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16 hours ago

It was a tough climb, but we had awesome views most of the way up, we also added RPR. Check out my full write up with pictures and things to look out for.

Nice place to visit with friends and or family. There is an entrance fee and a very popular tourist attraction. If you are looking for a challenge and more quiet time with nature, you may want to avoid this one. But, if you are looking for something relaxing and family friendly, this is for you! Nice falls!

Beautiful nature center...I highly recommend checking it out, especially if you have kids. Preserve was BEAUTIFUL. Saw 6 deer, variety of birds, chipmunks & a turtle on our hike. Only downside was the BUGS. We were eaten alive even with bug spray on. Granted, it was an all natural spray... didn't contain DEET. But the mosquitos weren't affected at all. Took away from our enjoyment.

do not go up the gothics. it's better to go up pyramid and down the gothics. that said, amazing views and well worth the journey.

Perfect for interval energy exertion...the topology rises and falls like a HIIT workout.

We did the whole range except for Macomb. Took about 12 hours. Took a few breaks mostly on the summits. Best views were on Grace and Dix but there are many good views along the range around the summits. Quite steep going down Dix. I recommend bringing two cars and parking one at Round Pond and one at the Trailhead for Grace (formerly East Dix).

only worth it with clear sky. the man in the toll booth was very unhelpful.

2 days ago

Beautiful hike through the Gorge! A moderately difficult hike mainly due to slippery rocks, stairs, and tourists stopping to take pictures. The view of the rocks and waterfalls along the path were wonderful. I will definitely be back!

A bit chewed up do to high traffic. But has the advantage of decent hill climbing. Lots of trail erosion. Trail needs maintenance badly in spots.

Nice trail, no view. Don’t miss the gorge trail - that one is breath taking!

We drove 7 hours, specifically for this hike. We started at the main entrance on Franklin, but wIth all of the recent rain, this trail was only open for the first 1/2 mile. From there we took Lover’s Lane to the Indian Trail to the end at the north entrance. What we saw of the gorge trail was absolutely amazing! No views from the Indian Trail though. Closed toe shoes are a must, we were happy to have our hiking boots as some spots were wet and muddy. This trail is an absolute must do if you are in the area.

3 days ago

This is such a wonderful example of the repurposing power of landscape architecture. It's a very flat walk for all ages, skill levels and elevators provide universal access for all to enjoy.

Nice trail to run. Not too crowded and is challenging enough that it doesn’t bore you after running it a few times.

Hiked on 8/15/18. Conditions are great with a few muddy and slippery spots. I went up Beaver Meadow Falls and came down the way by the clubhouse at the lake. Didn’t spend a lot of time at the top because of a storm coming in but overall one of the best views. Definitely recommend. Took me 3 hours to reach the summit and I’m in fairly good shape. BRING WATER!!

DON'T TAKE THE INDIAN TRAIL... We started hiking gorge and from Jacob's ladder we headed back on Indian trail, the gorge trail as the name suggests is awesome but gets crowded but worth it. The Indian trail has maybe 1-2 viewing points and it doesn't have anything that makes us feel that we are at a glen... So just make sure you get back in the gorge itselff

Beautiful hike. Not the most interesting or challenging trails, but the payoff at Indian Head is one of the prettiest views in New York in my opinion. A great hike

An easy and short stroll through the FDR estate to the Hyde Park Train Museum. Lovely forest views, the cleanest trails, well marked, and okay for dogs on leashes. Definitely check out the museum! Fascinating history and fun educational activities in the small building. Continue from there to the gorgeous views at Vanderbilt. Listen to history by finding the little audio posts (scan QR Code or call the number). I didn’t go as far as Bard Rock in awhile, but the views are worth it. great walk for all ages. Bathrooms available at the parks and museums along the way. Bring enough water/electrolytes and/or food to picnic for those that like to mosey slow and absorb the surroundings. Also, record your hike and earn park badges: http://www.hydeparkny.us/Recreation/Trails/WalkaboutTrails.pdf

Did this going up A.W. and down Beaver Meadow. Pyramid peak has incredible views.

was it hard?!
yes it was one of the hardest trails I ever did but keep in mind I'm a heavy guy and amateur hiker.
would I ever do it again?! yes 100% in fact I'm planning to work hard to make full great range loop in the future.
it was an amazing experience!!!

