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Beautiful view. Clearly marked, easy hike

Nice short hike. Dogs loved it!

Clearly marked and not difficult. Parking at the hogs lot made for a a good warm-up and cool-down since it's mostly flat from there to the Dacy lot.

Beautiful views from the top! Trail was very enjoyable and easy to follow.

Longer and more difficult than I expected but well worth it!

A great hike. Beautiful views rewarded us at the top. I felt comfortable taking all 5 kids ages 6-11 by myself. It was the first hike of the summer for this crew not a single complaint.

Only ventured in as far as the falls but it was gorgeous. Whole family and the dog had a great outing.

Great views, nicely paced hike. Gets a bit muddy in spots but nothing to worry about. Will take about an hour, 75 minutes-ish to get to the main viewpoint from the second car park, and don't worry about the road, just take it slow.

Did this hike last weekend, it was moderate to easy I would say. View was amazing, enough space at the top for lots of people to sit peacefully while enjoying the view.

I have been coming to Sleeping Beauty mountain and dacy clearing for over 38 years. I guess I just gave away the fact that I'm an old guy. LOL
anyway, this is a wonderful place to Camp, hunt, fish, or hike

Great Hike & Great Reward for a very short distance too! Love it!

Awesome hike today! A little muddy!

The view was amazing! It was definitely worth the hike, it was a pretty muddy trail since it rained the night before we hiked and it was a very rocky trail. This was definitely a moderate hike for me, but thats because we parked at hogtown parking or whatever the first parking lot was, I recommend just parking at the second one. The gravel road is very narrow and people have to move out of the way for you and I’m not even quite sure what you do when another car is coming the opposite direction, but obviously it can be done because people do it I just never saw it. So definitely recommend parking at the second parking lot because it would’ve made the hike shorter and easier from the peak to the first parking lot it would be 3.3miles compared to the second one which would make it 1.8miles. The first 1.5 from the first parking lot is literally just the narrow gravel road that the cars drive on and the trail doesn’t start until after the second parking lot.

sucker is hard on a hot day. you are stuck along the shore the whole way.

Beautiful hike with a great view at the end. Trail is well marked and very dog friendly (lost count after 10). Road in is a little treacherous (passing cars is tight) if you go all the way to the Dacy lot but if you feel like walking the additional just park at Hogtown.

Loved this trail! On the way back down if you take the left to Bumps pond you get a nice view of the water and then continue to make a full circle back down to Dacy’s landing. A bit rocky, but we made the entire hike that was about 6 miles or so!

Hiked on 5/11/18 and trail is awesome. Road is open now and you can drive all the way back to Dacy Clearing which makes this hike so much shorter, 1.8 miles one way to be exact. Muddy in some spots but overall a great hike.

dog and i hiked this with a friend and it was very beautiful and nice and short. very icy! made a mistake in not wearing spikes but We survived. falls were beautiful

I've done Sleeping Beauty multiple times but never in the winter. Went this weekend (2/18) and it was great. Snow on the trail was packed down enough to navigate, definitely needed microspikes and I was also glad I had my poles with me as well.

First hike by myself- screwed up and somehow went to fishbrook Pond- was amazing!!! Will definitely do this again. Hopefully be able to see all the ponds- this area has quite a bit to do as far as trails, hiked views, camping, etc. pretty sweet

I thought this trail was absolutely perfect for a beginner like me whose never been hiking before. The weather also cooperated the entire day for mid-October. If you want to read more of my Sleeping Beauty experience check out my blog post! :) http://www.ashleyinaugust.com/2017/12/sleeping-beauty-my-first-hiking.html

Finally was able to complete this hike ! 2 weeks ago the sleet and rain took us out!

The last .8 was pretty icy but didn’t need spikes although we had them just in case !

Not a bigger hike

Plenty of things to see

The drive down to pick up the trail wasn’t packed

The wind was really heavy at the top , cover your face !

Warm clothes is a must ! It was 33 out and the top was around 25!

Over all great hike and would do it again !

Lovely walk with great views at the summit.

My dog Jake and I did a very quick hike up and down because we started out late. Trail is getting icy towards the top. As always the views are beautiful. I hike this once or twice a year.

Beautiful view at the top and some on the way up. No problem getting to the Dacy parking lot. The trail is icing up now which has made some of the trail tricky. Much of the trail is rocky but definitely manageable. The view is amazing and bumps pond beautiful.

Very easy trail with a nice waterfall and a view of Lake George.

Beautiful view, very easy for a moderate trail, family friendly. We drove in and parked at the 2 nd lot, we were done early enough to do bucks mountain the same day, now that’s a moderate trail

This was beautiful! Make sure to check out the Chimney by Bumps Pond, it was really neat!

Definitely hard with a small child in a carrier. Rough terrain. Amazing hike

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