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3 days ago

I don’t think the trail marker issue was that bad, a few times we were confused but for the most part we knew where to go! The uphills were killer over all it was a really pretty hike and the views at the top were awesome .

The last 5 miles along the lake are beautiful, but seem to take forever!

Beautiful hike with wonderful views of Lake George! My favorite hike in the LG area and add will never get bored of it. Beautiful hike to do in all four seasons of the year. It gets a pretty steep at some parts so may be a little challenging for beginners

Most of the trail is in direct sunlight.

A great hike- we went up Cat on the blue trail first, then took the yellow trail to Thomas and back down. Blue trail up to Cat is easy to follow and well marked. The yellow trail to Thomas was also well marked but was relatively ‘rough’ meaning lots of ups and downs, lots of roots and mild bouldering. Def a challenge for a beginner... but well worth it! Lots of fabulous views. When I go again I will go up the yellow trail and down the blue, I like the rough stuff while I’m still fresh!
Highly recommend this hike- you can just do the blue trail for a quick up and back or do the loop for a great workout.

Just want to say be ready for deer flies, I wasn't so had to leave.

Cat has amazing views! The trail between the two was really fun too.

We have done this Loop hike a few times over the years. It is the most stunning in the fall. Nothing like fall colors over the Lage George area! It is even a wonderful winter snowshoe. It is sad that the observer's cabin at the top of Thomas Mountain had to be removed because there are people who just need to deface and damage.

I hiked the full loop in 7/19/18. Really beautiful trail with great views all along the way. It’s long and you definitely need some stamina to get through the whole loop but there were only a few real spots where the incline was dauntingly steep. Definitely bring twice as much water as you might think you need. I’d say I’m a moderate level hiker and I had 3 liters and really wish I’d had more than that. I started with the range and ended with the trail along the beach. Definitely going to be sore tomorrow!! Also, four miles in I did encounter one of the timber rattlesnakes on the trail. It rattled and spooked me but then was on its merry way. Definitely be careful and be on the lookout. First Peak had the best views in my opinion, and once you get to Montcalm Point you’ve done your descent and just walk a trail along the beach all the way back to the start. It’s very beautiful but it feels like a long way. Took me around 6 hours but after the rattlesnake encounter I spent the next three miles a little freaked out and going way slower than I normally would.

The beginning of the hike was marker well, but about a mile from the lookout point the markers were harder to find. I highly recommend hiking all the way to the water because the view is 100x better and you can go swimming. (Keep following red markers once you find lookout point to get to the water.)

This is a nice hike with quite a few photo worthy views. The hike is not difficult, but may be for younger children. Bad biting flys and mosquitoes all over so bring bug spray. I will do this one again!

Demanding hike but offer great view.

I hiked the full loop on 7/11/18. I went up Cat via the blue trail and then down Thomas via the yellow trail. Cat was really easy and only put up a struggle in the last .25 or so, I’d say. From the peak of Cat to the peak of Thomas was considerably more tough. The trail wasn’t as easy to follow and a few points right before the peak (of Thomas) had me searching around a bit for a marker. The views were definitely lovely at the peak of Cat, you could see all of the Lake George Region, and I saw quite a bit of bird activity once I was at the top. The whole loop took me about 3 hours, and it was pretty buggy coming down from Thomas.

Very good climbs and beautiful terrain. The views at the top overlooking Lake George were breathtaking.

Easy hike up cat mountain for sunrise but sad to find out the cabin on Thomas mtn is gone !! :(

Nice views at the top! Worth it! Saddle trail between Cat and Tom peaks a little rough.

This hike was harder than I expected and even a bit confusing at times as the markers weren’t posted frequently. You waste time trying to figure out the direction of the path because the markers are spread out. Nevertheless it was enjoyable and I would recommend it to an avid hiker.

1 month ago

Good hike!! But as stated in a few reviews earlier the trail in some spots is very deceiving and poorly marked-- so take your time and be careful-- very easy to go off trail. But is rewarding just the same!

Nice hike. Great views at top. Little buggy, bring bug spray

My wife and I did this hike on 6/26/2018.

Our personal hiking experience: wife: minimal; me - decent hiker, have done several of the Adirondack High Peaks and run about 15 miles per week, so in good shape for 55-years-old.

