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Hiked to the overview with my son yesterday it was a good hike .
Enjoyed the snowman. Trying to get in shape to go up Marcy this summer this hike seemed to be a good start. Enjoyed it.

Took nearly 5 hours on snowshoes. It was a nice day barely any ice, and trail was broken.. as previous reviewer said false summit has nice views. Actual summit is in the woods. Someone wrote on the marker so you know when you’ve hit the top.

cross country skiing
6 days ago

Love this park all year round! It’s an easy place to ski, bike and hike. Especially good when you may not have a lot of time. I’ve seen lots of wildlife here, fox, deer, and many birds.

I’d really like to give a five star to this place, it covers beautiful shoreline trail, cliff over look, fitness hiking trail as well. However, there are few other spots inside but listed as private guided tour only, need to pay additional $10 per head. The Hempstead house, although not under private tour, was kinda restricted, some people were let to go inside and then the door was immediately locked not allowing everyone. Car parking fee is $10 per car and $4 for individual entering without car. Liked the outer setup of learning center, pictures uploaded.

Went while snow was on the ground, very beautiful and scenic hike. Short and sweet.

10 days ago

Beautiful ‘almost spring’ hike to try out. Peaceful and lucky to see a woodpecker!

Awesome place!

11 days ago

Nice easy hike. Great views of the dam and high level bridges.

Hiked the loop and it is one of my favorite hikes to date. The hike itself is lots of fun with the ladders and the trail is super cool too! Beautiful all the way. Really loved it. My only issue was that I didn't realize that the road leading to the trailhead is seasonal i.e. not plowed during the winter months. Not only did this add an extra 0.6 miles or so in the beginning, it also added another 0.2 or 0.3 at the end because you have to backtrack a bit to return to the trailhead to sign out. Other than these minor details, the hike was awesome and the views from the summit are STUNNING. Views of the pond at sunset are also quite nice.

As it says this is definitely an intermediate to expert-level hike as it is quite steep and snow/ice make conditions even more difficult. I would highly recommend snowshoes and ice crampons. Trekking poles may be strapped to your pack for the ascent (too steep to use on the way up), but are of value on the way down. Happy trails!

Great hike! Did it in the middle of February and it was quite icy so be careful! Other than that it was beautiful until it started raining halfway through!!

perfect walk for all seasons with paved even path. Great opportunity to see an eagle soar by.

Good trail but do you have to take the road a ways

I did this trail in the Spring. The key is to get there early, because it will be packed. If solitude is more what you prefer when hiking, this is not the trail for you. That being said, the beauty of the gorges and waterfalls on this trail is worth dealing with the crowds. Definitely worth the price to get in.

Great trail!

This was one of the most beautiful trails I've ever done. This was one of the stops on our road trip from Michigan to Maine. I'm so glad we did it!

23 days ago

Hiked the teal trail from the parking area on Ludingtonville Rd. Lots of uphill at first but not overly taxing. Parts of the trail are stone steps in the area leading up to Wonder Lake. I considered going up to Bald Hill on the way to see if there was a view but decided against it. Once you get closer to the lake, the teal trail winds down gently toward the lake, then continues to follow the lake shore line until you are about half way around. Some very nice peaceful lake views. Once the teal trail separates from the lake it’s more woodland hiking, with lots of nice ups and downs and some stream crossings, until you come to the pond. There’s a bridge over the spillway at the far end of the pond, then the teal trail starts to climb again, until it meets up with the blue trail, which rises and then falls, taking you back where you started. No really spectacular views but a very peaceful hike. Once you get over by the lake you can no longer hear the noises from I-84.

Great moderate hike...completed loop within 2 hours with a stop for some meditation by the lake. Start at small parking lot of Route 55 follow blue blaze to white Appalachian Trail blaze. Lake loop trail is a yellow blaze...trails are quite easy to follow.

27 days ago

Hiked on Feb 18/18. Only one other on trail who i caught up with at summit. Trail not particularily well marked though the other hiker broke trail which made finding my way easy. Little snow but lots of ice ,some very challenging, a few ice covered scrambles that required thought on how to climb
False summit has nice views, actual summit is in the woods. There is supposed to be a marker at the summit but could not be found. Likey some jerk took it for a souvenir. Decent was like the assent with a few challenging spots.
My first winter solo.Enjoy

Nice hike with good views
Not difficult though the trail was somewhat icy going up
Spikes essential
Decent was easy snowy trail with little ice

I've done Sleeping Beauty multiple times but never in the winter. Went this weekend (2/18) and it was great. Snow on the trail was packed down enough to navigate, definitely needed microspikes and I was also glad I had my poles with me as well.

28 days ago

Completed Baker in and out in about 1 hour. Very very icy...not sure how anyone could complete this hike without crampons. Lovely view at top.

WARNING!! DO NOT, AND I REPEAT DO NOT CLIMB THIS MOUNTAIN IN WINTER WITHOUT MOUNTAINEERING CRAMPONS. Both the ascent and descent of the mountain is very steep and was littered with smooth frozen over ice melt. I made the mistake of just using mini lug crampons meant for walking and I ended up slipping falling twice in five minutes on my descent. Had it had not been for a small tree in the middle of the rock scramble on my first fall, who knows where and how far and hard I would have fallen. Im thankful for that tiny little tree. Its very steep and becomes very treacherous when it’s icy. Seriously. Invest in mountaineering crampons

ASCENT: Very steep and icy pretty much the whole way. However, there were many lookouts along the way to stop and take breaks and it has a great pine forest setting that just looks beautiful after a fresh snowfall, which I took full advantage of with my camera.

SUMMIT: the summit offers spectacular views. Much better views in person than the pictures show but isn’t that always the case?

DESCENT: The descent from the summit down to the pond is not well marked. I got nervous that I’d gone off trail so I started actively looking for a marker for at least 5 minutes and I saw not one. That may not sound like a long time but 5 minutes going down a mountain is a long way and I wasn’t looking forward to backtracking up the steep grade to get back to where I went off trail. I put faith in the footprints from other hikers that I was going the right way. Finally I saw one but this pet of the trail needs to be marked better. The descent after the pond was extremely icy. I slipped and fell twice and I was terrified of falling again. It was a very slow and methodical descent for me, planning out every step and praying I wouldn’t fall to my death. I’ll never winter hike again without mountaineering crampons. Ever. Lesson learned (the hard way)

The last leg of the hike is mostly flat but does have just enough incline to make lactic acid build up if you don’t have snowshoes (yet another rookie mistake of I made. Between the icy ascent and descent, my lack of snowshoes and my dumbass leaving my trekking poles in the car (this hike wasn’t my proudest moment), I can confidently say the hike was not worth the reward this time. If I was better equipped for winter or if I did this in summer, I’d probably feel differently. But this mountain left a bitter taste in my mouth

29 days ago

Great trail, and nice lake views!

Beautiful! Just watch out for the ice under the snow if you go in winter.

1 month ago

Great mountain for starters!! Winter hikers I recommend using crampons, there is plenty of ice on the trail. However, the other side of the loop seemed a bit easier.


on White Pond Trail

1 month ago

Great hike

Great hike❤

1 month ago

Nice, easy trail system with some nice viewpoints of Mount Mansfield in Vermont.

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