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Great hike. Did on 9/16/2018 with 7 kids age 5-11. 1:40 to the top and 2:30 down the lake side and around through the ponds.

Loved this hike! We started at the trailhead, following the red DEC discs up to the (unimpressive) summit. Trail was wide, and clearly marked; fairly gentle to start, but eventually became quite steep. Descended along trail on south side of the summit; single-track, slightly overgrown, steep in places. Blue trail is clearly marked with DEC discs, and offers a nice stroll through the woods past the ponds. Yellow trail to the left takes you back towards the trailhead.

Love everything about it. The only thing was that when I got to the top, it was so foggy I couldn’t appreciate the view. But will definitely do it again.

I hiked this today and after all the rain we had this week it was MUDDY. I slipped on a few spots, mostly on the way down so you definitely have to watch your footing. View of the lake from the top is amazing and on the loop back down the other side there are views all along the way. Took me longer than I anticipated but mostly because of the mud and having to place my feet carefully. Overall a good hike, neat to see a wind turbine at the top!

Nice hike - especially if you do the loop and see the less used trail. But the summit was disappointing. Not much room do the tower with antennas and generator.

Still, beautiful 8 mile loop

I will rate this a 5 because great view of lake George but after pilot knob then buck now black I’ve seen lg enough did it for the fire tower challenge and what a bullshit tower. I would say this is easier than buck so if you want a Great Lake view have at it . This is not easy but not hard either

I've done this hike twice now. It's a pretty easy hike with a very rewarding view of Lake George.

the distance markers on the signs are a tiny bit off. add about an extra half mile to the time up. beautiful view of the lake. Bring bug spray. The bugs are relentless

I have been twice in two years here. Although it is rated moderate, I would say it is moderate to hard hike. Since top is not widespread and only few spots available for the view, try to be early so that there are few people. It was really muddy because if rain last week.

Gorgeous day - great hike. Up the trail with the red markers, looped back down by Black Pond and Lapland’s Pond. Saw a big snapping turtle just off the trail! Little mud but not too bad at all.

It was a nice climb to the summit was, a little disappointed with the limited view, but the over all view was great.

Nice hike to the summit. Very dog friendly. Nice view. Fire tower closed.

A nice hike, very well marked trails. I did the loop, starting with the red markers to go up to the top. It was the first time I saw a wind turbine on a summit! Descending the red trail from the summit is pretty steep for ~1/2 mile. The loop around the ponds (blue and yellow markers) is very easy and pleasant walking.

this is the second time I have hike Black Mountain. It is a fairly easy ascent and a nice tranquil Loop. this weekend the trails were muddy and wet with patches of snow and ice crampons were a must. the wind at the top was howling in bitter cold. eventually spring will pop up and join the party.

One of the best views of LG , clear views of the Lake don't start untill the top but it's worth effort. Early spring bring spikes or snowshoes on your back because they are needed half way up due to ice on the trail.

solid hike did it mid march without snow shoes .... *dont do* but the hike was worth it great views from the summit if your trying to get a good photo go behind the fire tower

Great hike weather was cool and sunny red trail up was a running stream. Views were excellent
Made the 7 mile loop was a great moderate trail
Everybody should do this trail at least once

Nice hike. Icy in spots and wet in some others. Views are nice... no access to the fire tower.

The trail to the top of Black Mountain is heavily used and well-marked. The views from the top are awesome, The loop down to the ponds is wet in places but the ponds are nice. Carry a map and you won’t get confused by the side trails and intersections on trails that lead to other ponds.

Beautiful trails! A little over 7 miles. We made it to the summit in an hour and a half at a steady pace. The way down if doing the loop adds time and miles to the hike. Fastest is up to the summit from the parking lot and back down that way. I am at the end of a cold so I found it to be moderate in difficulty. It was also 30-35 degrees and my first cool weather hike so that also affected the difficulty level for me. We did the loop on the way back to pass Black Mtn pond & Lapland Pond, and found the lean-to which is off the main trail, all very pretty. To find the loop trail down was easy at the top near the fire tower, ( no access to fire tower) well marked the whole way down. There was a lot of ice on the trail today, more so on the way up. Brought micro spikes but did not use them as there was room to walk around the ice and no snow yet. Beautiful trails and very enjoyable. We both wore some bright colors and were wary of hunters but did not hear gunshot or see hunters today. Quiet, saw only one solo hiker and a group at the end.

Pretty easy hike. Awesome views from the summit. Very wet and windy, but totally worth it!

Very easy to moderate hike. Very very wet . With a couple days of rain it was like hiking a steady stream. Also not sure why I didn’t see this reported yet but the fire tower is closed and you would have to climb under the fence to get up. Top is completely nailed shut. Also , active hunters on this trail .. we literally almost walked into a dead deer mid path ! Stay safe !

Awesome hike , great views and a well kept trails . I decided to go the opposite way on the trail

The trials were well marked, and I don’t need to tell you ... the views were spectacular!

After Lapland Pond the markers change from blue to yellow - the blue markers lead you to a lean-to and then just end. If you follow the yellow markers, they will take you to the original trail you came in on.

Saturday, September 16, 2017

The views of Lake George at summit are spectacular. Trail is rocky so careful with footing. Hiked the loop...the trail along the ponds is beautiful and meandering. Most of trail is shaded which was good as it was warm/sunny. (The recording stopped between the summit and along the descent to the ponds & looks like we fell off a cliff.)

Friday, August 25, 2017

This is a great half-day hike. Moderate exertion level, not too muddy when we went in late-August. Took just under four hours with a half-hour rest at top. Good views of the High Peaks, Lake George, The Narrows, Green Mountains, and the Tongue Range. Structures at top make for a bit of distraction, but otherwise worthwhile. Swimming available at Hulett's Landing County Park on Lake George about 10 minutes from the trailhead.

Monday, August 07, 2017

The 5.5mi loop trail from the Pike Brook Rd trailhead to the summit and back was a perfect 4-hour round trip on a beautiful day with shady hiking and sunny lookouts above Lake George. Highly recommend as a moderately challenging half-day trip for people in relatively good health.

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