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Albany, New York Map
8 days ago

nice small walk if you are in the area. it is the Stewart's of trails, not the prettiest but it's right there. convenient.

1 month ago

Flat, good for time trial, speed, warm-ups.

Super easy, child and pet friendly. Great views!

Very nice trail. Pleasant afternoon walk. Trails are uncomplicated and well marked. Just enough up and down to make it interesting.

2 months ago

Very pleasant walk. The trails are well marked and straightforward. Trail was very peaceful and quiet. Liked being able to see more than just a few feet in front of me... A few challenging areas, that makes it interesting....

I remember Skating on this pond when I was a kid, so sad it no longer exists. Probably because people sue for every reason under the sun.

easy, great for the family or the individual - pleasantly busy

road biking
3 months ago

One of my favorite locations to ride. Great views and little traffic.

Relatively flat for some quick snowshoeing.

4 months ago

The first part of the hike is the typical barren sand dune that the Pine Bush Preserve Commission and been transforming the Pine Bush into. After crossing E Old State Road the trail transitions into the Pine Bush as it was 5 years ago: wooded with lots of shade. The the first part of the forest is composed of poplar and locust trees that are tall and straight. This provides a dome-like visual effect that is pretty cool.

The trail is wide enough to allow people to ride a horse of which I saw two today.

I love walking this trail with my dog but there are so many ticks. I checked her before leaving during the spring/summer and I pulled at least 5 ticks off of her each time. (this is with her collar that usually does the job) Other than that it is a beautiful trail and I've never had any ticks on me.

4 months ago

Ok. Especially if you like the challenge of finding trail markers since there are some places where you’ll definitely get momentarily stuck trying to find the trail.

It’s a decent outing with a good chance that you’re going to have the trail to yourself.

I really wanted to like this trail. It started out great! But the trail isn’t well marked and we ended up on a weird access rd. My pup loved jumping over all the downed trees. Some areas where a little over grown. And other than my pup rolling in some poop I’ll probably make another attempt.

walking on the edge of the cliff protected by fence. really nice view from up the mountain me

4 months ago

Lots of rain yesterday made some spots slick/muddy today, and lots of little tree stumps on the path make it a little difficult, but nothing too bad. Also: when you get to the circle opening, there are two ways to go...go to the left. It’s not marked but if you take the path straight ahead, it leads to private property

Took the dog for a walk on this trail in the Spring. Easy walk through the woods. Very peaceful

Fairly easy walk. A few hills, lots of sand. Trails are well marked and wide in most parts. Perfect for taking the dog on a walk not involving blacktop

This was by far one of the most amazing trails I have been on. One note is that this is a state park and it costs $6 to park all day, but its definitely worth it. They also have a dirtbike, snowmobile, and awesome playground. to start at this trail head to the visitor center and it is just down the hill. there are three paths. Indian is the middle with the large stone steps. It has caves, cliffs, waterfalls ( better just after a heavy rain, and if you have kids be on the lookout for all the orange newts and salamanders around them) and breathtaking views.....minus the big ugly white factory that your eyes draw to. Went with 2 dogs and our 4year old. Minus a few slips on the wet rocks she was easily able to do it and loved the cave.

This relatively new all-paved rail-trail connects South Albany to Voorheesville, NY, about 9 miles away. Although it can be done from either end, it is best traveled from Albany. This gets the climb out of the way, and provides a nice downhill for the return.

The terrain starts in an industrialized area near the Hudson River (no views of the Hudson, alas), passes through some forested areas and some swampy areas, through a couple of suburban areas, crosses two nice size streams, before ending up at the village of Voorheesville.

Nice weekends could get a bit crowded - a usually do it doing the week. Much better then.

Fun, easy, flat. This loop is very well maintained. Not too big, not too small.

Nice and clean!

6 months ago

Beautiful! Newts everywhere, they are so cute!
A little slippery and steep in parts, so it would be tough for little kids or elderly to Do the full loop- but lots of easier access spots to check out too. Beautiful visitors center!!!!

Very buggy. Lots of overgrowth. Really had to work to find the trail at some points but very pretty in some parts. If you’re going to stick to the smaller loop right around the pond it would probably be most enjoyable.

trail running
7 months ago

All paved, quite busy. Mostly walkers and dog walkers. Convenient location to the Albany airport. Very well kept

Super buggy and short

I took my kids (ages 9, 10, and 12) and it was easy for them. Very sandy, but its cleared well. Not much to see, but the hilly parts are partitioned off into steps that make it easy for younger climbers. There was also a book posted periodically to keep them entertained. I will go again.

A little crowded but very pretty

7 months ago

The trails were very nice and there would’ve been some great views if it wasn’t so overgrown. It got a little confusing because sometimes the trail wasn’t clearly defined and there wasn’t a marker in view. Overall, good length trails and good variety of terrain, but way overgrown. Wear long sleeves and long pants.

It’s open again but lots of débris on the trail so be careful. Lovely hike!

Beautiful day, beautiful ride, happy energetic people

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