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This was a great short hike- everything we like- scrambles, views, quiet trails, wildlife. So glad we had to wait for a fuel pump repair on our way back to Boston. Great way to pass a couple hours.

Great hike with a gorgeous view of the Hudson Valley. The scramble over the first 40 minutes or so was an invigorating kind of challenging. Not too hard. Not too easy. Totally recommend.

Great hike with great views! And pretty short too! I took plenty of time and stopped at lookout points and took photos and still got back in 3 hrs. It’s a nice day hike with some elevation climb and great views of be Hudson.

The trail was excellent! I used the app a few times just to get an idea of how far we'd gone and where the best picture stops were, but the trails are clearly marked with various colored markers. You can do the entire thing as a loop and even with a lot of photo stops we made it through the whole thing in under 3 hours. We had a dog with us and he had no problem. Highly recommend!

I definitely went off the trail that’s listed here on AllTrails and it was pretty awesome. Some decent climbing up. Nothing to technical or hard but got my heart rate up nicely. It was a perfect hike with my dog who is super athletic but she’s also 11. I’d go back to explore more for sure!

From the parking lot, we went to the right and I think had an easier hike based on the amount of downhill on the way out and the fact that we finished this is under 1 hour 30 whereas most other peoples recordings were 2-3hours. So if you want a challenging hike, go left up the hill, if you want a moderate hike, go right down the hill. The views were great on this trail but there seemed to be a lot of broken glass and garbage not long after the entrance halfway up the hill. Also, lots of people were blasting blue tooth speakers. Why go into nature just to listen to rihanna? I'll never understand.

Black Rock Forest is absolutely wonderful. Recently went hiking with buddies through over 9 miles of the park's various trails (and there's still at least 1/3 of the park we didn't even get a chance to see), Black Rock Forest is definitely staying as one of my favorite parks. Lots of great hiking, well maintained trails. Trails are very scenic, lots of wildlife and flora. Parking lot is spacious. Encountered a couple of people towards the beginning and end of the hike, but otherwise didn't see anyone.

It s in my backyard and I never get sick of it or the views

Moderate fun rock climbing with fantastic views. Great for adventurous family day with the dog.

Loved this hike! It's a moderate one with some rock scaling. The views are outrageous and worth the climb

This is my 1st time writing a review on this particular trail. I’ve done this hike many times and all four seasons (summer, fall, winder, and spring) with friends and most of the time alone, every time I do this hike - I always enjoy the fantastic scenic views that it has to offer.

However, for the beginners that would like to try this hike – do recommend to research other people advice on the proper direction / trail guide for this hike. Please be advice, all of this is not to say that this is an easy hike. There are a couple of very steep stretches within this hike. For example: In the beginning of hike it requires a little bit of rock scrambling. These steep stretches in the beginning are the reasons I’ve rank this hike a fairly beefy difficulty rating of 5 stars. If you can get past the first 30 minutes or so, though, this hike becomes more of a stroll, with amazing views in all directions as you circle the crown of Storm King Mountain.

I highly recommend this hike, even if you don’t like hiking, give it a try and see if it doesn’t change your mind. And if you already like hiking, you’re in for an amazing treat!

Hiking here in the winter is very dangerous do to ice all over the path. Don't hike here in February... unless you like fun

Love this hike. Don't let the distance fool you, it's got a lot of elevation and too many good views to make it a short one. Incredibly varied pace thanks to some steep inclines and then some breezy walks through forest sections. Did this on a hot 98F day and whilst I was not attractive by the end, the actual hike was pretty cool in many sections thanks to the tree coverage and breeze up top.

This is definitely a hike you can do for 3 hours stopping a lot, or race around on a cool day. It's such a fun trail to try different routes up the rocks. Do not do this on a hot day if you don't like walking up steep rocks. Not many loose rocks, but they are steep sometimes!

Not all the trails you find are marked on AllTrails maps or even any other maps, so take a map so you can follow the route you're supposed to be on. Ended up on a detour on aqua/yellow on a trail not marked on maps - even with a GPS unit I was confused.

As of July 1st 2018 there is NO car park as it's under repair, but there is parking along the side of the road, which as others mention... is a bit hairy when bikers come along at 60+.

Excellent guide! As of today, it is applicable. Hike took us 2:10. We stopped a bit to enjoy the views. Great easy to moderate hike. Recommendable!

I did this hike with my parents and sister for the first time with a guide. I booked it for Father's Day. There were some moderately steep climbs that my parents (both over 50 and not super active) were able to do but struggle a little bit. The views were worth it and now they can't stop talking about it! We started at 7:30am on a Sunday morning and there were only a couple hikers on the trail. When we finished around 10:30am there were so many more cars so I recommend starting before 8am.

If you go from near the highway to around the mountain and up, it can be exhausting. The hiking trip our group did was about 6 miles. Gorgeous area, you can see vultures flying above and even find wild blueberries there.

great hike. tip: go to http://hikethehudsonvalley.com/storm-king/ and follow their trail guide. easy to get lost at points. per their guide, it’s about an hour hike to the money point, with some rock scrambling. not suitable for small hikers or those wishing for an easy stroll. once you’re ready to head back down, it’s about another half hour walk. AS OF JUNE 17, the parking lot is still closed. park along the roadway, can get crowded at times.

Nicely challenging 3mile hike. Go up to the left on aqua yellow trail which is a good climb in the beginning. Nice views very quickly and then meandering moderately. Come down on the white.

Fantastic hike with great views.

Awesome hike with great views! I did see a Rattlesnake on the side of the main trail and it warned me when I was about 5 feet away. Not great for small dogs unless you carry them, there’s some actual rock climbing where you use your hands to help get up it. But my Lab and German Shepherd did fine. Highly recommend!

Really stupendous hike. Definitely strenuous the first mile out but the money spots are so worth it. One of the best hikes in the area.

Beautiful hike, moderate is about right I'd say. There are some phenomenal views -- really, some of the best anywhere in the Hudson Highlands -- just 0.4 miles in (taking the counter-clockwise route), so it's also well suited for a quick up-and-down if that's all you've got the time or inclination for. In addition to a cute red fox bounding across the trail, today I saw a small black bear, probably a juvenile, sniffing around next to a ridge, about 50 yards off the path. It took note of me, seeming basically uninterested, and then ambled over the ridge. Reader, I did not stick around to find out if there were more.

I brought my roommate here and as people who haven't hiked in some years, this was a great and challenging trail!
The red/blue path makes a subtle turn which we missed and had to backtrack for, but otherwise very enjoyable!

First things first...make sure you approach the parking area from the northbound side of 9W. This was a nice hike to get your heart rate up a bit and although I did it on a foggy morning there are some great views. Great spot for birding as well...saw my first blackthroated blue warbler of the season. Trails can be confusing..seems as if the blue and yellow trail is all over the place.

Sweet little scramble to get to the top...payoff is open space with a view south and west. Would definitely do again

Great hike beautiful view map a little hard to follow

It was a great hike for Saturday afternoon! sharp inclines in the beginning to get the heart racing.

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Black rock is one of my favorite hikes. Small climbs with lots of dense forest to hike through. Small clearings with views every now and then but this one is all about the forest

Nice hike not to hard some good views and an a firetower. Leave mountain and hit Hudson valley brewery 20 minutes away for some good beers and relax dogs are welcome

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