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Ellenville, New York Map

Amazing hike ! Beautiful scenery with many photography opportunities !

The Ice caves were amazing to visit and walk through the trail make sure to bring a sweatshirt or sweater something to keep you warm since it gets cold inside.

Great starter if you are new to hiking. Waterfalls, caves, view, and snakes! Great.

First time back in twenty years and it was as exciting as I last remembered. The hike is pretty easy and the views are amazing.

definitely bring cool weather clothes. we went in early fall and 2 hours back home it was warm and comfy. we got to park and it was windy and cold. beautiful trail and sites

Went on a nice overcast day and still had great views. IMPORTANT!! Be sure to get there before 10 to ensure a spot to park. Lot is extremely limited. $10 bucks. Did the entire loop, about 3.3 miles in about 2 hours with taking pics and walking with inexperienced hikers. Poles could help but not needed if your sure footed. Most of the trail is a road except when you get into the Ice Cave. Some narrow paths in the caves but well worth it. Temp in cave is about 30 degrees cooler but it's a quick walk. No ice in summer in case that needed to be said. The walk to Sams point is easy but uphill. The caves are on the high end of moderate. Happy trails!

Beautiful place to be!

All trails needs to update this trail. Where people posted pictures is not correct. We tried to find the picture with the rocks and couldn’t find it, we went off trail through the bushes and rocks and couldn’t find it, we ended up walking about 30 min along the trail to see the view with hills which was a “meh” view and turned around. Best thing was going to the waterfall which starts at Ice cave road, there wasn’t real parking only next to what looked like a rundown shed along the tight road, only a 3 min walk from that, that was really beautiful.

This was an amazing hike!!

the ice caves were simply amazing
the views up top were incredible
the carriage road was uneventful and sunny with no shade cover
beautiful 2.5 hours spent !

It’s great but very wet after the rain. There are rails and at the end you can exit the ice caves and continue on the white trail to loop back out. There are some parts that get narrow and even though there are some places in the caves with motion sensor lights, bring your own head lamp. You will get dirty there are some places where you need to climb a small ladder. We gotten there at 1030 and the rain just stopped around 10. But I wouldn’t have hiked this in the summer with out the rain. It would be very hot.
We ended up doing the ice caves then the falls and high points. Even tho we had 2 liters water each it was still not enough for a summer day. I would definitely bring more then 2 liter water or have a water filter with you.

Walked in Birkenstocks. Made it a little difficult but totally doable. Hiked with our chihuahuas. Had to lift them up a few times. Had I been more prepared for this spontaneous hike it would have been easier. The caves were awesome.

Enjoyable! wouldn't say it was "hard" I saw a lot of very young kids in the caves and they didn't seem to struggle.

Decades ago, there was an audio tour available (Cassette tapes) with a driving path up the mountain and around the lake, but those are long gone now and the ice caves aren't as famous as they once were, and it's all walking trails. But the ice caves are still there. The parking lot has been repaved and there is a building with bathrooms and soda machines at trail head. Parking is $10 usually. For the trail, Initial switchbacks up the trail are as expected, good tree cover. Sams point overlook is pretty cool (they have over the decades removed the stone "fence" at the outcropping, so be careful!) From there to the ice caves is a long, slightly up-inclined, completely sky-exposed walk with very little tree cover, so take caution on hot sunny days. The descent into the ice caves and the caves are a bit steep and steppy, but worth it, the caves are still nice and really cold even on the hottest days. Overall, fun to visit (again).

My favorite trail in all of NY so far- trail is in great condition and the views are breathtaking. Went on a Monday and it wasn’t crowded at all.

Ice caves were awesome! Loved it

Easy walk. I had my 9yo and 3yo kids with me. They loved it. Views from the top are beautiful. Went to the overlook and back the way we came.

6 months ago

Started at the Berme Rd parking area near the Ellenville fire station. Went up Smiley Carriageway. Clearly the falls (about 1.4 miles up) are quite seasonal, since you could see where they would be, but there was no water falling. Up to this point the Smiley Carriageway has a quite good surface. From there on, however, it rapidly turned into a quite washed-out road. Turned right at the intersection with the High Point Carriageway (which has lots of swampy areas. Just past the intersection with the High Point Trail, AllTrails indicates a trail that descends to the south of the Smiley Carriageway. Although it does, in fact, exist, the beginning or this trail is not easy to find, and, for most of the descent, it's not much more than a rough game trail. If you're going to do this, make sure you're wearing long pants and long sleeves. I had only a T-shirt, and my arms were a bloody mess by the time I got back to my car! I'm still glad I did it since, about 2/3rds of the way down, you suddenly come to a marvelous series of deep ravines/gullies, which still had plenty of snow/ice in them.

The original track shown with this hike is quite confusing in how it forms a loop. Either the person who submitted it was doing some serious bushwhacking or else his/her GPS was not working properly.

Signs said the ice caves were closed. The rest was awesome though!

My husband and two kids (10yr.&5yr. old) had an amazing time. We loved the views ❤

As beautiful a view as it gets at Sam’s Point. The loop, while mostly paved, offered some really great scenery as well. If you stick to the loop, it’s an easy hike. Where it gets tricky are the unmaintained trails that seem to be everywhere. Highly recommend!

I'd say this is an easy trail. It's a nice view from the overlook but the ice caves are the coolest part. Since it's easy, it's going to be more crowded. There's also a fee.

One of the more boring and uneventful trails I've been on. 10 bucks to park and go there and the loop is so lame. You're literally walking on a service road to/from radio towers. Save the money. Not worth the trip.

11 months ago

This is one of the most beautiful places I have hiked . Views are astonishing! Very challenging hike but definitely it is worthy! This review is about a hiking done on September 2017.

Friday, September 29, 2017

Ice cave was the best part!!! I mean the views are super but the caves are pretty sweet...

Thursday, September 21, 2017

Best płace to visit near NYC! Hike to the Sam's point very easy. I've seen people with strollers and motorized wheelchair doing it! Only hard part is the ice caves and waterfall. We did it with our 6 years old daughter and she loved it. We were there Thursday and the parking was almost full.

Friday, September 15, 2017

Added the walk around Lake Maratanz.

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