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Attica, New York Map

The falls and multiple swimming holes (3 ft deep max) were amazing. I took the trail on the left side of the bridge and was atop the falls in 2 min. It took maybe 10 min from the road to get up close with the base of the falls. There were a series of ropes to assist you down the near-sheer muddy descent. After visiting the falls, I actually followed the creek north thru water, roots, rocks, and downed trees to the Attica Reservoir. 3/5 stars because there’s no real trail and no real destination. Be sure to wear sneakers because the rocks are slippery!

Tricky to get to. Got turned around and ended up off trail twice, but the waterfall is breathtaking and we were the only hikers that day.

There is a trail on each side of this stream. You want to take the trail on the left side of the bridge , next to a small pull off. If you park in the small parking area, cross over the bridge to get to the better trail. Follow the unmarked trail until you get to a slope on the right leading to the top of the larger waterfall and go upstream to a smaller waterfall. To get to the base of the large waterfall go back up the slope area and continue down the unmarked trail. The trail gets steeper and narrower and you will see a rope going down the side of the steep hill, before you get to a path that looks like it’s made for mountain goats. Either way it is not the easiest but this 52 year old lady would take the rope any day and have done so numerous times here. You will need to walk in the water a bit to get to the base of the waterfall. I have never got any further downstream from there.

Like everyone else says, trail is very difficult to follow. At times it seems the "trail" your own disappears and the only way to go is back or down the hill (not recommended). It is best to keep the fence your right, or even go over the fence and walk along that. Eventually you should see a very clear trail to the creek below. Walking all the way down the creek to the reservoir is a great little adventure as well.

Not certain why this is rated as Hard instead of Moderate, except that the trail is not well marked and it’s easy to miss the path and find oneself walking along steep slopes of the ravine. There is a single strand of barbed wire Ali g the crest of the slope and one can follow that to find a much easier path down to the stream bed than if one tries to follow the path indicated in the app. There aren’t five waterfalls - which was a disappointment - there is one significant waterfall early on and then a series of minor drops (less than a metre). In early June the water level was pretty low but it was a lovely walk Ali g the sides of the stream. Easiest to walk if one doesn’t mind getting wet feet occasionally. There were lovely wetland wildflower meadows toward the end which emerges into a small lake.

I wasn’t really sure what to expect here considering most of the trails in the area labeled moderate + were quite underwhelming. I went into this a little cocky because of that. First, there is no marked trail other than a gravel “lot” at the entrance and yes, it is on private property but we were assured it was fine so long as we were respectful. Once you get in, there’s a semi-obvious path but - and it goes without saying.. you really need to be aware of your surroundings. The drop offs are STEEP and the path is narrow. You’ll eventually get to a part where you’re sandwiched between the drop off and barbed wire. We were able to find a safe-ish way down and walked the bed for about a mile. We explored some cool little paths off the main bed and got some great shots. Getting up is a whole other nightmare. The rope that was mentioned previously isn’t there, and there aren’t many footholds. I got to a point where I had to dig my fingers into the ground to make it past a bare 5 foot patch up. The dirt is loose and was a bit muddy. Lots of debris and rotted branches. It was terrifying but also amazing.

Lots of mosquitos and areas with broken glass.

NOT suitable for children at all, I wouldn’t suggest animals either. Don’t risk it if you’re not at least a little experienced with climbing and have a decent level of fitness.

no trail markings, trail is rather difficult to follow, however it was fun and challenging. Went down to the creek about a half of a mile down the trail then followed the water a ways. Climbed back up the embankment and followed the top trail back. I did not see the rope near the falls, but we did not investigate too hard.

The trail isn't marked, the recorded trail is wrong, don't go by it. You will get as lost as I did. Garbage and broken glass is everywhere. At the beginning of the trail stay to the left and follow the trail, it will lead you to a rope that will take you to the river bed, you could then walk back up river to the fall. Someone built a dam at the bottom of the fall so you could swim :)

Sunday, September 10, 2017

Great hike and challenging but fun. I don't know who recorded the original trail but there wasn't a trail to be seen. We hiked the gorge mostly both ways. I used a rope to climb up the side of the waterfall... to find it was tied to a rotting stump after I made it up. Might not do that again. There was a lot of garbage around including glass. If this is the kind of hike you like I would recommend Conklin Gully instead.

Gorgeous views but definitely not for the mild hikers or anyone scared of heights. Also not a good hike for anyone under 16 or animals. Other then that it had spectacular views, would love to see it in the fall.

Whoa! Nice nice trail. A hidden gem!

Sunday, July 02, 2017

Trail was not marked at all and we got lost several times. Not sure if the part we walked was the trail or not but one wrong move and you're rolling down the cliff side. Only went halfway and turned back to leave.

This trail is not marked. We found ourselves in a bad spot and had to turn back and try over. Keep the fence between you and the stream or else you will be walking along a very hard steep slope that is extremely dangerous.we could not finish the entire trail since it is not blazed.

Monday, May 08, 2017

This hike was extremely muddy. And with the extremely high spring waters, the trail was quite treacherous. But the falls were beautiful!
There is much trash and lots of broken glass so be-careful.

Beautiful! No one else was there, very little trash and the water was running!

Tuesday, June 21, 2016

It was very pretty but short and took a few tries to find the trail. On several trees was sort of a count down to falls, stating how far you were. Saddy lots of trash, we did pass a few people. I was not very difficult, I hiked with my toddler on my back.

I'm shocked to see it on here! This is private property. lol Good luck on that

the hiking is hard but fun.

Sunday, March 20, 2016

Very pretty falls. It was hard to find but the other reviewers directions helped with that. I'm not 100% certain that this can be considered a legitimate hike since there are no trespassing signs put up. However, we decided to trust the other reviewer who said the owner doesn't mind hikers.

the trail was breathtaking walking down the creek has some good views, I didn't see any other hikers there, its on private property but their okay with people hiking in the area, the walk down the river is definitely worth it, be careful because its very steep at times, hiking boots and water shoes are recommend.

The scenery and the falls on this trail are truly beautiful and I was glad to see them. That being said, there are a few negatives about this trail. The trailhead is difficult to find, if it weren't for the directions given by another reviewer, I would not have found the trail. It is not marked. There is quite a bit of trash along the trail; beer cans, pop bottles, candy wrappers, lighters. The trash makes me think this is more of a local teenage hangout. However, the biggest negative for me was the extreme shortness of the trail. It may not even be a full mile in and out. I was expecting a hike, not a walk around the block.

Saturday, July 07, 2012

Lived near by my whole life. It is located on Private property but the owners are fine with Hiking. Parting is what was frowned upon. Very steep grades and if its wet it can be a bit tricky. Great scenery.

Thursday, April 12, 2012

this is a gem,defintely worth the trouble. Love waterfalls.can be rather diff. all depend on the weather!

Monday, March 05, 2012

I live near by here, hike here all the time, entrance is on cascade road just off of exchange street, right on the big curve in the road. Great place to hike, it's definitely a trek and can be difficult at times. DEFINITELY worth it.

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Couldn't find and when I went online to look up states on private property! Don't waste your time

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