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Cornwall Landing, New York Map

Awesome trail with beautiful snow.

Easy hike up to the Cornish Estate ruins on an old paved road. Perfect family hike or a quick dog walk. Ruins are fascinating...tried to imagine what it was like in the 1920's

Great Views. Took Yellow Undercliff Trail all the way back instead of the Cornish Trail. Snow on trail was packed down nicely except from the upper ruins north on the blue trail to the red trail junction on the breakneck trail. I was the first through there. Snow was a foot deep in most places.

Great hike, did this hike over the summer 2017

Very nice hike . Good parking at trail head . Initial
climb was about an hour and a half to some very
nice distant views south and east . The rest of the full
Loop is a gradual decent some of it rocky . Mid February
the creek - Breakneck Brook was full w great
sound effects . Went early not crowded at all .

This hike has beautiful views and well-marked trails but beware of ice and mud on a January weekend when the temps are in the mid-40s and the snow has not completely melted.

Hiking boots and poles are helpful!

It’s nice to go in a counter-clockwise direction, going up the steep side first and coming down on the blue/red path that is more gently sloping.

Off-road parking was available directly opposite the trailhead. A few other hikers were on the trail, but it did not feel crowded.

Really fun in the snow! BOOTS REQUIRED. Seriously. It's not a particularly dangerous hike, but because it's granite all the way up, any ice is hard to spot until you're slipping on it.

It's a decent hike. Steady but even ascent. There are four nice vantage points along the way. The summit was a but anticlimactic but is was a fun hike.

Great hike with great views. Did short loop and it only took 2 hours. Next time will go earlier to do longer loop.

Great hike. I'd like to extend it to the beacon fire tower next time. Good views, some good uphill parts balanced with easy flat parts.

Great bouldering - bring your A game. Once you make the flag pole the trail becomes easier. Incredible view. Our 10 year olds love it.

Did the loop around Bull Hill only, did not continue to Breakneck Ridge. The trail had breathtaking views of the Hudson and of the fall foliage, I really recommend it . The ascent up Washburn trail makes for a good work out, but nothing too exhausting. On the way down from Bulk Hill, the walk back through Notch and Brook trails takes you through a pleasant walk some really beautiful sections of the forest.

Try to get here at golden hour (either an hour after sunrise/ an hour before sunset). It's difficult not to stop every 5 minutes to take advantage of the photo opportunities. But remember - put your phone down and enjoy your time in nature!

This route is simply one of the best in New York. It passes by a gorgeous abandoned quarry, Bull Hill, Breakneck Ridge, lots of old ruins, and all the views of the Hudson River and the surrounding Highlands. Don't forget to head a little further down Breakneck Ridge Trail for the famed jaw dropping views before heading to the Undercliff Trail.

Watch for snakes. Saw a cute little guy chillin right on the trail by the Cornish ruins.

Also, bring lots of water.

2nd time I went there and it’s worth it...

Lots of rock scrambling and great views. You work hard for the reward and the endorphin high at the top is fantastic!

This hike is challenging but so worth it!!

This hike is challenging but so worth it!!

This hike is challenging but so worth it!!

Very fun ascent given all the rock scrambles. descent got a bit monotonous given it was a lot of steep down stepping. highly recommended for the amazing views that you get pretty immediately after beginning and getting 1/4 of the way through the hike.

Had to cut it short but will be back to do the rest. Great trail.

Completed this hike in the pouring rain..one good point I had the trail to myself instead of having dozens of people around me. Bad points...views were obscured by fog..and I wanted to complete the Ridge loop but had to take the shorter route because of the weather. Nevertheless I was grateful for the peace and quiet with an empty trail and also grateful for the Scarlet Tanager, one of my favorite birds, landed on a tree directly in front of me. Climb up was certainly a bit more challenging in the rain. Made the best of an off day from work

make sure to start from the South entrance to the trail. Thats where the steep part is. I definitely prefer to climb the steep rocks and then descend gradually. Great time!

Love a good scramble, this was challenging and nicely rewarding. We did the loop, the second half of which is an easy walk in the woods. My group would have preferred to go the steep way back down, but this cremnophobic only scrambles in one direction. (Up and hugging the everloving crap out of the wall.)

My friends and I completed only the Wilkinson Trail portion up to Sugarloaf Mountain and then the same way back, which was moderate-to-hard in severity with some steep rocky inclines. We probably would have died had we gone on the whole Breakneck Ridge Trail LOL... so this is an excellent option for people who are less intense about hiking, but still want a good workout and an INCREDIBLE view. Definitely recommend and would return!

Definitely a heavy steep but well worth the hike. Something I would do again.

Amazing scenic views, bring tons of water, be prepared to hike. It's a difficult hike but you could do it, best rock scramble in hudson valley.

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