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5 hours ago

Amazing place to (hike to) see the sunset. A good hour jog up and you can see surprisingly far... it's truly a beautiful view.

trail running
13 hours ago

I love this trail! Sometimes I hike it, sometimes I've run it. Did it Today, up and then back down, in 3 and a 1/2 hours total!

Great trail, a little rutted out in places. if you plan going out and back it gets kind of slick on the way down the steep parts.Really great views as you gain elevation. I plan to connect to Embuto and make it an up an over to the Albuquerque side next time.

Well marked trail with easy road access. Great hiking in the Slot Canyon...not to hard but fun.

Nice views. Was very thankful for my 4-wheel drive truck as gps led me to a severe decline/incline gravel road to get to the trail head. Once there you will have a choice of scenic routes. We chose Bridal Falls. Not much water falling, but the hike was pleasant. Will bring the fat tire bike next time.

22 hours ago

All advice to take the alternate trail up and the Chamisa 183 trail down is good advice. The alternate trail begins to the left of the sign/map in the parking lot you’ll come down/out on the trail just to the right of that same sign. Both routes take you up to intersect at a sign that points towards Saddleback Ridge (to the left). I chose to go down toward the right for about an hour toward Tusecque, then doubled back to that sign to sit and lunch and then traipsed up the Saddleback Trail a bit just to get some different views and then doubled back take 183 back down in the parking lot. 11:30 AM to 3 PM. The trails are good it was a nice workout, moderate.

1 day ago

went on 02DEC2018 ....snowed in and cold but still completed the trail... definitely coming back.

1 day ago

Glad you found it! Yes, Corn Canyon is an excellent way to plan a loop hike up there. Pretty section too, although it has obviously not been used in decades. It would be awesome if more people traveled that route to break it in.

I walked this trail in the middle of December with a very nice weather. The first 2.1 miles you walk on a dirty road, then continue on a narrow trail a bit eroded until you arrive to the rock formation area, it seems difficult to climb it, but not much. From here there is no trail, so you have to walk carefully until you reach the rim, then continue walking on the rim. The views from the summit in all directions are incredible! I love this trail.

Great hike. Way more than 11 miles; closer to 15 round trip if you go to south peak, but well worth it. The views are spectacular. I would bring micro spikes if you do it in winter, a lot of the trail is essentially on the edge of a cliff in deep snow/ice.

I took this trail with my girlfriend and it was a little bit sketchy getting there because you have to drive over a river four times and I have a little four-door Honda. Regardless we made it and upon hiking in I couldn’t help but notice for the first 3 miles I felt like I was looking at the same photograph over and over. We probably would’ve continued except for the fact that the grass that grows along the trail loves to send little fox tails into your shoes which makes your feet feel like they’re being attacked by thousands of ants. I’m used to hiking some really beautiful trails in the San Gabriel Mountains in California so when I hiked this one the degree of difficulty was not there and the redundancy of the terrain was too much to bear. We turned around at 3 miles because we were bored out of our heads and our feet were on fire from the stupid stickers in our shoes. Without a doubt I will not be back to this trail.

Nice trail, just what I needed to see how my achy knee would hold up to some climbing.

Great walk. Easy.
Grab a park map on the way in.
The trail is pretty well marked but even if you go off it, you can explore and its easy to find your way back.
The ruins on the top of the mesa are not too easy to make out but still a nice walk and great views.
The second half of the hike, on the side of the mountain is the most interesting. There are dwellings and a lot of petroglyphs. The trail is worn in the rock and at times it is almost 1.5 feet deep.
Very much worth while.

This is like 3 separate hikes in 1.
The first mile or so is an easy walk through the slot. Great rock formations and an easy walk for any age. One person in another group did get claustrophobic and turned back.
The next 1/4 mile of so is a climb. Some trail, some stairs some switchbacks. It is a little bit of a challenge. Some smaller kids were having trouble and it is steep. The trail can be narrow with areas to pull over and let oncoming hikers pass. There was ice on the trail when we were there but it didn't cause too much problem.
The last part is on top of the mountain. Fairly flat trail with long views of the valley and other mountains. Again- beautiful.
I highly recommend this hike. The rock formations and the slot are amazing.

Amazing views.

Clearly marked with alot of rock scrambling

6 days ago

Amazing hike, took 2 hours because it was leisurely. I loved going in between and on top. Stunning panoramic view at the top. Really truly breathtaking.

