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A total blast. Makes me want to learn whatever kind of climbing this is (bouldering?). And the views!!!

Enjoyable! wouldn't say it was "hard" I saw a lot of very young kids in the caves and they didn't seem to struggle.

This is a great hike with some great views and things to explore. We first stopped at Sams point which had great views. From Sams point we went at ice caves which was really neat to see if you've never been there before like myself it was nice and cold in the caves which was refreshing being so hot out and there was ice in one spot yes ice. After the ice caves we went to the falls but unfortunately the falls only had a trickle of water coming down it. On the way to the falls the views where spectacular. If you've never been here before it's definitely worth checking out, you won't be disappointed.

3 days ago

My wife and I came in late around 1pm and took us a while to find a parking place.
The trail is a bit challenging and was planning 2-3 hours while it ended up with over 4. But we had lots of fun.

Hiked this July 1, 98 degrees after hiking Gore mountain. This loop is incredible but difficult. Shoes with some grip are a must. Would not do alone. Very steep and rock climbing is part of it. It was extremely adventurous and can’t wait to bring others on this hike. Views were amazing from many look out spots. The pond on the other side is beautiful and wonderful to cool off in. Proved to be a lifesaver on such a hot day. Hiking down just as hard as going up. Will definitely do again.

incredible rock scramble. amazing views.

Nice hike, in total it was closer to 6.5miles and had nice views, but unfortunately the waterfall was a mere trickle. Bring LOTS of water especially if you’re brining your dog. I thought I brought enough and ended up having to ration it the whole time.

Follow the red, then orange, then blue, then white trail markers for this loop. Nice views at the top, but there were definitely some parts of the trail where it was so narrow or grown over that it was hard to find. If we weren’t tracking our path against the trail on the app, I’m not sure we would have been able to find it a couple times or know that we had taken a wrong turn. There was also some pretty steep rock scaling on the way down that our dog (ok and me!) had a slightly tough time with.

What an amazing hike. This was my first hike of the season, so I was a bit out of shape and found myself struggling to make it to the end. This is about 7 to 8 miles long. The hike can be difficult at times bc some paths are slippery while some are very rocky. In the end it is all worth it. The scenery, the peace, the smell of nature and feeling of achievement is all worth it. I took both my dogs w me. They were troopers! My advice is to take some snacks and plenty of water.

I can’t wait to do it again in the fall.

I live within the reaches of Crane's shadow, & as a frequent High Peaks climber, I foolishly overlooked Crane, thinking 'what's so special about that?' Needless to say, I learned my lesson. Elevation doesn't equal charm!

A great blend of sharp & steep with views of the Southern Adks; and oh yeah, a fancy pond.

Overall a moderate 3.5 mile hike, great for any day.

Great hike with wonderful views. Our family has done this several times. The top portion can be a bit steep, and younger kids will just need to take it slower. We have done this in summer and done it in winter with snowshoes.

Great hike! Be sure and follow the trail markers, there are a fair amount of unmarked side trails. Red markers will get you to the top of the chimney formations, near the top is a “Y”; left leads to the chimney rocks and right (following yellow markers now) will lead to the true peak. The hike is a bit strenuous as it does get quite steep near the top but it’s nothing a slower pace can’t fix if you’re not as used to hiking yet. Quite a good hike, not incredibly time consuming but allows for many different explorations near the top and a great view from multiple vantage points.

Amazing trail, beautiful views. Will definitely do it again!

Very cool hike. Ice caves still had ice in them! There is almost no shade offered on this hike. Bring plenty of water, sunblock and a hat!

Lots of shade.

9 days ago

I did this hike almost exactly a year ago with my boyfriend, his friends, and our dogs. We had a great time walking along the trail. The terrain is varied, and there were many interesting things to see on our way to Stone Church. The final portion of the trail leading to SC is a scrabble over wet rocks, so make sure you wear appropriate footwear. All-in-all, I thoroughly enjoyed the trail.

Great hike if you're up to the challenge! The second ladder is tall and a bit sketchy- especially when you get to the top! If heights bother you avoid the ladder section. The rock scrambles are fun but also demanding! A short but very vigorous hike. Beautiful views. Go early as the lot fills quickly. Overall very worthwhile!

Hiked part of the trail with a 3 and 5 year old. Made it in about a mile, just past the “cave.” Cool rock formations throughout. Would definitely like to get back here again ... cool hike.

10 days ago


Great little hike that is just challenging enough for my toddler. Bring a lighter just in case the flame is out

awesome views, great waterfall wish I had more time to do the whole trail. We will be going back!

We hiked this trail on a Saturday morning. The first two miles it was raining, the remainder it stopped. The trail was well kept. We only passed a few people on our way out ( near the ‘bear caves’). We opted to take the roadway back to the trail head as it was a wet mess. Our 4.5 year old son hiked the trail with no issues. I was a bit disappointed as it offered no scenery outside of your typical dense woods and it’s not a loop.

I love a rock scramble and this one has a pretty good one!
Great views of the Catskills!

can't beat the beautiful views and great scramble

Its a nice trail. We started with red to orange which goes parallel to the river and no viewing points. By the end of red we gain elevation. It gets tricky on the hill top, the trails are marked but not evidently seen so make sure to search for trail markings. The blue stretch is the best it has around 4 viewing points a rocky and steep stretch which is fun!!

Decades ago, there was an audio tour available (Cassette tapes) with a driving path up the mountain and around the lake, but those are long gone now and the ice caves aren't as famous as they once were, and it's all walking trails. But the ice caves are still there. The parking lot has been repaved and there is a building with bathrooms and soda machines at trail head. Parking is $10 usually. For the trail, Initial switchbacks up the trail are as expected, good tree cover. Sams point overlook is pretty cool (they have over the decades removed the stone "fence" at the outcropping, so be careful!) From there to the ice caves is a long, slightly up-inclined, completely sky-exposed walk with very little tree cover, so take caution on hot sunny days. The descent into the ice caves and the caves are a bit steep and steppy, but worth it, the caves are still nice and really cold even on the hottest days. Overall, fun to visit (again).

the climb up was very steep and there was a lot of rock climbing involved, not to mention one tall ladder. but the view at the top was well worth it! loved this hike!

on The Labyrinth Trail

17 days ago

This is my favorite mountain I've ever explored. We were up there for hours and didn't explore half of what we wanted to! I will be back for sure. Next time with some caving equipment and a few more people.

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