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Incredible. My first high peak as well - I’m so glad I came up the Gothics and down Pyramid. The views from across the ridge as you approach the summit are great, and of course the 360 degree view from the top is wonderful. Be prepared for a lot of mud - it hasn’t rained in several days but the trail seems to have mud puddles constantly. Otherwise you really can’t beat the view, plus there are two really nice size waterfalls and a few smaller ones on the loop.

3 months ago

Definitely not an easy trail, more like moderate. Lots of rocks, roots and pretty steep. Seems like longer than 1.9 miles. Beautiful views right before summit!

3 months ago

We did this walk because it was raining so we didn’t want to hike a mountain. Nice little hike, beautiful homes all along the way, makes me want to play the lottery and hope for a win! Flat walk with markers all around of the nearby mountains and their elevation. Ends in town, lots of stores to look around in.

The peak is mostly wooded but offers an amazing view of Mt Marcy. The Tabletop Trail was very challenging and we made slow go of it. It was very narrow, wet, and extremely muddy. There are wonderful views of the Macintyre Range and Mt Colden on the way up.

3 months ago

Wonderful views from this peak. Highly recommend. The final portion of the hike was fairly steep and challenging. Great Hike!

Very fun and challenging hike for the east coast! At the trail head you can go left for an easier ascent and toward the lake first or right for a more vigorous climb with ladders and rock scramble. Your call

A challenging day but great hike! Don't get bogged down by negative reviews on here, go hike it and decide for yourself. I'd actually do this again, and I use that sentence sparingly.

Phelps kicks butt, it's the most deceptive "1.0 mile to the summit" I've ever experienced. Terrain gets gradually steeper, make sure to turn around once in a while to see the views behind you. Lots of "I think this is the top.... wait here's the trail again." Great summit views and worth it.

Tabletop was unmarked, following running water and lots of mud the entire way up. Definitely recommend gaiters and/or trekking poles to poke and test how deep mud is before you step. Easier than Phelps but the view payoff isn't as great. Say hello to Marcy while you're up there.

Our group of four took 9 hours including an hour spent on the summits. 7am - 4pm. Great day, 13/46.

nice trail, great summit but tough to follow after dark, we did haystack first then to McKenzie via the herd path...if I knew then what I know now we would have used the jack rabbit trail heard path to summit instead of the rt86 trail head, would have saved several hours

our second summit of the day after Haystack, trail is in horrible shape, very wet and barely marked- definitely not a trail to do in the dark or if you're out of shape

This was a beautiful trail. Cascades, deer, lots of moss. It was definitely challenging towards the last mile up lower wolf jaws and then to upper wolf jaws. Very muddy along the way to upper.
Some climbing over rocks that requires hands as well, but fun.
Was going to do Armstrong with them but didn’t gage our time properly and thought we’d have more.
Took us 11 hours for lower and upper.

very scenic and perfect trail for leisure biking!!

This is the best place if you want to do some adventure biking!!!

3 months ago

Fantastic hike. Varied terrain. A bit hard with some rock maneuvering but not dangerous. Definitely a core workout. The views and memorial at the summit are totally worth it. I recommend hiking or trail shoes. IMO is best to start it at the lot in Fort Montgomery, this way you’ll be able to unwind towards the end by trekking it down to the creek.

Not too bad of a hike and didn't take too long. We wanted to do the loop trail on the way down but didn't see markers and ended up in some cool rock caves. Next time we will start the loop from the beginning. Amazing views from the top

3 months ago

Definitely an easy hike until you get to the last half mile downhill to Indian Lake. The hike back up was quite steep but after you make it back up to the rock, it's an easy hike down.

Got to Belfry Mt early on 9/22/2018 as the first of a 4 firetower day. I made sure to get up extra early so I could catch the sunrise over Lake Champlain into Vermont.
The trail follows a service road up to the tower. Before the summit is a short road off to the right that goes to a cell tower... that's not it. I kept following the road to a little shack, also on the right, and still didn't see the firetower.
The road turned grassy and overgrown, but then, right after the shack was the firetower. For such a short hike, the views over to Vermont at sunrise were beautiful and my 3:00am wake-up time paid off big time to enjoy it.
The whole hike up and back was only 25 minutes, and that's with time enjoying the sunrise and taking some pictures. The firetower cab is accessible also. Well worth the short hike up and easy enough for anyone to do...so go check it out!

Hiked up Black Mt on Saturday 9/22/2018. A crisp, clear morning perfect for hiking. I took the 2.5 mi trail up to the summit in 1 hour. The trail was easy to follow and the ascent was gradual/moderate with no really steep sections.
The views at the summit were amazing! Even with no access to the firetower. I took some nice photos from the lookout right below the summit. Then took the trail around the other side of the tower to another rock outcrop for more awesome views.
After 15 minutes I started down the other side to make the 7.7 mi loop hike. Soon after leaving the summit there is a side trail to the right with nice views towards Lake George. After that I zigzagged down the trail and came to the signed trail junction with the blue blazed trail that returns toward the parking area.
Now, it was obvious that this section sees much less use, as the trail was very faint and almost non-existent in places. I came to a lean-to and it seemed the trail ended there. But after some searching, I went down to the pond and found where the trail continued.
The trail was more visible after the lean-to and after a bit intersects with a yellow blazed trail that finishes the loop back to the road.
The whole trail was very scenic and I'm so glad I took the long way back. Another hiker and I were trail running most of the way back and I made it back in 1:18. Pretty good time for me.
A great loop hike overall, which I highly recommend. I would come back here again.

Very nice hike overall. Great views from the top of the fire tower. A bit muddy in places but easy enough to get around. Solid climb.

3 months ago

Most of the trail was Ankle deep in mud. Not worth it.

Fairly easy hike, clearly visible trail with a very rewarding view of Lake George.

Not a lot to see, at least with as far as we went. Very steep in places, so you definitely want hiking gear.

view was amazing definitely a challenging trail, but well worth it. Didn't get to do Cornell because of time

Amazing, amazing. The view from Wittenberg will make even the naysayingest Catskill naysayers smile.

Probably the best bang for your buck in the entire ADK. A very quick, fun hike (rock scrambles in places, many overlooks) that leads to a gorgeous open summit with views of the Fulton chain lakes and environs. Beautiful firetower. Really, a do not miss for anyone of almost any ability.

A short and easy firetower with big payoff. Don't miss sunsets here.

One of the more isolated of the ADK firetowers, Lyon Mountain is a beautiful hike that offers expansive views of the ADK and into Canada. One of my very favorites.

3 months ago

This is a nice firetower to bring people to who are not hikers but with whom you would still like to share a firetower.

3 months ago

Enjoyed the trail especially the streams and view from the summit. Only about eight other folks on the trail. Steady incline with a fairly steep climb for the last 1/2 mile or so.

The views at the top are beautiful. The tree close to the top with the roots overtaking the rocks is a great part of the experience. Quick little hike that was easy even for my hike-loving old pup to finish!

Great for biking.

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