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Carmel, New York Map

Easy moderate trail. Very enjoyable

Gets a lot of traffic. Sexist graffiti on boulders. HUNTERS. Bicycles. Clearly some group fancies themselves witches and has fire pit encircled with chairs built out of rocks with one adorned for the leader replete with a stick canopy. There has been racist graffiti here in the past, but that is typically removed with a day or two, not so the sexist garbage. I would not bring kids for this reason.
It is a shame. The trail to the fire tower is a very short walk up and a very short walk down. For those days when the terrain is too slippery or the gunfire is too prolific, or the men are yelling too loudly, the fire road is a quick option. This used to be a nice, quiet place. WEAR HUNTER ORANGE. PUT HUNTER ORANGE ON YOUR DOG. Lots of dogs.
Whole up and back, even on the longer trails, is under an hour and not that challenging, but can be slippery.
ARSENIC is in the soil here. Wash your dogs’ feet, clean your boots before getting in your car. Don’t use unmarked or closed trails for this reason. Minimal testing has been done and is underway. The trails that are closed have been deemed unsafe. There is a tiny sign at the trail head.
Crazy with biting flies.

Easy walk up to the fire tower. As others said, nothing special about the hike itself, but the view from the fire tower is spectacular.

poorly marked and still not cleaned up from storms.

3 months ago

I actually really liked this hike. Quiet and runs around a lovely lake. As other recent posts say, there are some very large trees blocking the trail about a mile in at the moment due to a recent storm. But there is evidence that a clean up effort is underway. I will try this one again because I really enjoyed the first mile.

It’s a short walk up a gravel road, nothing special. But who doesn’t love a view from a fire tower?

4 months ago

Parking area is on your right hand side as soon as you reach the pond, don't miss it. About 1 mile in there's 4 or 5 very large trees down which makes the trail pretty much impassable.

4 months ago

Nice trail along a lake, however very poorly maintained. Trees blocking the path. A lot of the trail markers have been broken off. At one point in the trail the path is completed blocked off by trees and shrubs.

A tornado came through making the path impossible to take. Along with older downed trees, there are numerous uprooted trees, broken trees and branches blocking any kind of path. We ended up turning around half way as it looked like it was getting worst. Definitely needs an overhaul, buzz saw, and trail markers.

Visited on a late afternoon in May. Doesn't really look like much from the trailhead, or once you get to the tower for that matter, but the views from the tower itself are amazing - 360 degrees, rolling hills, lakes, reservoirs. Beautiful. I hiked up on the dirt road then back on the trail through the woods. If you want a big view with a short hike this is it. A bit buggy, so use bug spray and be sure to do a tick check.

Love this trail! Beautiful view & a cool tower. Sadly, there is a lot of glass & the graffiti is inappropriate. Would recommend this trail for teens & adults but not little kids, unless you want to watch them like a hawk.

8 months ago

It's very beautiful back there but trails are not marked and it seemed like about half the woods have fallen. Half the trails were blocked by trees and branches, wouldn't have been so bad if there were trail markings anywhere in sight. Lost track of any type of trail a few times and found myself way off the beaten path. But was worth the adventure of getting lost!

Altered the route. Nice woods hike with a few ponds. No real high top views but still a nice hike.

Easy walk to the fire tower and amazing views from the top.

Good trail but do you have to take the road a ways

Very nice easy hike with three kids 4, 7, and 9. Fire tower steps were iced over so we didn’t venture to the top. Hope the fencing on the steps gets repaired so there aren’t gaping holes on the way up. The trails were easy to see but not well marked.

on White Pond Trail

9 months ago

Great hike

Nice easy hike with a Fire Tower as a fantastic payoff!! Temps were around 10 degrees with howling winds at the top of the tower..looking forward to returning in more pleasant conditions.

