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Farmingville, New York Map

Lived near this park for years and finally got a chance to check it out. Nice little trail system with a couple of moderately challenging hills. Trail markings can be a little confusing but you are in the middle of suburbia so you shouldn't get lost. When we were there only saw one other group as we were first entering trails but tracks on trail appear to indicate it is well used.

The perfect trail! It goes up, down, around, over, under. It has a great flow to it. Even better at night.

These trails are located just off route 83 and it provides a surprising amount of nature for being set so close to the highway. The trails are fairly easy to walk, though I just did the blue square trail because of time constraint, I am not sure how it would be to walk the black diamond trails. All trails are clearly marked and have distance markers too. Trails are shared with cycles so be aware! Plenty of deer to see. It’s a little lengthy so I wouldn’t recommend small children on this trail if their prone to short attention spans, but easy if they enjoy hiking. Overall, good trail to spend an afternoon on. :)

mountain biking
1 month ago

Good trail system. Great flow . Fast but not to overwhelming

mountain biking
2 months ago

First time and it was awesome. Haven’t done a trail in years. Going back soon love that I love 7 min from it.

The best trail I have been on . Don't let your guard down as it's tight with lots of turns and trees .

mountain biking
3 months ago

Love the trail! It’s an awesome trail it’s a good ride not too many features or jumps but it’s a quick ride from my house. Will go back for sure

Great! blue trail is amazing.

Great trails for mountain biking. A lot of up and down hills with twisty and tight curves. No really big jumps though. I used to live a block away from trail, Miss it.

Too sandy but a good workout.

4 months ago

Great trail

mountain biking
4 months ago

best mtb trail on long island

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Short trail. A couple of the steeper hills can be challenging. Hiking trails are well marked, (as well as most obstructions) with many unmarked offshoots, but it’s a relatively small patch of land, so I wouldn’t worry about getting lost. Good for light hiking or running.

A nice meander through the Long Island Hills. Missing some trail markers but easy enough to figure out.

I've lived next to these woods my entire life and only recently noted it was made into a county park. I love having hiking trails to take my dogs to within walking distance of my house but BEWARE- many many people disregard this rule and walk with their dogs off leash. I despise this as it makes it more difficult for people like me who have a leash aggressive dog and we DO NOT want to be approached by your off leash dog. Besides that, it is beautiful and there is a description at the entrance as to how to read the marked trees.

mountain biking
9 months ago

Can’t wait to go back

I’d have given it a 5, but the trail markings are confusing. BEWARE..Lots of hills.

mountain biking
11 months ago

Trail is fast and smooth Moderate climbs But no features Great for racing or cardio

Tuesday, August 08, 2017

As a Queens/LI guy, not dealing with the Jersey-NY bridge traffic nonsense on the weekend is refreshing. However, I felt like Joba Chamberlain in 2007 being attacked by midges the whole time on the trail. Time to get a flying insect predator in there!

Thursday, June 22, 2017

Trail is primarily used for mountain biking...not hiking. Too much noise. Too many houses. Not good for hiking.

Best mountain bike trail on Long Island , my opinion

Thursday, May 18, 2017

I like these trails, they are mostly wide open and clean. they are a bit busy on the weekends but during the week they are quiet and peaceful. lots of birds.

Fun trail, it had multiple routes and plenty of room to explore.

Wednesday, May 10, 2017

nice trails, had a nice long walk. plenty of birds and wildlife, come have a good time

Trails are very well marked the main loop is really good

Thursday, April 06, 2017

Even on a cold rainy morning this was a nice trail run.

Sunday, April 02, 2017

All trails are clearly marked. There are a few loops and hills. Nothing too difficult. Overall a nice trail close to home.

Sunday, January 29, 2017

I was looking for a local trail to take my dog to, and everything seemed fine at first until I got deeper in. It's very easy to take a wrong turn because of all the off trail paths. Also while I was walking kids came through on their dirt bikes. They weren't any harm, but it's not something I want to encounter. I felt very uneasy being in there and accidentally found myself off the trail. And what spooked me the most is that I ended up getting to an area that I saw houses, it looked like it lead to a backyard. But I saw a missing persons sign and I had a bad feeling once I saw that and wanted to leave as soon as I could find the way out.

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