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Beautiful, only able to get to Williams lake due to heavy snow in the past month. Trail is easy to follow and packed down good to the lake (very popular hike) I tried going up to wheeler but it’s still soft and deep snow. Not many people summiting anymore. A hiker coming down informed me the trail disappears after timberline so it looks like next year will be my summiting chance.

Beautiful views, great for dogs!

1 day ago

Excellent trail for a morning hike. There were a few people in the trail as we headed out and several mountain bikers riding the trail as it got later in the morning.

Few inches of snow on steep section approaching the ridge. Possible to do without poles and traction, but these would’ve come in handy. Basically glissading down certain sections. Butt kicker with nearly 4000’ in gross total elevation gain.

Definitely not for those with bad knees. Views throughout the trail were spectacular. Easy to lose the trail in a few spots due to poor marking, but otherwise not to be missed!

2 days ago

good views

We did it last Sunday! It's become one of my favorites!

Excellent canyon trail for day hikes and overnight backpacking. Very Narrow canyon in places with many water crossings. Be aware of weather conditions as a flash flood could be disastrous if caught in the narrows. We did a 2 nighter in late October 2018 and there was plenty of water for the first 4 miles we hiked. Seemed alot longer because of all the river crossings. Some great camps along the way and old mining ruins to explore too. Saw deer walking up the river, bear scat along the way and had a mountain lion make itself heard very near our camp on the first night. Great backpacking trip.

A tough 10.3 miles from the parking lot to the intersection with the South Crest trail, but beautiful and worth the effort

Nice loop with few people. Most of the trail had light snow - be careful not to lose the Armijo trail through the flagged area. About 2.5 hours starting from the Sulphur Canyon lot.

Really fun trail that has a pretty good incline the whole way up. I think Pino Trail was a bit harder. It is kind of easy to get lost on this trail, but stick to the app and you'll be fine. Really rewarding top and eerie to see the wreckage from the plane so far spread out.

Neat trail at a neat National Monument. Lots of petroglyphs to look at. Easy walk in sand and no shade.

The view at the top is stunning!

5 days ago

What a great hike! Definitely do the slot canyon, and if you want to avoid any crowds go early morning weekdays. There was practically no one there.

such a fun hike with great views of the mountain landscape. I would highly recommend.

One of my favorite trails close to home for an early sunrise hike

If Guadalupe is rated as "Hard" then you would have to classify this one as hard too.

I had way less trouble with Guadalupe as it is well marked, worn in, and highly trafficked.

The parking area is easy to find, right off of the highway. Close the gate behind you!

Once you park, walk approx 2 miles along the 4x4 road (totally driveable with a 4x4 truck/jeep if you want to just bypass all the walking) until you see the trail to your left leading up into the canyon. There are no official trail markings so do your best to follow the worn path and the stacked rocks. Once you get to the rock wall (which is easy to climb - take the right side) the trail disappears and you'll be on your own at that point to hit the top.

We ended up turning back after climbing the rock wall because it was getting too dark out, so I can't comment on anything after that. but we'll be back to reach the peak.

All in all it's a beautiful hike, top 3 in the Las Cruces area in my opinion.

Beautiful hike. We did it on yesterday and both the view and the hike was awesome! Very cold and windy though!

beautiful in fall

My wife and I are here from North Ogden Utah. We hiked South Piedra Lisa with local friends. We liked the trail. We hiked the trail at a casual pace in about three hours. We found that the trail had portions of steep grade and loose gravel. I would recommend trekking poles to help stabilize your footing. The flora is marked by junipers, prickly pear and staghorn cacti. Respect the cacti that line the trail. The slightest brush will result in a painful encounter with tiny clusters of needles in your skin.
You are rewarded with a beautiful view of the valley and spires at trails end.

easy and chill hike. great views!

Beautiful hike. Lots of trail junctions so I was glad to have the GPS map!

7 days ago

I am a 68 year old man who hiked this trail yesterday with my adult daughter. Yes, it was strenuous but it was wonderful. Definitely will do it again.

Dogs not allowed on trail

8 days ago

Short easy hike, hoodoos are the highlight, please don’t carve you name in them!!!

8 days ago

Good little trail for fall colors, red/oranges that aren't very common in the area. We turned right up the ABQ trail and up to the saddle, where it connects for a bigger loop.

This was a great hike and my longest to date. It was 30 degrees when we started and it seemed to be mostly in the shade, so bundle up in layers and then take them off as you start to warm up. The views of the city along the way are amazing. It was tough on my knees and the way down made me really sore, but if you want a trail that is a step up from the Pino Trail (and with better views) then this one is perfect. We only passed 2 people the entire time we were on the trail. Was not that hard to stay on trail. There were a couple wash outs, but just continue straight when you get to them and periodically check your app to make sure you're on the right path. Really rewarding when you get to the top. Before we set off, one of the neighbors from the surrounding houses at the trailhead told us she saw a bobcat that morning, so we just took extra precaution with our dog, but never ended up seeing any animals. Bring water, bring snacks/food, and some good shoes/socks cause you may get blisters on the way down! We did this the first week in November and there were patches of snow, but overall, highly recommended and beautiful hike.

Awesome little spot and a short hike to get to it, but be careful on the roads there. It’s not car friendly by any means

Easy walk without elevation gain. Lots of dogs and people along the trail as well as bicycle riders. Veer off trail to the Nature Center and learn about the surrounding vegetation. Also fun to watch the turtles in the channel.

9 days ago

You're already there. Do it. I think this trail has the best lower tent rocks in what I consider a village area full of these smaller hoodoos. Super easy and beats heading back to the parking lot along the exact same trail.

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