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Cornwall Landing, New York Map

Really fun rock scramble and awesome views! All in all excellent short trail when you’re short on time!

Awesome hike. Gets pretty steep towards the beginning and then gradual descent to cold springs. We stopped at cold springs for well deserved meal

Love this hike. Difficult for the first mile and a third. But rewarding. Best view of the Hudson looking towards the city is on the right side of the trail just before the top. The hike down is 3 1/2 miles. Very cool. Enjoy!

Very difficult at the beginning. Got nice views on top of the mountains. A very good trail.

Some good views from on the way up the white trail going counter clockwise. Otherwise pretty lush, but kinda meh.

Went out early. First half was tough but rewarding. Second half easy. Good lookouts with forest views and water streams.

28 days ago

Varied terrain gives good workout. Hiked the Cornish Trail to Undercliff Trial, and descended via Washburn. Beutiful views at the top. Just right amount of sun and shade.

Nice accessible hiking alone trail. Well marked, heart pumping climb up going anti clockwise. Expansive views. Would be perfect for off leash doggo to explore. Skip across the road after to the red trail for a sweet beach spot for lunch.

Hiked the trail “backwards.” Started out going left on the paved trail. Slow easy incline for the first half following cool ruins and a nice creek. Elevation started to pick up and then we started to hit the viewing points. Steep rocky decent. Awesome mushrooms the whole way and a few wildflowers.

Great trail, with a good variety of terrain. It has a nice incline up to a panorama to work the legs and embrace your inner adventurous kid. Perfect place for sunny days - good tree coverage and a cool spring to dip in the toes. The ruins along the trail are a nice place to take a beat. A bit of traffic throughout the trail but it was a really nice day. Doggo friendly

5miles /3hrs. Summer. if you did the route backwards, there would have been less uphill but the uphill bit would be intense. Good views and saw a lizard. Cold spring looked a good place to stop for refreshments after.

good rock scramble. easy loop down.

First half was very steep, the trails were well marked and easy to follow. There was a parking lot and workers handing out maps which was nice. It was a good hike with a nice view of the Hudson River

Well marked trail - took just over 3 hours for us to finish the loop with our small dog (carried him for a few parts). Beautiful views, pretty empty in the early to mid morning but was picking up when we finished (noon ish).

love this trail great veiws and a great challenge I have a 4 part video on my YouTube channel https://youtu.be/hbb6MW6Sy_U

Well marked trail, moderate ascent rewarded with panoramic views, good shade on a sunny day.

Mountain climb the face and hike off the back of this terrific trail with Hudson river rail and old ruins view of the Dutch dairy farm

Great short walk. Did it on a hot day so take water. Ruins really are ruins. Safety measures only, would be nice to have more information with layout if grounds and house

This hike was hard but it had great views. We climbed over 1000 feet but we didn't climb to the top which was about 1200 plus feet. I filmed most of it but there are times when I needed 2 hands. We plan to do the Arden Point and Glenclyffe Trail. We've did the Bear Mountain to Tower and Anthony's Nose and Doodlett Town. I also filmed those trails too. When you get a chance, check it out. https://www.youtube.com/user/jhn170

Get ready to rock scramble for the first mile up the mountain. During the climb up, there are beautiful spots to take pictures of the Hudson River and its surrounding trees.

The last two miles are a breeze - just don't get lost.

Pick up some good trail running shoes (I love my Nike Terra Kiger 4.0's!) and a map (at the beginning of the trail) and you'll be fine.

This is probably the best trail for the Hudson Highland Preserve. Starts off with the super fun rock scrambling & a good amount of walking in between (in the woods). I did this trail when it was 97 degrees and it felt like mid 70 to low 80 because of the woods. And you end off at Fire Tower & after that it’s simple descent. Super rewarding and underrated trail as most people do the breakneck trail and will definitely do this trail many times again.

I really liked this trail. A steep start but it has some great view points along the way.

My 9yo Maltese and I did the full white trail. Did the hike backwards. Took us about 4 hours total, with 2 hours of moving time. A few breathtaking views at the top, wished there were more. The rockclimbing down about 3/4 into the trail was quite steep and a little frightening at times. It was definitely a good workout.

We briefly lost our trail twice; the well-marked trail and gps function on alltrails app did us wonders. Lots of bugs in select places, though my dog came out tick/flea free with just a homemade vinegar spray, we saw lizards!!!, a very tall tree did almost fall on us towards the end (please, always be vigilent of these killer trees!), and at the end of our hike we loved being able to cross the street and go for a dip at the river beach!

Definitely a great trail, especially on a mon. The trail was well marked and there were SOME nice views — nothing comparable to some other trails in this region though. Saw 2 snakes, both of the garden variety and some cool sites towards the end of the hike. The first 3/4 mile was tough, the rest was a nice easy to moderate hike. Lots of cobbles, make sure to watch your step. Would definitely do it again.

Enjoyed the hike (not difficult) and countryside but had trouble following the markers, very hit and miss.

A nice hike. Some steep inclines that give you a run for your money. Some great ruins and some nice vistas. All in all a good day out but not my favorite. There are TWO sets of ruins. One about 1/4 mike from the parking lot (on the way back) and the other about a mile and a half. There is lots to see at the other one so wander around a bit.

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