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2 days ago

very nice trail with lots of water.

Love this place. If you go super early, or camp over night, you can hear the loons. It’s a beautiful sound! I’ve hiked in and used a kayak. Just remember to go under the over pass and always turn right if you kayak in, and you’ll get to Good Luck with no problem. :)

Hiked on Oct 15th, 2018. It was raining but the trail wasn't too muddy or slippery. Some rocky sections. We went up the East Trail and down the North Trail. The Fire Tower is open but due to the clouds we didn't have a view. The ranger cabin is in bad shape. Overall a very nice hike which we will revisit so we can see the wonderful views.

Hiked a total of 6 miles in and out...I don’t usually do that long of a hike, but, aside from my sore feet, I feel so accomplished! The elevation is so gradual as to make it easier on wimpy hikers like me. At Indian Lake we found a sunny spot to sit where the aroma of balsam fir was all around us. So peaceful.

Great hike beautiful lake

I actually came away from this hike fairly disappointed. The trails were much easier than I was expecting, at best I’d say they were on the strenuous side of easy. The summit was nice, but very crowded for an early morning. Views from the top of the tower were great and it was nice to see inside a ranger cabin for a change, even if it is covered in graffiti. I HATE that I’m this disappointed.

Easy to moderate hike with only some steepness near the top. We had to take a couple breaks to catch our breath but overall fairly easy. To get any good views you need to be able to climb the fire tower. My husband is afraid of heights so I took pictures for him.

Wow! This trail is called Good Luck cliffs for a reason, Good Luck on the descent without breaking an ankle, wrist, or hip. Unless, this time of year the conditions warrant not a good time to hike— overall, it was pretty dicey. However, all worth it when you get to the view from the top!! It is spectacular, as well as seeing all the caves and “stone-scrapers” on the ascent. I would not take my dog on this trail again, he was very agile but it was risky navigating the tree roots and flat rock surfaces on the descent.

****Just remember watch for the “cairn” on the right side of the trail before the second bridge—- that’s where you take the trail to the cliffs.****

Otherwise, you are hiking along Good Luck lake and further ahead is the trail to Spectacle Lake. The reviewers were right, little to no markers.

1 month ago

We walked to Jockeybush en-route to a bushwhack to Iron Lake. The trail was wet and muddy, but not a problem. The middle half of the trail is a big seep and always wet. The lower and upper end were great! The creek crossing was a little sporty on wet rocks.

Take a few minutes and explore the fisherman's path to the two designated campsites on the north shore of the lake. The view is glorious and there's some nice places to sit and enjoy the scenery.

We must have missed some markers because we thought we had completed the hike. I wish we'd gone a little further, apparently we were very close to the top. We finished off the day by kayaking on the lake... beautiful and definitely worth the trip!

A short and easy firetower with big payoff. Don't miss sunsets here.

Was a nice walk. We went up the north trail which was pretty mild overall and came back down the east trail. Great view from the fire tower, well worth the walk.

I did this hike after doing the Kane Mountain climb. It is a nice hike, with small elevation gains. The lakes provide some beautiful views and some much appreciated quite.

Overall a nice hike with fantastic views from the tower. The east trail is short, .6 of a mile, but not terribly steep. The north trail is slightly longer, 1.2 miles, but provides a much steeper climb. It’s sad to see the old caretakers cabin in such poor shape and covered with graffiti. The tower is in good shape. I also did the trail to Stewart and Indian Lakes, which was a nice time. A pleasant hike, and a nice workout!

My seven year old has declared this her favorite mountain, perfect for the heart of an adventurer. She loved all the caves and crawl through rock piles. It was not the best marked trail, but we had a great time.

Good hike. I did the lake trail first and then the mountain to the summit and fire tower.

Great little Adk lake! Lots of trails to follow to other lakes and mountains.

Great, short and moderate hike. The views are only seen from the fire tower and they are beautiful!

Fun trail, nice workout and gorgeous mountain stream!!!

I am a beginner hiker, trying to get back into shape. I found this trail to be moderate - had to take just a couple short breaks on my way up. I was surprised by the view on the fire tower. I will definitely be frequenting this trail. Great for a quick hike!

Not too challenging of a hike. Good trails for pacing. The views from the fire tower were gorgeous.

Well worth it. The review below is very helpful, especially the note about the sign for the cliffs which is very easily missed for being so high.

This is a very enjoyable hike. The first 1.5 miles is very easy, some rocks and mud here and there, but nothing terrible. Once you see the lake from the trail you are nearing the turn to the cliffs. There are a couple of side trails to campsites and the shore of the lake as well. Once you continue on you will cross a small snowmobile bridge, and shortly after you will see a second one, the turn to the cliffs is just before that second bridge on the right. It would be easy to miss the sign pointing to the cliffs as it higher than expected. The trail up to the cliffs is what you might expect from any Adirondack mountain trail. Nothing terrible, roots and rocks, and some soft muddy spots and blow downs. The trail up is not well marked, but is well worn and easy to follow. I saw three blue trail markers on the way up and down. Take a mental note of where you arrived on top, as nothing is marked and you could start to descend in a different spot. The location of the cliffs is obvious, and very nice. Overall a nice 4 mile hike. Gets the heat pumping.

Great day trip. We spent about 3 hours total hiking around. The climb to the cliffs was steeper than we expected but doable for me, my 12 year old daughter and our flat coated retriever. Tree roots make it for the most part, natural stairs so it’s easy to keep footing. Also hiked to Good Luck Lake. I’ll be going back. Only a few slightly muddy spots. Overall pretty dry.

I've been on both trails ,not impossible bfir a first timer like me. view from top could be better. the only way to see the view is if you go up the tower

The view from the fire tower is incredible. Such a beautiful view of the surrounding land.

A very enjoyable short little hike. My husband and I hiked this with our dog on a leash (a corgi) on July 21. We liked the option of two different trails and the ability to hike it in a loop. The view from the fire tower was great. It’s too bad the old ranger cabin has been so badly vandalized. This is a nice hike for beginners or if you’re just looking for a short trail. We actually drove an hour east after this to hike to Spruce Mountain Fire Tower (working on the Fire Tower Challenge) and bumped into another hiker who had the same plan. The two trails together make for a nice day of activity. One note, the parking lot was jammed full as we were leaving before noon. Get there on the early end of things if you need to park.

A group of 6 of us really enjoyed this trail yesterday morning. Nice and flat for awhile then a steep incline, but the view is worth it. A bit difficult getting down, but not too bad. Plenty of water in streams available for dogs.

Hiked this trail last week with my 6.5 year old. Trail was OK, just a couple muddy spots that we could go around. Lots of graffiti on the old rangers station which I didn't enjoy explaining to my daughter. Otherwise, loved the hike and the view from the tower.

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