This trail was great. If you go the whole loop Spruce Spring to Crest Trail to Red Canyon it is 8 miles not 6.5 miles. I would recommend starting on Spruce Spring Trail first because Red Canyon is more steep. The hardest part is the Crest trail which is beautiful but you pull a consistant grade the whole time. We did this hike with a 3 year old boy and a 5 month old puppy plus 4 kids ranging from 10 to 14. They all survived but kept thinking the trail would never end since it was supposed to be 6.5 miles. lol all in all it was a nice hike. Great views, no water in the waterfall because of the drought. We could have made the loop in about 4 hrs but one of our friends were not too conditioned to we had to wait for her, it took our group of nine 5 hrs.