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Great hike, but trail is very icy and a lot of snow! Use caution and maybe yak tracks!

It was a great hike on the blue mountain trail today. After about .0.6miles, the trail was covered with ice and snow but not very wet. There was about 2 feet snow on the trail near and at the top, but the slide section of the trail was covered with the soft surface ice. It was fantastic view at the top!

I chose a beautiful day but the trail conditions were not great. Lots of melting snow runoff on lower trail and slushy icy melting on upper ascent made it a challenge. It is pretty and has some nice views on the summit and from the Firetower . A great workout for my dog and I! I met 3 trail workers and they told me about another shorter hike with great views from a ledge. Will check it out.

Beautiful hike! Nice slow start winding through the woods. We kept waiting for it to get steep, and when it finally does and doesn’t stop. Absolutely beautiful views as you ascend. The fire tower was out of commission when we went up in the beginning of April.
Can’t wait to get back up there in the summer time and check out those views on a warm day!

It was great hiking on snowy trails and very beautiful view along the trail and on the top from which you can see high peak regions and snow lakes.

Hiked this today in the snow and it was a good hike. It gets steep at some spots but not too bad, definitely need micro spikes. Due to the snow, there was no visibility at the top but beautiful snow and ice crystals on the trees and fire tower. Definitely recommend.

Trail is in pretty great condition but spikes are a must ! With the warm temperatures there were some very slippery spots !

A very busy trail, but worth the crowds!! A steep climb here and there which makes it a fun challenge. Climb the fire tower and enjoy the wild flowers at the summit.

Locals were very friendly. Well marked trail. Beautiful with snow. Great adventure crossing all the frozen creeks and the two lean to’s were durable and helped keep out the wind. Outhouses were there too!

We had a nice hike where we had to break the trail out right from the road to the summit. The summit was socked in but it was a nice snowshoe hike.

Great Hike. Micro spikes were needed as it is icy. This is a well kept trail and very easy to follow. As a beginner to winter hiking this was a decent moderate rating and will be back to enjoy it again.

Great trail would give 5* prolly if I went up the fire tower. Not so much of a view in the large hangout area. Beautiful view on the backside of the fire tower. We brought our dog tiggy and was quite a highly trafficked trail. Even many kids. Trail is semi a gradual incline with boulders along the beaten path. Wasn't too wet altho the leaves and few wet areas made things slippery. I prolly need new hiking boots with a better tread.

Lots of fun! Beautiful views at the top.

This was not a hike for beginners. I’d say it’s a tough moderate. It is extremely rocky and slick in some areas. It is also pretty straight up with tons of rocks, so make sure you wear the proper boots. The view from the fire tower was breathtaking and that made it worth the cardiovascular workout to get there. Great fall hike as there were no bugs and the color was beautiful. We brought our

7 months ago

I love this trail! And, while I found it to be a lot of fun, which just enough challenge to keep you engaged. My best friend found the scrambles bad on her knees. This area is known for black flies in the summer and they are very determined creatures. Other than that, please pack a lunch and enjoy the amazing view from the top. This entire area is close to my heart.

A very difficult moderate hike, but well worth the view at the top. Going up in mid summer was exhausting, taking brakes were stressful because of all the bugs that would swarm when you stopped moving. The view that the fire tower offers though is spectacular, and the peak has a nice a grassy opening place to sit and rest. Very rewarding, take as many breaks as you need to!

A little more than moderate but still manageable. We went on the same day that it rained and surprisingly it wasn’t very muddy or as slippery as we expected. My biggest set back was that when you get to the top, the views aren’t as good unless you climb the fire tower. It seems a little dilapidated, especially on a windy day, to climb the tower. Over all though, worth the trip up.

7 months ago

Nice stroll through the woods to a fairly easy hike up the hill. Like others; we got turned around on the yellow trail because the trail markers are a little tricky. If you get to a big rock wall/cave (very cool to explore) you have to go back and go to a trail to the left. (Look for spray paint on a rock) The view at the top is fantastic! Well worth the hike when you get to the top!

A very good hike for average and expert hikers. My father and I are a big fan of this hike. Such a good workout and an amazing view at the top. Definitely bring lots of water and some food/snacks.

Great diversity. Lots rocks to climb, but nothing too intense. Well marked. Great for a family day hike. We did it with 4 kids under 7 in the rain and it made for an unforgettable hike.

the wife and I really enjoyed this challenge!
50 something's with novice level experience.
this was a moderately demanding hike for us but very rewarding. we really enjoyed the view from the top and the satisfaction of completing the trip. it gets progressively harder, so take your time and persevere.

Very intense climb and descent especially after a rainy day. Steady, rocky incline. View is lovely but only from the tower. The climb down was tough. There are parts where you can go off to the sides to climb up/down roots instead of rocks but still can get slick. Husband and I both slid a bit at various points on the way down. Not in a hurry to do this one again soon but happy to check it off our list!

Not sure what all the complaining is about on this trail. Hiked it Saturday with my husband and reached the summit in about 1:20, including a couple of rests on the steep portion and some picture taking along the way. Yes it's rocky, it's a mountain and with 15,000 people a year treading on the trail it's bound to get eroded. However there really are no rock scrambles on this trail. It's just plain rocky and with hiking shoes/boots is not bad. I'm also not sure how anyone could lose the trail here given the wear and tear. I never needed to look for a marker. There's only one lookout on the way up and a limited view at the summit so you really need to climb the fire tower (which is in decent condition and not too tall). I DO recommend getting on the trail early because it does get very busy. Happy trails!

8 months ago

Castle rock was by far these most efficient hike for me. The view it grants from the top is way too beautiful for hike that small. I am an intermediate hiker and found this hike relatively easy. I did not do the castle rock loop but just went straight for castle rock. The markers can get confusing at times and one needs to keep an eye out for them.


8 months ago

Can't beat the view and the spelunking. Best in the adirondacks for a hike less than 2 miles. Starts of as an easy and pleasant stroll through the woods, but quickly becomes steep enough to require promises of victory donuts for those whose fitness is less than "minimally fit" (for the olympics). Well worth climb.

Climbed Blue Mt this morning. First time, windy and cold at the summit, with no view because of the clouds. No problem as I expected this. Climbed the tower anyway to get the full cloud effect lol.

I along with 3 others hiked this yesterday. I am not a big fan of this trail. It required a lot of strategic maneuvering as most of the trail is chock full of rocks and boulders. The exposed roots get very slippery and the trail was very muddy in many areas. We all had hiked Hurricane Mtn the day before and we all agreed that Blue Mtn was a little more difficult for us (maybe because we were already a little tired). It is highly trafficked and we expected this as we didn't arrive until 12:30-1pm. If you are afraid to climb firetowers, I wouldn't recommend this trail as you will receive minimal gratification from the view without utilizing the firetower. I am happy to have completed this trail, however I don't expect to do it again. The view is awesome though! Due to the rock scrambling and slippery roots, the descend isn't as quick as you hope it to be.

Beautiful place, much needed work on trail markers, had seen some elderly people also getting turned around truly a place for the locals. Will go back and figure it out much to be discovered.

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