7 days ago

This hike was great, we've never been on such an intricate trail before. First, you follow the GPS coordinates to a road that keeps getting sketchier and sketchier until you have to eventually just get out of your vehicle and walk. Continue to walk until you reach a fence with a gate that you must open. Remember to close it or the cows will get out! Once you reach the end of the road you will meet a guy drinking a Coors Light on a four-wheeler with a couple of ladies riding on the back. He will then give you instructions to hike back up the road, through the gate, and back to your vehicle where you will get in and drive a quarter mile or so down the road to a sign that says "Jemez Falls". Here you will have to park on the side of the road and hurdle the "Road Closed" sign in a single bounding leap. Walk along this road for approximately 1.3 miles, while being careful not to step in dog poop. There is so much dog poop on this road. If you are taking in the views of the pines and beautiful snow covered landscape, you will most likely step in dog poop. At the end of this road you will reach a parking lot with restrooms (that dogs obviously don't use) and a map of the Jemez Falls and McCaulley Springs trails. From here you are not far from the falls. Depending on what kind of adventure you are seeking, you can either follow the marked trail or get completely lost for hours. There may be wet silty mud that feels weird when you step on it and that may freak some people out. The view of the falls from the overlook is absolutely breathtaking. When there is no one around this a great place to make out. For the more daring, you can carefully climb down the mountain side and make your way to the bottom of the falls. There is a small cove to the left of the falls that has "Fenn's Hunters" spray painted on the rock wall. We're pretty sure there is no treasure here, but it is also a totally awesome place to make out. Ascend back to the top like the champion you are and soak in the falls one last time before heading back up the trail to the parking lot. Take Dookie Drive back to the "Road Closed" sign and do a victorious limbo underneath it and back to your vehicle. Be sure to tell all of your friends how awesome it was. Or don’t. Whatever.

7 days ago

Great views… Easy trail for beginners! Lot’s of nice geological features!

mountain biking
7 days ago

Really enjoyed this trail and hope to make it out again when I have more time to explore the area.

great place for a walk

Great moderate trail. Cave looks difficult to get out of.

7 days ago

Snow the last few miles but great hike

Great snow shoe hike, as there was at least a foot of snow on the ground. Ran into just a couple people on a Saturday afternoon, otherwise it was empty. Superb views in the last quarter mile!

I loved the trail. The drive up to the trailhead provides an easy and direct way to get there.. (It’s also beautiful) ..

The parking lot is very large and provides trash bins if you need them. The trail is very easy to follow, wide at the beginning but narrows to a single file trail the further back you go. I would recommend going counterclockwise in the trail. I wanted to get a perspective view of the town of Las Cruces, so I took a very narrow, rocky and steep trail up to a point that I could climb up further and take some photos. Well worth it but could be treacherous on the way down if you aren’t in good physical shape or have had injuries.

Would recommend to bring lots of water as I went on a relatively cooler day (20C) and was still hot. Thankfully, I had plenty of water.

I would also recommend to go early in the morning. I got there at about 07:30 and didn’t see a soul from the time I got there until the time I left. It was very quiet with the occasional passing of a bird. Wear long pants if it’s cool, lots of stuff to poke and scrape you!

I highly recommend this relatively easy hike for anybody, views are exceptional! (And free!!)

Easy to access, steep, scenic and counter clockwise is definitely better. Fun hike nice mix of single track, switchbacks and light bouldering

13 days ago

My mom and I did this trek early in the morning on our way to Santa Fe. It’s more easy than moderate other than some elevation gain, but the tent rocks themselves are amazing to see.

Just went to the hot springs two days ago. Very easy to get to although I recommend using google maps from this site and save the map offline so you can use. We did run out of service and that helped a lot. The road to the trail is bumpy. High clearance is preferred but totally not extremely necessary if you just go super slow. I’ve seen worse. The trail is nicely maintained and the walk was nice. A few icy parts and rocks but nothing even my grandma wouldn’t do. When we got to the base I only noticed two springs. One was mildly warm and the other was comfortably hot. Neither of them piping hot! We were the only ones there for a a good chunk of the time. Some guests were nude so that is something to consider. All in all it was solid and I would recommend it to anyone in the Taos area.

Nice hike, took me about two hours

16 days ago


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