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Moderate hike with some dope views. The steps can be pretty slippery in the winter walk them cautiously. We found an abandoned shack which looks like it was once used as a birdwatching tower, but the floor had collapsed. The peak offers a really nice 360 degree view of the Hudson. Overall it’s an awesome hike for family’s and large groups of people.

off trail
1 day ago

This one is tricky because the ATV trail was not marked, we had to cross over back to the path because the left turn was the ATV trail. Some good over looks.

2 days ago

New section of the Appalachian Trail looks great. ALOT of stone stairs up and down the AT on Bear Mountain itself. Nice views from the top.

2 days ago

Nice moderate hike with a fresh inch of snow on the ground. Lots of icy sections but micro spikes solved that. The Curtis Ormsbee trail up was much more interesting than the Wittenberg trail down. Low clouds and snow showers hid the views. Will definitely return on a clear day for the views.

If you think you've trained hard enough to hike this trail your probably wrong. Keep your pack light and bring water filtration to save the weight. If at all possible stage your camp at the Devils Tombstone campground. The first half will take between 8-12 hours to complete. It was nice to hike into a prepared camp and recoup for the next days 2nd half hike. The second half starts with a long never ending grade that will tax your aching legs but isn't as difficult as the first half. Make sure you hydrate like crazy at Diamond notch falls. I completed half the hike once and the whole hike the next year after I trained all winter. Well worth the climb because the views are spectacular. I can't wait to do it again while recording it on All trails

This is a beautiful trial , just a WARNING, there are about 1,000 steps very steep and hard on the knees , prepare accordingly. Otherwise it’s absolutely gorgeous one of my favorites!

A friend and I are considering hiking Wright, Algonquin and Iroquois this summer. We’d like to pitch a tent and camp overnight on the trail somewhere - that way we can take our time and do all three peaks over a two day period. Anyone know a good camping spot somewhere on the trail?

Great trail. Maybe on the lesser end of “difficult” but enjoyable nonetheless.

Summited both Algonquin and Wright today 1/15/19. Just short of 9 mile RT. Trails were all packed down. I used crampons the entire way. Good sharp microspikes would also have been ok. First mile is easy. Second mile moderate. Third mile moderately difficult and after that steep and difficult. Algonquin summit is hard to follow. Back down I went up Wright. Steep up but only 4/10ths of a mile. Well marked with cairns. 7 hours for the round trip.

I've hiked all of the trails up there, for most of my life-another one of my go to trails. I love the challenge, (I'm 74) the views alone can't be beat! get out there and enjoy!!

6 days ago

We hiked the loop in a counter-clockwise direction, so the sun would be behind us for the majority of the hike, and it was really nice. The water wasn't high, so the stream crossings weren't an issue for us. The first third of the trek was pretty easy, but then it increases in difficulty considerably, gaining the bulk of the 1700+ feet of elevation in just a mile and a half. I would consider it a moderate hike overall, but it was gorgeous in the snow, and makes any strain worth the effort. Once above 3500 feet, it became a winter wonderland. The forest and streams, not to mention the view, were beautiful.

This was an excellent, clear morning for a cold weather hike (mid-January). The views along the ridges were excellent, and the trails and junctions very well marked. We brought microspikes but they were unnecessary though there is some ice on the lower parts of the trail, and no snow above. That may change if a storm moves through after which no warm spell intervenes. Near the end, the ice covered waterfall was lovely.

Amazing hike. Trail was very packed down and easy to follow. It gets really steep after you cross Phelps brook. The approach to the summit above tree line was very technical and needed concentration and skill. Very steep and icy at some points. Once you reach the summit the views are amazing but the wind makes it so you cant stay very long. Overall the hike was long but gradual and well worth the views.

Fun winter day hike. Took the Mary Glen trail to Ashley Falls, then past Badman Cave, Newman Ledge and Artists Rock. Built a fire in a firepit at campground. There were some icy spots. Don't worry about the road being closed. Plenty of places to park by entrance to campground even when it is closed. And trail was about a 5 minute walk from there. You can check out some video here to get an idea: https://youtu.be/r8ipiygb7_Y

I enjoyed the hike. Had to park under Taconic Parkway overpass (hoping I didn’t get towed). Trails were well marked and there was good periodic elevation change. Some nice babbling brooks that were nice to listen to. I’d love to come back in the spring when the foliage comes in but I was able to see a bunch of deer and only one other person on the trail.