I absolutely loved this place! It has a lot of trails that go all over. And then the fire tower.... I wouldn’t have missed it for the world. ( I also wouldn’t have known about it if it wasn’t for my buddy) so thanks Chris! (:

Thursday, November 23, 2017

Wear hunter orange. Have your dog wear hunter orange. Keep your dog leashed. Multiple use area. Some folks get pretty loud. Many do not carry out trash. Broken glass and fire pits. Sexist, racist graffiti pops up from time to time. Lots of mountain bikers. The road is a very quick up and back. The trails are mostly well marked and less used. The accessibility trails and camping areas are gone, so while these trails are easy, though sometimes slippery, they are strictly for those with easy mobility.

Saturday, October 14, 2017

This was an easy hike where we did the loop. There are a lot of trails in the area that looked good for exploring. The views from the tower was nice. I liked the pink paint job inside the tower and the names of people on the stair treads

Monday, September 18, 2017

we enjoyed the hike mostly because of the sweet pond views, but as other hikers said, the trail can be difficult to follow sometimes, and hiking on the road is a little annoying. but the length of the hike was great, and it was nice to feel lost in the woods for a bit once you get a few minutes in.

Thursday, August 24, 2017

I have visited this trail many times throughout my life. The fire tower never gets easier ! My 6 year old daughter loved it and my 4 year old son was able to walk up the second flight of the tower. The staircase now has chicken wire fencing on the sides which "helped" ease my panic stricken mind as I watched my kids attempt to walk up. Would give 5 stars if I didn't have to explain to my kids what all those spray painted "faces" were!

Sunday, August 06, 2017

My dog and I enjoyed the trail for the most part. She enjoyed a brief swim too. Parts of the trail were quite narrow and some downed trees. I have to agree with another person who noted it's a little weird at the end hiking on the road back to the parking area. Seemed like a quiet, calm place to kayak...if only I had one!

Thursday, July 13, 2017

Its more like a hybrid of a hike and a walk. It was fairly easy. It was kind of annoying because we would go off the trail easily because it was a little confusing. I did like it though. Towards the end you walk on the road back to the parking lot/beginning though so that's when it turns into a walk not a hike. That was kind of weird. Not dangerous at all because the road is wide and you can see far away if a car is coming. I would do it again. Maybe bring a swimsuit next time so afterwards I could just take a dip in the pond ☺️

Saturday, July 08, 2017

if youre looking for a quick hike with a good view this is it. stay on the gravel road and it will take you to the fire tower. it's a gradual incline to the tower but not bad.

Saturday, July 01, 2017

This trail gets very crowded at times and people do not always carry out their trash. Dog friendly, but be aware of broken glass at base of fire tower region and at the several fire pits where people drink at night.
WEAR HUNTER ORANGE - this is a multiple use area that is used by hunters using guns. Use hunter orange on your dogs and keep them on leash. Zero views if you don't climb the tower. The "river" is shallow and barely flowing during drought. Lots of ticks. Horse flies during season.
Bikers. Some are polite; others not so much.
It's an easy hike unless it's humid or slippery. If you only take the road and not the trails it's very quick.

Thursday, June 01, 2017

So far I've only walked up the half gravel/half paved path to the fire tower. The walk up from the parking area is steep so it's best to be prepared for it. The path cuts through most of Mt. Ninham, however does not offer any views of the valley. The fire tower is 82'6"ft high and not for the faint of heart. Beware of impending weather as rain storms/wind storms have higher strength gusts at the top of the tower. The views from 1/2 way to the top of the tower are all spectacular and I've walked this multiple times. Path to the fire tower is on the right of the parking area that is off of Gypsy Trail Rd. in Kent, NY. Beware the road to the parking area is steep and narrow and many people will speed on their way down.

Monday, May 22, 2017

great trail for a beginner. little bit of a steep climb in the beginning but had spectacular views from the Fire tower (definitely not for faint of hearts).
way down take the unpaved trail to the right of tower.

beautiful hike, didn't see another person all day. mostly flat and was very wet due to recent rain overflowing the ponds.

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