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Easy walk. I had my 9yo and 3yo kids with me. They loved it. Views from the top are beautiful. Went to the overlook and back the way we came.

21 days ago

Started at the Berme Rd parking area near the Ellenville fire station. Went up Smiley Carriageway. Clearly the falls (about 1.4 miles up) are quite seasonal, since you could see where they would be, but there was no water falling. Up to this point the Smiley Carriageway has a quite good surface. From there on, however, it rapidly turned into a quite washed-out road. Turned right at the intersection with the High Point Carriageway (which has lots of swampy areas. Just past the intersection with the High Point Trail, AllTrails indicates a trail that descends to the south of the Smiley Carriageway. Although it does, in fact, exist, the beginning or this trail is not easy to find, and, for most of the descent, it's not much more than a rough game trail. If you're going to do this, make sure you're wearing long pants and long sleeves. I had only a T-shirt, and my arms were a bloody mess by the time I got back to my car! I'm still glad I did it since, about 2/3rds of the way down, you suddenly come to a marvelous series of deep ravines/gullies, which still had plenty of snow/ice in them.

The original track shown with this hike is quite confusing in how it forms a loop. Either the person who submitted it was doing some serious bushwhacking or else his/her GPS was not working properly.

Signs said the ice caves were closed. The rest was awesome though!

My husband and two kids (10yr.&5yr. old) had an amazing time. We loved the views ❤

As beautiful a view as it gets at Sam’s Point. The loop, while mostly paved, offered some really great scenery as well. If you stick to the loop, it’s an easy hike. Where it gets tricky are the unmaintained trails that seem to be everywhere. Highly recommend!

I'd say this is an easy trail. It's a nice view from the overlook but the ice caves are the coolest part. Since it's easy, it's going to be more crowded. There's also a fee.

One of the more boring and uneventful trails I've been on. 10 bucks to park and go there and the loop is so lame. You're literally walking on a service road to/from radio towers. Save the money. Not worth the trip.

5 months ago

This is one of the most beautiful places I have hiked . Views are astonishing! Very challenging hike but definitely it is worthy! This review is about a hiking done on September 2017.

Ice cave was the best part!!! I mean the views are super but the caves are pretty sweet...

Best płace to visit near NYC! Hike to the Sam's point very easy. I've seen people with strollers and motorized wheelchair doing it! Only hard part is the ice caves and waterfall. We did it with our 6 years old daughter and she loved it. We were there Thursday and the parking was almost full.

Added the walk around Lake Maratanz.

Not exactly what I was expecting. Tons of Monarch Butterflies and bumblebees which was nice to see.

We did this hike because Sam's point parking was full, honestly, not a great trail. It was rocky but not in a good way, just washed out and uncomfortable to walk on. It never opened up to views. Basically, its just a long treck through the woods. Also, we found no "loop." It just kind of dead ends where there should be an alternate trail, must have overgrown. So we ended up just turning around by the stream. Two good factors: it is a decent workout, its a pretty unrelenting uphill hike and there are a couple fifties car wreaks on the side of the trail.

Loved this hike - the Ice Caves in particular were a lot of fun (minor scrambling and 20 degrees cooler in mid July!).

11 months ago

Great trail. Bit flooded right now and the High Point carriage road from Smiley is a muddy swamp right now. The Witches Hole and other falls are flowing nicely.

Monday, May 01, 2017

Margaret cliff fun to hike to and the view from atop is spectacular.

Friday, October 07, 2016

The view was amazing from the top and sooooo peaceful. The trail is well kept, it was my first solo hike and I'm glad I picked this trail.

Saturday, March 19, 2016

Went twice. First time walked around the like. Easy, Beautiful. Second time I took the castle point trail. Longer hike, but easy. Multiple stops with amazing scenic views. I highly recommend it.

1 month ago

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