Route: ours was different than the map shows. We parked at the small gravel parking lot off Edgecomb Pond Road, just south of the intersection of Finkle Road. You'll pass a red barn just a few hundred yards and the lot will be on the left. Google lists it as 403 Edgecomb Pond Rd. There's a tiny "To Cat Mountain" sign nailed into a utility pole but no other signage of any kind indicating the trailhead. From there, proceed past the two large rocks onto the fire road that skirts the southern part of the pond. It's marked with red trail markers.

At around 0.9 miles, you come to a T, the blue trail. Take a left. Follow the blue markers all the way to the top, for a total distance of 2.3 miles. Be advised there's a slight detour to the left at around 1.6 miles, marked by a line of rocks and a stick. We missed this coming down but luckily our unintended trail took us right to the detour point. Remember the old rule - if you don't see markers when you expect to, retrace your steps back to the last place you DID see markers.

Views at top: Outstanding. You have almost totally unobstructed views of Lake George and surroundings to the south and east, somewhat to the north, but none to the west.

Difficulty: on a scale of 1 to 10, with 1 easy, I'd rank this route about a 3 for anyone in decent shape. The first half or so is very easy but there are a few moderately steep parts from there to the top. The 4.6 total miles took us about 2 hours at a moderate pace.

Popularity: this is a favorite hike for people visiting and who live in the Lake George area since it's got great views, is close to civilization, and can be done in a couple of hours. On our Tuesday, there was a family of 4 and 3 other couples (including a mom and her 8-year old son) at the top while we were there for our 30 minute stay.

I took the yellow trail up to Thomas, then continued on the yellow trail to Cat then down the blue trail. Great views & I had the summit to myself! My favorite part was the trail between peaks, it was so much fun, I'm glad I didn't shy away from it because of the reviews that said it was difficult. The terrain was so diverse & intersting it went by in a flash. I saw salamanders, squirrels, & chipmunks. The trail was well marked & maintained.

We backpacked in Father’s Day weekend early Saturday morning. Gorgeous day it turned out. Temperature around 84 in the area. We started at Clay Meadows Entrance. This hike is a very hard hike due to the numerous elevation change from fifth peak all the away to Montcalm Point. It’s a light traffic trail & it’s not well maintained. A lot of trees down but you can get around it. Keep an eye on the blue markers to guide your way.
Nevertheless it’s a absolute beautiful scenery and well worth hike. We stayed at the Point for the night( not legal by the way). All the stars were out that night with temps at 55 overnight.
The return trail is by the shore on the west side( Northwest Trail). It an easy hike with minimal elevation changes. If you want to get to the point the easiest way. This is it. Overall one of the best hikes I’ve ever been in. Round trip is about 14.8 miles. Happy Trails!

Climbed to Cat Mountain summit via the red trail from Edgecomb Pond, which is shorter than the blue trail but with some very steep spots. A solid moderate hike, we logged 4.3 miles round trip in about 2 hours. The view from atop Cat is one of the best of Lake George.

How far is the hike if you start from the clay meadow trailhead and do the loop across the mountains and then along the bay? I'm planning a daytrip Saturday

an excellent hike with the difficulty varying through out it. it has a beautiful pond and some good rock walls .
took about 4 hours with frequent breaks .

Did the loop on 6/9/2018. Not a bad hike overall and definitely very challenging. I started with the peaks first and finished in the flats along the water. It’s a long trail along the water for sure. There are a few areas where the trail seems to disappear so be mindful and pay attention.

Took me about 6.5 to complete and make sure you bring water! I drank my Nalgene and also my 3 liter reservoir dry and I’m a pretty fit guy.

Nice hike with good views of Lake George. Trail is well marked, easy to follow. Some steepnees before each summit, you earn your views, but not too bad and not too long.

Head up early and bring bug spray. Great hike with some solid views, takes ~3.5 hours.

Start with Thomas and take the red trail back from Cat!

2 months ago

A nice hike. Mostly uphill. Fun time. If you’re not in good shape you might get winded a few times going up.

I did the blue trail to and back from Cat. Mt. summit, bypassing the Thomas Mt. trail. I passed a couple of ponds, one with a beaver lodge, although no beavers were seen. The first 2.25 miles was an enjoyably moderate hike with the last 3/4s of a mile up the mountain working the quads! But the reward was a view of the lake and surrounding countryside that was just stunning! And not too difficulty won. It has to be one of the most spectacular views in the Adirondacks!

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