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Wonderful views at Giants ledge. Decided not to continue to Panther due to rain coming in. One of the best views the Catskills have to offer.

Great views at Giant Ledge. With the inclines, it took about 45 minutes from the Slide Mountain parking area. Also continued to Panther Ledge but the view was not as good as Giant Ledge and didn't think it was worth the trek. Lots of flies surrounding us at the peaks.

we did this one in July of 2016. great hike with a beautiful scenic payoff! good for those who don't mind company on the trail.

Got to the trailhead at 7:30 am Saturday morning on a cloudy June day. I was pleasantly surprised that there was only other car in the lot. The trail has some nice variations with some moderately steep sections mixed in with level ground. Not much in the way of views until you hit the ledges which give you a view of Slide Mountain and a nice panoramic of the Eastern Catskills in the other direction. Additional but limited views at Panther Mountain. Passed by droves of hikers (I'd estimate 75-100) on the way down the mountain so would recommend getting here early (or midweek) if you want to avoid the crowds and ensure yourself a spot in the rather small lot. Overall, the hike is nice but I prefer a little more solitude.

Rocky and fairly steep at start, a primitive camp site off the junction about a mile in, a spring right before junction. Views along Great Ledge are nice, after that was just meh. Panther summit was cloudy (and super tiny) so we didn’t get that view. Okay hike, IMO, but not enough for 5 stars.

I'm not sure where to start, but a very poor hike. After 2 wonderful hikes in the Catskills (Devils Path, Hunter Mountain), we came upon this. I can't think of one good thing to say about this trail, other than the fact people hike it just to say they've reached the highest peak in the Catskills. After hiking up a rock bed with a creek flowing through it, we reached the summit. There were zero good viewpoints on the way up. When we finally made the top it was overgrown and we could barely see anything. The bedrock trail was also poorly marked and very confusing. There are a dozen or more better hikes in the Catskills! Don't waste your time.

Panther summit is wooded so enjoy the views along Giant ledge. It was also cloudy so we didn't see much but, nonetheless, it was a good hike

I’ve only done this in the snow after a major snow fall so that definitely brought some new challenges. But it was well worth it. It has some great lookouts and the fresh snow made for a gorgeous landscape.

There are such better hikes in the Catskills. It’s long, crowded and the view as nothing special. How it is so popular is beyond be.

Very breath-taking hike, but be prepared for black flies if you hike now. No hard scrambles just be prepared to ascend 1900 feet though.

Great hike and awesome views! Definitely a good work-out but not too intense. Bugs were pretty intense. My head net was a smash hit on the trail. A lot of other hikers remarked on how they wished they had one. So definitely bring one and a hat with some bug spray and it will be a lot more enjoyable

Loved this hike!!! Did it with my 4 children ages 5,7,12 and 15. Alot of traffic of other hikers but the end is soo worth it!

22 days ago

Went on a late spring day. Nats were crazy. Definitely recommend a bug net or waiting till mid summer before hiking if you dont like bugs in your face. Other than that, it was a very easy hike straight up. Gradual climb the whole way. A handful of views from the top. Took the blue loop on the way down. Nice walk through varying types of forest that change like night and day. Lots of birding you can do as well. Crosses several little creeks on the way down. Very nice hike for any beginner and leisurely walk. Distance isnt hard at all. Took maybe 3.5 - 4 hours total.

23 days ago

Overall, this was a great moderate hike! We only traveled to the first peak because the full loop was longer than we expected (approx. 12 miles). There were a few trees that obstructed the view from the top, but close to the peak there were two amazing overlooks. If you decide to do this hike in the spring/summer - remember to bring plenty of bug spray!!

23 days ago

This is a very challenging and long hike and very worth it!

To get to the trail you have to cross a stream and idk if it varies on days of water height I would assume it does but just be prepared to get your feet wet. After that it's a rocky trail up. Trekking poles or sticks would be nice with this trail. There is no summit. There are a few look out points. Overall it was a nice hike.

1 month ago

Steep hike can be challenging at points. Definitely a staple hike in the Catskills, great views toward and on the summit. Go when it's been dry for a couple days.

Nice day in the Catskills. The path to panther was lined with wild flowers. Not a hard hike at all.

1 month ago

did an over night trip from clarryville side , amazing trip for me ..it was wary season a lot of blowdowns and a rocky hike still lots of snow about half way up ..good for the soul ..watch your weight of your pack lol

1 month ago

Still lots of ice at the top. The pine trees around the summit are still covered in ice and snow. Some nice views but didn’t find anything mind blowing.

2 months ago

Wow! Words can't describe how fulfilling this hike was. I've hiked it one time since moving to New York and I've since had a longing to go back! When I went it was in July of 2017 and a clear day which made the hike so much more fulfilling. It's a pretty straight-forward hike up to the summit and back down to the parking lot. If you plan to do a day hike anywhere in the Catskills I recommend this trail. The hike up is cooled down by the trees that provide shade which is very relaxing. One of the best words to describe the view is "rolling blue hills". Anyone who has been up Slide Mt or has seen pictures will know how majestic it is and how "rolling blue hills" fits it. Sometime in the future I want to do an over night camp, also in a week or two I hope to get up there to see if there are any remnants of winter. I've read that the snow is packed down so no need for snowshoes unless you're going during a snowstorm or the day after. I actually really want to hike this trail during a snowstorm just to really test my limits and make myself uncomfortable.

Easy going former road to the Rochester estate.

This route as depicted does not exist. You can make a loop by either bushwhacking along the “route” here or by following a different loop that takes you north after Cornel.

As far as this trail goes I wish I could give it 0. It doesn’t exist.

2 months ago

The best hike that I have ever completed

Pretty awesome hike, we hit a quite snowy day above 2 feet of snow. Slippery going up and down the snow snowy slopes. I would have used my crampons or trekking poles to facilitate the hike. Great views though once you reach the top. Parking lot gets full quite fast !

2 months ago

Hiked on 3/17 - temp 25 deg

Packed snow on the main trail, no snow shoes needed (although everyone was using them). We didn't even use spikes on the way up.

At least 2-4 feet of snow on the ground. Very minimal post holing.

It was magical on top, all the trees had lot of snow and they just looked majestic.

We were going to go to Cornell but there was no visible trail and it was just too deep even for snow shoes.

On the way down we took longer Curtis Ormsbee trail. You will need snowshoes on this side as it's not as well traveled. Much nicer trail than the Witt/Cornell Trail for sure.

View on top is obstructed and limited but still ok on the ledge/end part.

3 months ago

Absolutely stunning. A picture perfect day. Trail is broken in despite several feet of snow. I used my poles and micro spikes and didn’t have any problems slipping/sliding. Can’t wait to go back!

Hiked on 1/28.

The snow around the trail melted, but the trail itself was pure ice because of all the snow pack on the heavily used route. Microspikes recommended, otherwise easy hike

Just missed the peak colors on my 10/20 hike, but got my first of 35 down. Loved the forest on top of Panther

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