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It was a good workout and the Blue Hole at the bottom made my efforts worth while but there is no view unless you go on to the next summit. I was pretty disappointed to realize that after hiking 10 miles up vertical rock scrambles in 90 degree weather.

There are plenty of opportunities to see great views from both mountains, even with a bit of overcast. We started the hike at around 8am on a Saturday morning, and only managed to see 4 other people (and 1 dog)! We also didn't see any moose, but it was still worth it!

A great trail. Challenging in all the right ways.

Lovely day in the woods and mountains. Included 3 toads,1 snake and 2 animals that scurried away!
Unfortunately Lots of flies on summit and Can't hang out.
Nice steady elevation gain that's never really that steep making it good for beginners who want a challenge and experienced hikers who want a fast and terrain changing hike.
Lovely terrain changes throughout but essentially a forest walk. Nice soft stretches of pine needles that offer reprieve from rocks that you will find between table and peekamoose.
Tracts of moss, ferns and woodlands are part of the charm of this hike. Would repeat this hike.

The weather and views were beautiful. The rocks kept our 9 mile hike exciting. It was also such a short drive from queens, just an hour and a half. Highly recommend!

really a great hike, honestly a favorite of mine, plenty of places to tent closer to the bottom. and a sweet lean-to, can fit 8 people easy. views are desent but nothing to write home about, did it in the pouring rain and had a blast, planning on going back to tent it out and do the hole ridge!

We hiked from the Peekamoose Rd parking area (around 10AM). Good technical trail to get your heart rate up but quickly became boring (The views aren't worth the hike). We hiked 7-8 miles on July 4th weekend and saw about 5 people total on this trail. Also.. the watering hole on the opposite side to the parking area was waaaaay too crowded with people acting like animals (around 3:30PM). The Ranger said to come mon-fri if you want a enjoyable watering hole experience, or very early on the weekends.

A couple a nice views...good trail to get your heart rate going. A few nice streams as well..overall a great way to spend my Saturday

Monday, February 27, 2017

Good hike steady climb near Peekamoose summit would have been nice to have snowshoes but got by with microspikes

Awesome views along the way. Sadly no view at the top. Great summer hike because you can jump in the blue hole after.

love the near by water hole.


Only experience hikers for this trail please
This hiking trail is not walk to the park
I personally rated this trail moderate to difficult
The views they are fantastic once you will get to the top part

Friday, December 18, 2015

Overall this a great hike if you can find the overlook and ledges. The DEC indicates the Peekamoose-Table Mountain Trail is one of the more remote trails and this rang true in my experience. No one else registered for the trail that day and the day prior there was only 1 registration, but it was for Lone Mountain. The best view is from Peakamoose, but this was also the hardest overlook to locate. The path to the overlook is wide at first and narrows to the point where you think you are off course. If it wasn’t for the Track file, I would have turned back and missed this. The first view is before the 3500’ elevation sign on Table which is noted by a nearby rock cairn. There is also a view near the summit of Table on the right.

Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Fantastic Elevation gain, pretty solid views from all lookouts (you have to dive off the trail a bit to see them). Cool down after in Peakamoose blue hole, but please pack your trash out unlike the other inconsiderate people.

Thursday, July 17, 2014

My wife and three boys (10,8, & 3) hiked up to the summit of Peekamoose three weeks ago and thought it was a great hike. There is a trail before the summit that will take you to a ledge with a view.

I hiked this trail starting at the Denning Road DEC Parking Area on June 7th 2014 (National Trail Days). Follow the Yellow Blazed trail out of the trailhead (remember to sign in at the register). You will cross a wooden bridge about a mile into the hike. At the 1.2 mile point (this point is pretty exact if you are using a GPS) the trail intersects with the Blue Blazed trail that leads up to Table and Peekamoose Mountain. Take the Blue Blazed trail to your right and slightly down hill. The trail up to this point is pretty gentle and will remain so for about another .5 miles. You'll cross another couple of very interesting bridges that are indicative of the care taken to maintain these trails for outdoors people. Kudos to the NY DEC and the trail maintainers. After crossing the last stream, the trail starts to ascend at a steep angle. You'll know that you are at the spot where I am talking about when you encounter a moss covered boulder field. If not for the blue blazes you would not know where the trail actually went for this short climb (these are small boulders, not the type you have to climb over). This trail is long but because of the length the slope up is moderate when compared to some of the other 3500 foot Catskill peaks. There are a couple of spots that will leave you winded but they all eventually level out and let you catch your breath. There are two good lookouts, one occurs below the hut and the other is above the hut. The second lookout is far better than the first but is only large enough to allow for two hikers. It is a great place to stop for lunch on the way back down. Highly recommend stopping there. I actually fell asleep on this rock after eating a sandwich. Near the peak of Table (nice and flat) there are a couple spots where you can catch a glimpse of Peekamoose. It gives the impression of being two things: 1. A tiring climb and, 2. Really close. Only #2 is true. I was on top of Peekamoose in no time and had to walk completely over the top to make sure I actually reached the summit. I was unable to find a singe good view though. There is a huge rock near the summit, and it looks like everyone climbs up on it, but it offers no view either! Perhaps it does in the Winter but not in June. Retrace you steps to the trailhead to complete the hike. My GPS total came to 9.68 miles. I gave this hike just two stars because of the lack of summer-time views on Peekamoose. Anyone can make this hike if you are conditioned for a 10 mile hike. There are no technical aspects or dangerous climbs.

Monday, January 20, 2014

We hiked Peekamoose on Christmas Day and didn't see a single soul. With snow and a little ice, we hiked with microspikes. The incline is steep and just keeps going - very deceptive at places. We saw quite a few different animal tracks, including a bear and wild pig. The views from Peekamoose are not spectacular, but it was a great hike nonetheless.

A tad strenuous but a great hike to the summit of Peekamoose with a vertical change of 2200. No worries, at the bottom, cool off in the blue hole swimming hole across the street and up about 150 ft from the trailhead

Awesome hike! This hike has incredible views, well worth the energy . We went early spring so there was still a lot of snow towards the top. Left with a few cuts and bruises but again, it was worth it

Great hike!

I arrived at the trailhead later then I would have liked to. Set out about 11pm. It starts right out with a good incline to the sign in box. Scattered patches of snow on the ground up until the first mile. I didn't bring my snow shoes for this hike and would definitely recommend them if your planing an early season romp here. Towards the summit some areas off trail had well over 20 inches on the ground; Tho I only sank in if I strayed far from the trail (the snow on the trail path having been compressed and crystallized).

Almost total solitude over the 2 night stay. I saw two people coming down off the mountain as I made my way up on day one. The path is very easy to follow in the early spring as footprints in the snow linger from past hikers/snowshoers. Also parks and recreation do a great job of marking the trail with blue markers.

A few rock scrambles but besides that just a steady incline and a few false summits. This hike was a sort of a prospecting excursion to find a nice place for a return hike with friends in the summer to familiarize myself with the terrain. The overall experience of the solo hike here was absolutely superb and the solitude of a slightly offseason trek is to be appreciated (this trail is far less visited by day hikers as some of the other trails in the area).

Five stars.

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