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1 day ago

Just got back from hiking this trail with my dog this afternoon for the first time. Beautiful scenery on the way up, but I was surprised how disappointing the view is once I got to the top. The way the trail was cut made it almost impossible to see down to the bottom. So basically you were enclosed in a bunch of trees and bushes when you get to the end of the trail making it feel like you hadn't complete the hike. If I would've known that I wouldn't have bothered hiking all the way to the top! And the trail was very narrow, so every time someone passed by(which was often)you could barely move out of the way without falling off the side. All in all, the hike was decent but I most likely will never go back.

Awesome trail , beautiful views , birds and flowers , catch the sunset atop the rocks from the campground ,easy trail to follow , well worth the distance..

Nice easy trail , plenty of shaded areas to stop , take photos and enjoy the scenery . The old buildings and history are interesting as well...

trail running
1 day ago

This review is for trail runners.

For the reasons I dislike this trail, many people love it.

This trail is wide open with no shade and flat for the first couple of miles. It is a terrible trail to run during the summer days or when it is hot. It's literally the worst trail I've ever been on. And the little shade you find you'll have to worry about rattlesnakes.

People love this trail. It does ascend into higher and better terrain. But you've got to get past the awful desert part of it first. Personally I'd rather not get sunburned within 10 minutes of running. I like shade and trees. This trail won't offer you that.
It is easy to run (or hike). If you're an experienced trail runner with elevation change, this won't be difficult. But good god the lack of shade is just brutal. Maybe this trail would be ok in the winter after a light snow fall.
I like shade, trees, and scenery that doesn't include two sweaty dudes making out in the bushes. Yeah. That's the kind of place this is. I have no idea why people love it so much.

good balance of inclines and level hikes

Good times!

1 day ago

trail can easily be picked up by the Santa Fe farmers market, beautiful trail through town

The trail is easy to navigate, signs all in tact. You can be out there for as long or as short as you'd like. Not a super difficult incline either. BEAUTIFUL , I'm sure I'll do it again. Couldn't imagine a better way to spend my day.

2 days ago

Started the trail on May 22nd with the aim of climbing South Truchas. Trail was generally fine until the first creek crossing. There were dozens of locations in the burned forest where downed trees forced you off the trail. After the burned forest deep snow cover made the trail difficult, but not impossible to follow. These combined obstacles made the trail turn from a moderate to a difficult hike.

I tried to continue the trail to Truchas, but the land was impassable. The trail gets lost in the snow in the first quarter mile. It took me an hour total to go a half mile, mostly off trail since the snow covered the route. You could probably make your own route but be prepared to climb steep, slippery, snow covered hills off trail for a few days if you want to progress further than Pecos Baldy Lake at this time of year.

Despite this, the land is beautiful. Great variety of trails and very impressive vistas. Seeing Pecos Baldy and Truchas was truly a majestic site. This trail would be incredible during the summer.

2 days ago