Hiked the trail round trip in about 7 hours. Beautiful trail and amazing view at the top! 95% of the trail is uphill, so bring plenty of water and be prepared for quite a workout.

14 days ago

Perfect day sunny with 2 inches of snow and ice views were great

Did this 2018.01.05. Great trail with gentle start that finishes with steep inclines. Temp about 32 F, nice snow, trails manageable.

On 8/18 We hiked up the North trail which was rather muddy and returned via the East Trail. Lots of cool boulders and rock formations along the way. Little dissapointed in the condition of the cabin and the amount of trash we found right at the tower steps. Minimal views, other than from the tower. Otherwise, nice wide open spaces to rest and eat. The East trail was a quick return to the parking area.

Recently did this hike with my 10 year old daughter. We did't do the through hike...only hiked to Bennet Lake. Nice easy trail. There was actually minimal snow on the ground. The running water directly on the footpath was frozen so though so we had to walk to the sides, for a good ways... though we didnt use any ice gear. From where we hiked, Bennet Lake was a ways from the trail, slightly downhill, to our right and we nearly passed it!! Peaceful and beautiful.

16 days ago

Nice easy walk that has a lake, lean-tos and a good open fire tower with beautiful views, would recommend

Completed 1/2/18. Was only able to summit Algonquin peak and had to pass up Wright due to time- so round trip was a little over 7 miles for me. Took me about 2 hours to reach the top of Algonquin and the same headed back- little over 4 hours round trip. Micro spikes or something of that nature is absolutely necessary for winter hiking here, pretty icy and steep grade at times. Easy going hike to the base of the mountain and then it gets tough. I’m a moderately experienced hiker in decent enough shape and this was a very challenging hike for me- there are some extremely strenuous portions and the ascent can be unrelenting at times. That being said, it’s difficulty wasn’t over the top and any one looking for a very challenging but do-able hike should consider this route. Summiting Wright would obviously have made this hike much more difficult so keep that in mind. Absolutely one of the most rewarding hikes I’ve competed, ever. The 360 view of the surrounding Adirondacks and the above tree line scenery is breathtaking. The path is a little hard to find near the summit, so take your time finding it and DO NOT STRAY OFF. The vegetation there in some cases are thousands of years old and incredibly slow growing. Very memorable hike.

Love this trail. Delighted that the new part of the trail near the top is now open. Terrific views. Lots of hikers there today - New Years Day.

this is super close to me so I am there very frequently, lovely all year. lots of wildlife including the occasional heron! the nature walk is very easy and if you are up for something more challenging there are tons of trails that criss cross all over the mountain. its important to note that during the winter the road to access all camp sites are closed so you have to hike it in! if you are a frequent visitor I would suggest getting an empire pass as well : )

This is an excellent hike. We split it up into two days and did a few of the side trails. Spring thru fall you will get wet and very muddy. It’s a tough trail and unfortunately I did see a lot of miserable faces on the way back. It is not a flat perfect gravel trail. If you are in poor shape or have bad knees this hike is not for you. But the views are amazing, the trails diverse. And you are required to carry a large heavy bear can that takes up a lot of space. Even if you never see a bear at least you have a nice stool to sit on?

We did this in early winter, with ice and snow. It’s relatively easy if you’re experienced until you get to the slide. The trail that runs alongside the slide is like climbing up a wall, it’s so steep. The ridge line at Dix however is absolutely incredible with panoramic views that include the whole Great Range. An awesome adventure!

Nice hike. The Fire Tower is remodeled and open. The plane crash site and the building ruins are interesting. The further loop I included had a few real wet spots through the swamps.

Be in shape

good hike. yellow loop was easy enough for our older dog

20 days ago

Easy hike in the winter out of the ADK Loj. $10 parking fee FYI. Snowy trail to the old dam (interesting build if you want to break it down - logs and rocks ?). Great stretch of the legs to start the day. About 4.5 miles - rolling. Helps to have something to combat the ice and snow. Very well maintained and marked trail.

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