Great trip!! View from Pyramid is amazing and the Gothics view is pretty stellar. Large chunk of the hike is along Lake Road. Sawteeth summit is a short distance from Pyramid...worth a trip as well

6 days ago

The view from MT Colvin is absolutely Amazing. So what if it is a little muddy at parts, its a mountain hike, that comes with the territory. There are some really fun scrambles. There is also a nice stream for a decent ways up the mountain to refuel. There are also about 4 spaces that you can camp in about 2 miles from the top. The best place to park is at a country club. It is right before a church on your left or after it on your right. Its a little sign with an A and another letter on it as a symbol. You drive up that rode until you pass by tennis courts. The foot trail begins a little down the road once you pass between them. So many high peaks to access from that trail.

We had a great day to hike catamount. Perfect half day hike. Agree with Elocin the last .8 is challenging. But fun.

The trail and scenery along it are lovely. However this place is way too touristy for my liking. A lot of people seem to have no concept of trail etiquette and it blows my mind how many people wear flip flops to do this! It’s wet and slippery even when it hasn’t been raining! Please don’t be a hazard to yourself or others!

The trails are easy to walk and are a great place to practice tree identification (was an environmental science major in college). It’s a beautiful place with many opportunities to see wildlife and is a great place to take pictures.

Okay, so here's the deal from start to finish.

The parking area only holds 6 vehicles. If it's filled up you'll have to park down the road a ways and possibly illegally.

The trail starts out very green, very wide(8+ feet) and very sunny(and hot) in a mid August at noon. The signs say no dogs. Good thing my 20lb black Chi-weenie identifies as a 6 year old girl. No matter because we never saw anyone on the trail during the 3.5 mile hike. The trail does eventually turn into a normal trail hike with turns and hills. We took the long route by adding the area marked with dotted lines which takes you to Boney lane where you can double back to the main trail marked in red on AllTrails map. It adds a mile and a quarter to the total trek.

The trail is 90% clear with the occasional spider web across the face, those crazy fleas that circle around your head and some thin thorny branch hanging in the path. I usually bring my clippers to do a little community service but forgot them this time. They weren't vital thankfully because the trail was very clear and well marked with yellow arrows on the trees.

We also saw some white tailed deer.

The highlight was definitely the beach view toward the end. There are at least 3 ways to get to the beach. The first one located on the return is a high up cliff that looks down. I do not recommend trying to get to the beach from there unless you fancy a broken leg. It is a beautiful view though with a bench to sit on. The second one also has a bench with green lawn and will give you access to the beach. The third one we didn't explore.

All in all, I highly recommend the David Weld Sanctuary trail.

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wish there was more shade.

We hiked this trail (7th of the 46) on a sunny day in August. After the first half mile, the trail gets a bit more challenging up to the Brothers, but nothing too difficult. The hike across the 3 Brothers is mostly slides and a few steep rock assents, but take your time and they are fine. The final .3 miles to the summit is the most challenging, but again take your time. They have a newly installed ladder that helps a lot and the view is very good. Look for the survey marker (brass circle) towards the rear of the summit.

Amazing trail!! Gorgeous hike along ausable lake...many viewpoints as you get higher in elevation as well. Long hike in on Lake Road..was roughly 4 miles and took me a little over an hour. Hike up was challenging but not too difficult. Glad I chose the scenic route like I always tend to do!!

Wonderfully fun climb in the gunks. Lots of rocks/boulders to traverse. The rock scrabble was fun but a bit challenging only because we got caught in a rain storm so it made the rocks slippery. There is one part that is very narrow and even with a tall slender frame it was a tight fit.
The hike started right at the mohonk mountain house. Since we were only going for the day hike (as opposed to staying at the house) they make u park about 1.5 miles away from the house. It’s also $26 pp which seems ridiculous to me. There are explicit instructions for day hikers that u aren’t allowed to even enter the mountain house. Overall though it was worth it.

Nice trail!! Close to home..

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