slight uptick today since it was slippery and wet due to the melting snow.

Trails badly marked, not maintained the best. There’s just so many other great options in the area.

Saturday, November 18, 2017

Great place. A nice little climb. Well maintained

Wednesday, November 08, 2017

Very well marked and kid friendly. Trail has some fun rock outcrops and creek for kids to play around. Good trail to teach kids about hiking and outdoor skills. It's not too easy to be just a walking trail.

This trail is not public! There is a gate and a gatekeeper. You should remove it from this app!

Great hike (very well-marked) but there is a sign at the entrance that says no dogs but another sign says dogs only on leash. It’s very easy to miss the entrance to the parking area so I’m posting a photo of it.

Wednesday, October 04, 2017

Took the blue trail going left, instead of going through the zoo.

Don’t do that.

Thursday, August 31, 2017

This trail is now privately owned, and I was turned away from the trail head by a groundskeeper. Here is the official story:


I'm going to preface this by noting that we are new hikers.

We parked at the trail head that the app lead us to, just off the Bear Mountain Highway, on Mystery Point Road.

When we reviewed the map posted there we were initially confused because we were looking for the "Manitou Point Preserve Trail" as named within the app. Instead, there are several different trails listed, none of which was the 3 miles as described within the app. We figured out that all of these trails were part of the larger named hike and set off to find the specific trail that was to lead us to the banks of the Hudson River (you want the River Trail in Blue).

We walked about ten minutes through the woods and came to another clearing and dirt road. You can follow this road straight down and around (we did this on way back), or the blue trail does cut through the woods to get you into this road further down. We back-tracked into the woods to find it. Nice walk past a small waterfall here once you're back on the dirt road.

Then, you are left with two choices as the dirt road goes either further downhill, or a bit uphill over the train tracks and past a private residence (through open gates). If you're trying to get to the river, you want to find the blue trail markings just past the bridge on the left side. BUT it is too overgrown to pass through, we had to turn back.

We were getting pretty frustrated at this point, so we just backed out and walked up through the gates to take in the view, which took us down to the river bank anyway.

We walked all the way down to the water and discovered the river trail to the left! We picked it back up, and enjoyed an awesome walk along the trail high above the river. We only realized once we got to a little gate that this portion of our hike was on private property--whoops!

We passed through this gate and were officially back on the blue trail. It's awesome, with amazing views, but very high and narrow in spots. We had our 4 year old with us, and our baby on our back, and we were really worried our 4 year old would slip and fall. We were both taking turns clinging to his hand! So I do not recommend this portion of the trail for small kids unless you are wearing them.

We turned around at some point, and came back the way we came.

Overall, a fun hike once we figured out what we were looking for at the trail head map, and once we were able to circumnavigate the overgrown portion of the trail that leads to the river. The apps tracking function really saved us on this one!

Fun hike especially down near the river. On the downside the upper parts were not well marked and there were a lot of ticks. My wife got a tick bite and a couple in the parking lot said they took several ticks off their dog.

Very easy walking trail with nice views. There was hardly any people when we went on a Sunday afternoon but the trail is well maintained, I think because the few people who actually live back there sometimes use the trail as a road.

Beautiful well marked trail. Views of the Hudson are gorgeous.

Beautiful little trail RIGHT along the Hudson River - great views as you walk.

Friday, December 02, 2016

A little hard to find as some of the blazes aren't clearly marked. went on a summer day, so all the trees made it hard to see the Hudson, but lovely slice of nature.

Sunday, November 13, 2016

We did 11 miles on several different trails starting at Castle Rock (blue), heading toward Sugarloaf, winding up on Osborne Loop toward Manitoga. Even the start of this hike is gorgeous with a beautiful green field and panoramic views of the colorful foliage across the river. All together, this hike is awesome. The directions on the nynjtc.org website were impeccable and led us exactly where we needed to go. Parts of the red emblazoned trail became extremely steep, but the view from the top could have been amazing had it not been for the obstruction from the trees. Still worth it, though. The hike is not for beginners in my opinion. Overall, loved this hike. Took only 4.3 hours to complete. Lots of cool things to see during this trip!!

Friday, September 23, 2016

I will give Sugarloaf the benefit of the doubt, but Castle Rock trail is boring and confusing.

The map on the parking lot is rotten away so there is no way to tell what trails go where. There is a blue, red, and yellow trail.

There is no way of reaching Castle Rock. Apparently is it privately owned and has big "NO TRESPASSING" signs saying anyone entering the property will be arrested and prosecuted.

Also, there is a RATTLESNAKE HABITAT there. No fences or signs around it until you are leaving it. That was a pleasant surprise since I was there with my dog.

Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Nice trail with varying skill level and you get to see a pretty castle at the end of it!

Wednesday, December 02, 2015

Amazing, beautiful and therapeutic

nature trips
Tuesday, September 01, 2015

Took me closer to 3 hours. I believe it is a 1 1/4 miles less when you start from the train station. Some spots are steep, but not too bad. Beautiful views of the Hudson.

Wednesday, August 20, 2014

It's good for a workout, since the trails go up and down several times. But not much scenery. The only place you can see something is Sugarloaf Hills and the view is just ok.

Overall trail is pretty easy. Most of the climbs are gradual and gentle. Major portion of the trail was an old horse carriage, so you can imagine how wide and easy it is. The climb up to Sugarloaf is the only challenging part, but it's only a short 10 minute climb.

This park has many trails, so pick and choose your own trail combination. I parked at the official parking on the northwest side of the park, climbed Sugarloaf first, then followed blue, white, yellow, blue, and red trails back to the car. Check out the GPS track I uploaded or go to this link to see what I did(http://bit.ly/1kVZHUx). You can also follow the official Osborne loop, which I think it's pretty similar to my track. Link below has the parking and trail info.

Lots of bugs on the southern part of the loop, especially near Curry pond, so bring bug spray.

Simple nice short hike. Took the Metro North early afternoon. Did the hike. Stopped and had lunch we brought. Hiked back down and made it just in time to catch the second to last train of the day.

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