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12 hours ago

Great little hike, especially when you don’t have a lot of time to do some of the longer mountain trails. It gets right to the climb without a long intro/flat woods walk. Nice view at the top overlooking the town.

14 hours ago

A beautiful walk with our dog. Entrance very poorly marked.

19 hours ago

Nice walk but the entrance was not marked at all.

Four stars for the views from the ledge. Three stars for the trail, which is in dire need of maintenance in some sections (trail around the pond is way overgrown, many blown down trees across the trail in all sections). Easy, short hike, with great views. Really good "bang for the buck."

if you want to make this a much better hike and not pay the high price of $6 for parking right on old stage road you'll see a small parking lot that can hold around 10 car or you can parl along side the road if full. this spot will take you too 2 great overlooks. you see on the this map the dotted line call high point road. the second overlook is were hang gliders jump from. then take escarpment trail that will take you into the park and you'll be on Indian trail. this will make your hike a 100 times better.

Incredible hike. This was our first loop since my gf broke her back in January 2018. We arrived at the AMR gate at about 7:30AM Saturday morning with full packs. Headed up the Gill Brook trail for our ascent and made a quick stop at Indian Head (@9:45ish). Indian Head has some AMAZING views, so I’d suggest stopping if time permits. Hiked for another few hours and set up camp at the Elk Pass ponds. There was room for maybe 2-3 tent sites. With time to spare, we decided to leave our packs and head towards Colvin. The hike up Colvin wasn’t too intense (arrived at 2:30PM). Colvin has a very small survey marker, getting us our first High Peak of the weekend.

We were running low on water and stamina, so we decided against attempting Blake. After speaking with some fellow hikers, it seemed like a lot of work that we didn’t want to exert for a wooded summit. We made it back to the tent and made some dinner. We’ll have to come back another time.

Hit the trail Sunday at 7:30AM up Elk Pass. This was quite difficult, especially after filling up 4 water bottles (Elk Pass is your last chance to fill up!) and having full packs. There are views behind you almost the whole way up to the split. We got to the split at 9:15AM, ditched our packs, and ran 0.2 miles to Nippletop. Awesome views westward towards the Great Range and Marcy in the distance.

Trail to Dial was 1.9 miles and felt long. There were a few ascents and descents before you reached Dial, which felt kinda cruel. Headed out was pretty gradual and a nice breather from the steepness of Elk Pass. The way down bothered both of our knees and we were happy to get back to the car.

85 degree weather, sunshine, full packs, and 30-45 min on each of the peaks (plus Indian Head), got back to the car at around 3PM Sunday. Would consider a lighter day pack and faster pace if I were to do it again. Headed in to Keene for a well deserved beer! 38 more to go!

Amazing views

The trail is unmarked and unmaintained.

The park was really nice but the trails were not maintained. The trails were only 6 inches wide and over grown.

Very easy walking around the lake.
Good for kids!

trail running
3 days ago

Great for trail running. 1.5 mi uphill, two other loops to take. Lovely trees. Bears here, just sing... Really pretty stream alongside first mile of trail. I'd call this easy or moderate, but that depends on fitness level. I like to run it...

3 days ago

This is a beautiful trail. I highly recommend this trail for all levels of hikers, especially those who want to get back into hiking. The trail has some steep, challenging parts to keep it interesting; and as always, the views are incredible.

Hiked from garnet lodge, will admit was confusing to get to the trail. Hike short and sweet and was surprised by the awesome views for such a short hike. Can easily be done by kids and beginners.

4 days ago

Did this hike a week ago while visiting Saranac Lake. A nice hike to stretch the legs and get the heart rate up a little, but not strenuous. Afforded nice views of the town and lakes and a different perspective from the high peaks.

Great light to moderate trail, with added historical information along the way. I brought my dog and she loved it as well!

Very easy trail to the waterfall. Water is great and there’s a picnic table for your belongings. Always a fun time whenever i go.

5 days ago

Calm and relaxing trail

Super buggy and short

5 days ago

I wanted to hike Haystack a bit different than just a direct route from the Garden parking area. I like to avoid out-and-backs as much as possible so I hiked in from the ADK Loj around Little Marcy, went up Haystack, then exited via the Phelps trail-John Brooks Lodge-Garden Parking lot. Total distance was 17.2 miles- Track uploaded in recordings.

Marcy trail was so FULL of hikers all going up to Marcy, it felt like a pedestrian walking path. Once exiting the Marcy trail I was alone until I hit Little Haystack. Great views and cool little scramble over both Haystacks. Better view of the Panther Gorge than Marcy has.

In my opinion the full Phelps trail was much easier descending than going down through the Shorey's Shortcut- having done that 1 week ago with Saddleback and Basin. The shortcut had more deadfall in it.

Southern half of trail is in excellent condition and not difficult (though of course involves assent/descent) but the northern half is very much a work in progress (2018)...easy to lose trail in which case (though eventually one does reach summit) one is occasionally in for a tough climb.

I'm afraid I can only rate this as an "eh." We came across some really badly-maintained areas, and the trail map doesn't really reflect the trail system once you get in there. I've been on worse, but I've also been on better.

mountain biking
6 days ago

This trail kicked my butt! I am fairly new to trail riding and wanted to try and test my limits. This trail is close. I enjoyed riding it and in a few spots walking it. I do have to say I made it through some things I wouldn't have thought I could do. All in all I will be back.

Note that the main trail along the stream has yellow markers, not red as shown on the map. Also the ridge cutoff has red markers, not yellow. The Polypody Fern trail is aptly named.

8 days ago

The description says kid friendly but if you plan to take kids younger than 7, Hang onto them! This trail has very steep drop offs most of the way around.

beautiful walk nice quiet beach

Great scenery. Love Stoney Pond!

The bike ride was a quick loop, took about a half hour to go around (maybe less). We found a view of the water and parked our bikes. We took a steep trail down to the beach and enjoyed the view and the breeze. Very nice and relaxing afternoon. I wouldn't recommend this trail if you are looking for a work out, but was pretty, well kept and overall a pleasant experience.

there is not camping on this trail. All Trails is such a piece of shit sometimes

A very nice hike! The view is best from the firetower, the tree cover at the top prevents most horizon viewing. We did the loop with our dog and ate a packed lunch at the picnic table at the summit. There were two very nice stewards on duty and the ranger cabin was open to the public, with displays and information. However, we did see quite a bit of what looked like giant hogweed on the trail. The most was on the climb up, especially as we neared the spring location, and there was some on the way down. If that is indeed what it was, be careful. I didn’t want to examine it too closely and risk getting sap on my skin.

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