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I loved this trail! It was tougher than I thought after reading its only 2 miles...ha ha. But the view was more than worth it! Amazing sunset from above!!!

7 days ago

Really great view, and a pretty quick hike! Only took us about two hours. If you’re looking for an easier climb, follow the red trail markers when you hit the bridge! They take you towards the “loop trail”. Excited to climb this one again.

Short hike with a fantastic view at the top. The loop has a gradual side and a steep side-- the steep side goes to the left at the loop split. There is a very short bit of some scrambling at the very top. The gradual side is very easy-- a pleasant forest hike. We did the loop in about two hours with a fifteen minute break at the summit.

11 days ago

Very nice bang for the buck with awesome views from the top of Blue Mountain Lake and way beyond looking South, East and West.

Hiked this in early may. There was still snow, but it was warm (70s by afternoon). There had been a rainstorm the night before, causing the rocky ascent to be pure ice after the first mile. It was amazing at the top, though.

Great view and fun hike. My family took the loop trail up. It is a little longer, but also a lot less steep from what I heard. When we arrived at the top we ran into a lot of other hikers who were complaining about the hike up. The loop is a nice gradual easy walk with a few streams and a view of a small pond. My dog and kids (6 & 8 years old) had no problem and enjoyed the hike. Near the top there is a short break off the trail that leads to a small cave which is fun to check out especially if you have kids with you. We meant to go down on the other trail, but made a wrong turn and ended up back on the loop, so I can’t comment on the steepness or the conditions other than what I heard from other hikers.

Gorgeous trail. I am in good shape and I definitely broke a sweat moving at a good pace. The grade is 44% sometimes. So, although it may seem short, it is not a quick hike to knock out with the family. If it is wet, you're going to need proper hiking shoes. All said and done, that view is incredible!

I admit that I'm not in my greatest physical shape. I underestimated how challenging this trail really is and I was humbled. I had brand new Lowa hiking boots and I'm glad I brought them. We had PERFECT weather. I do not believe this is "moderate" in scale. It leans more to the "difficult" scale. I live in California and hike the Sierras often. This hike was gorgeous once at the top. We saw 360°, it was windy, much cooler and the fire tower is the prize.

Really well worn trail. It's only 2 miles to the summit but it's a hell of a 2 miles. You definitely have to work to get to the top. When you get up into the cloud line the fungi become plentiful and exciting to observe. If it is cloudy and you are climbing up through a cloud the top gets really, really slippery. This makes the descent really difficult. I'm a late 20s male and slipped on to my butt at least 5 times. I would personally call this a more advanced trail. Some "moderate" trails on the app are super easy, but this was definitely not easy. I would personally not recommend this trail for your dogs or small children.

I imagine that on a clear day the views would be excellent. I knew it was cloudy while climbing up in the first place, so the views of the inside of the clouds were not a disappointment.

28 days ago

Great trail, AMAZING view from the summit.

What is the point of hiking a sweaty 2 miles to zero visibility?!? We had thick fog that started the last mile and it was a very steep, slippery decent. I did it and will not be doing it again. I wish the view would have been there.

This was my first hike to the top and as stated by others, it is challenging but so worth it. You really must pay attention on the way up as well as down as it can get very slippery. I was told by other hikers that visibility can sometimes be limited due to clouds but on our particular hike, the views were breathtaking from the tower. Another surprise, the hundreds of dragonflies that met us when we reached the opening. I will definitely do this hike again.

The loons!! Oh my gosh, this was my first overnight by myself in the Adirondacks (I am primarily a Green Mountain girl) The pond has loons that sing to you all night and if you are lucky like I was, you will wake up to a red sky and pink fog on the pond and the loons will be singing from somewhere in the fog...
The trail is moderate, there was a bridge out the day I went, so you just need to rock hop across the little brook to get to the leanto a little further up the trail.

Really beautiful spot, great view
Wanted to do
The loop but couldn't find the red trail from the top
So next time we will start on the red trail

Second time up Blue in July. Did this on a Monday morning. Trail was quite busy with families and summer camp groups. Trail etiquette was not very good with lots of candy/gum wrappers, groups with music playing on speakers, failure to yield trail to descending hikers. But I guess that comes with the territory, with a short hike to a fire tower so close to vacationland.

