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Fairly easy trail with a nice view of the bridge.

some of the nicest trails I've ever been on in the area!!!

Beautiful hike. Snow covered but great with yaktraks.

The trail road is blocked by a snow bank two miles before the trail is supposed to start. wait until spring or be prepared to snowshoe through deep snow. Didnt make the attempt at a summit because i wasnt prepared for the extra distance

Stairs going up for the greedy people I guess

Do buttermilk hill instead

Hiked in March - fairly easy ascent up to Eagle Peak and nice wide trails, but had to dodge a few downed trees here and there. Once you get to the top you can see the Tappan Zee Bridge off in the distance. The real treat at Rockefeller is 13 Bridges trail, which you can reach at the base of Eagle Peak by taking the overpass across to the other side of the highway.

Parking is limited yes, the trails aren’t easiest to find at time but beautiful trail. Once in the woods the beauty is serene, you feel as though it is all fake. I loved it, my dogs loved it.

Beautiful and scenic easy trail. A hidden gem in the area.

9 days ago

Short and relatively flat with a variety of forests ranging from newer to more mature. Paths were snow covered but well marked and seemed well kept. Multiple options depending on the length of trip you choose to take. This pretty little path is perfect for all hiking skill levels. We hiked in the winter but I am guessing that spring-fall hikes would allow for opportunities to see birds and wildlife.

10 days ago

We hiked only to Stony Pond but is well worth the 4 miles round trip. Lean to is in great shape and would be a wonderful spot for an overnight.

Awesome place!

This is a great park. Great for fishing, camping, hiking, biking, pretty much anything outdoors. Most trails are marked or clear to see.

A relentless steep climb up the mountain but well worth it!

nice day for a walk with the dog. walked as much of the perimeter of this trail as I could. a bridge has been removed on the Blue Trail so I couldn't finish walking that. still being a little early in the season, trail conditions are icy & mud with some dry spots. nice easy walk. saw a cross country skier there who seem to be having a good time. scenery is very nice but will be much better in the spring/summer months.

15 days ago

this trail is like walking on a 15 foot wide lawn. the dog and I covered over 5 miles. no inclines. trail conditions are ice, snow and mud with some dry areas. very peaceful walk. nice little rest area with a bench where someone had a little fire going. enjoyed the walk and got to see a piece of history. nice day, good exercise!

Great view at the peak, would be 5 stars but it's not much of a hike. Stairs on the trail and a road to the top strip it of being a 5 star.

on Bond Lake

15 days ago

Plenty of hiking trails, maintained well. Wear boots you aren’t afraid of getting muddy or wet. Some trails can be very muddy after rain or snow melting.

15 days ago

Great trail for a quick hike close to home. A few small splits in the trail let me do two or three loops while changing the route a bit

Decent trail, but it's not a real hike. More of a walking trail. Lots of stairs and very close to the Bear Mountain resort. So if you prefer hiking in more remote areas then feel free to skip this one. That said, the view from the peak is decent. Just don't be a cheater and drive to the peak. Hike to the peak. This is All Trails. Not All Roads.

Well labeled but trail go over water streams so we’re proper shoes.

beautiful day for a hike with the dog. I would consider this trail to be easy myself. beautiful scenery. a little incline until you get to the road ahead then it's all pretty much level ending up with a downhill walk. I think it's about a mile total. very peaceful.

19 days ago

this trail is a breeze to walk. according to my GPS, we covered 5.2 Mi today. if it were summer time it would be like walking on a 10 to 15 foot wide lawn. spotted a nice little rest spot where someone had a little fire going. very peaceful setting. didn't notice any inclines and it seemed to go on in either direction. nice beautiful day to take a walk with the dog and see a piece of history.

19 days ago

nice day for a walk with the dog! be alert for the road sign to the entrance of this trail or you can easily drive past it. ( take note of the entrance sign in the photo gallery.) the parking lot is big enough for about 6 vehicles but there is plenty of parking along side of the road. the trail conditions we're a little swampy here and there today but there are no difficulties getting anywhere around. tried to walk the perimeter of the Blue Trail but it just seemed to end in the far corner on your way around. backtracked to were blue meets Red and then continued on around the trail. some of the trail markings seem to be marked a little too far apart from each other and not easily seen. all in all an interesting little hike.

20 days ago

another nice day to take a hike with the dog. we covered about 1.5 miles. tried to walk the outskirts of the Blue Trail but it just seemed to end in the far corner of the trail. had to slowly back track to where blue meets red to continue on around to complete the trail. no real difficulties getting around but the trails could be better marked. lots of swampy areas today. nice day, good exercise!

23 days ago

Nice, easy walk with some nice water spots.

Well marked . Great trail . Maybe the most difficult trail on Long Island.

My dog loves it

Snowshoed this trail. Absolutely amazing and gorgeous views! Steep inclines make it challenging. Moderately busy even for the middle of winter

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