I dashed up the trail and made the summit in 57 minutes, and descended in just about 30 minutes.

on Castle Rock Trail

1 month ago

This is the 2nd time I have done this hike. The trail is VERY well marked and maintained. The path has a mixed terrain in areas with larger rocks to maneuver. There are two areas with a steeper incline and some people may need an assist depending on their skills/abilities/comfort level. The view from the Sumit is a beautiful sight of Blue Mountain lake.

Great view. High bang for your buck hike. July 2018

I loved this trail. hiked it in July 2018, and it was an easy-to-moderate walk in the forest culminating in an awe-inspiring view. When you get to the trail you get an option of doing it as a back and out or a loop we did the latter, which added a little more distance, but it still took only about 2 hours to finish.

1 month ago

I loved this trail. hiked it in July 2018, and it was an easy-to-moderate walk in the forest culminating in an awe-inspiring view. When you get to the trail you get an option of doing it as a back and out or a loop we did the latter, which added a little more distance, but it still took only about 2 hours to finish.

Boy did this trail kick our butt. We hiked this trail the morning after hiking two high peaks. I thought it would be a nice easy hike before we headed back home, but the second mile and it gets really steep. Your legs really get a work out. It was such a great feeling reaching the summit. We were the only ones at the top and we spent about 30 mins just enjoying the breeze and the views from the fire tower. It was pretty foggy when we first reached the top, but cleared up a bit by the time we hiked back down.

Beautiful view of Blue Mountain Lake at the top; so worth the effort. I do this hike every year and it never gets old.

The trail starts easy, though becomes quite strenuous and rocky further on, and is slippery when raining. Views from the peak are some of the best in the Adirondacks, and even when the trail is heavily populated, it never feels crowded. Personally, this is the one trail I'll keep coming back to again and again.

The first mile is easy, with some small elevation gains. The remainder of the hike is much more challenging. You have to pay attention to your footing as the rocks and roots will be with you most of the way up, and then back down! The views are amazing from the tower. The view from the summit is limited, but still great where the openings are. Making your way down is also challenging. The hike overall is a good time, as well as a good work out. My son and I took some time to take in the views at the summit, and have a snack, but we were in and out in about 4.5 hrs.

2 months ago

Great easy trail, very well marked! AMAZING views at the top

2 months ago

A Snowshoe trip into Terrill Pond is a must for anyone looking for a Winter adventure. Snowshoeing on the Pond can offer a even more chance of taking in the vista views of the surroundings. Note: be safe if you plan to adventure out onto the ice .

2 months ago

We have hiked into Tirrell Pond a number of times and it never gets old looking at the Ledges on Tirrell Mountain, listening to the calls of the Loons, or warming in the Sun on the pond's large open beach. This is a lso a great snowshoe if you are seeking out a winter activity.

Great mountain climb, although rocky and steep the views and vistas are well worth the hike upwards. Nice 360 degree view in the tower looking outwards.

2 months ago

One of my favorite local hikes/snowshoe. A best bang for the buck! I think I have done this mountain about 50 times since 2005. Can't ever hike\snowshoe to it enough. It has the most awesome views of Blue Mountain and BM Lake. Besides that, the hike\snowshoe is not demanding at all and the Talon caves just before the summit are a BONUS!

Hiked to this summit in the spring as part of the Adirondack Fire Tower challenge. This particular hike is a challenging one as Fire Tower hikes go. The last mile is very demanding and depending on the time of year can be a scramble of sorts. The only downside to this hike is that the tower has all kinds of communications equipment on it and new roads and building supporting them. The views of Blue Mountain though....are undeniably breathtaking!!!! While I was in the tower, a helicopter flew up to the summit and dropped a man off to work on the communications equipment. It really shook the tower while I was in it!

Blue Mountain has a commanding view of the surrounding territory, but only if you climb the fire tower. There is a view of Blue Mountain Lake just short of the summit, but 360-degree panoramas are available only from the top. The ascent is fairly steep and quite rocky, following a drainage channel with two ephemeral stream crossings, which were dry for our hike. In the second mile, you gain over 1000 vertical feet. There is minimal exposure and the trail is under canopy until you reach the summit block. Get there early if you want a parking spot; this is a very popular summer hike. Took us 2.5 hours, but we stopped for about 15 minutes on the way up for morale reasons. The descent is very quick; poles and hiking boots are recommended.

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