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The trail is still covered with snow once you get over the saddle and try to take the switch backs down to the lake. There is snow covering the entire first half of the switch backs. It’s passable but a bit of a suffer fest (total suffer fest lol). To avoid that, there’s a bit of a sketchy steep scramble down the cornice to the left when looking down at the switch backs. We didn’t see it one the way down but took that on the way back up. If you can get past that, there’s still snow that you fall through occasionally (shorts not recommended) but it’s possible to get to the lake. It’s frozen over rn and super beautiful.

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Awesome! We had to start from Cowles, but it was worth it! Great trail, caves were cool, and lifetime memories. If you take the horse trail in there will be two river crossings. If you enter from the trailhead, there will be only one. The second crossing has fallen trees over it, that we were able to cross easily without getting wet. Several great camping spots along the trail.

Great trail. We stayed at Stewart for 3 nights and did day trips to Johnson, Katherine, and Spirit. Snow becomes prevalent at around 11k, especially on the way to Katherine. We had gaiters and poles and were postholing waist deep at times. Trail between Katherine and Santa Fe Baldy was impassable due to snow.

We tried to hike to Lake Kathrine but snow was not passable , still a great hike to the summit of Santa Fe Baldy and nice camp below at Puerto Nambe . Great time of year .

This was my first ever hike in New Mexico. I went here in falls. Saw lot of colors. Need a stick as it ll be little icy in the end.

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Great trail! Overestimated what we could do in a day so we didn’t make it to the lake, but still a beautiful hike. Spotty snowy/slushy spots that weren’t too bad. Hikeable in running shoes. Definitely want to come back and backpack in to break up the hike next time.

May 16-18th, weather is beautiful and picturesque. Patches of snow for the first 4 miles up to Puerto Nambe meadows. Once you get on the Skyline trail to baldy, the snow increases but it is manageable. The switchbacks down to lake Katherine on the backside of the baldy saddle are all snowed in approximately 5ft. of snow for about 100 yards down. You can see the trail pick up after that point. You can still make it down that way if you have an iron will - head up the mountain and cross over where the snow is least steep. You can make your way down through the trees and snow and get to the switchbacks!

PERFECT TIME TO GO is IN August!! No snow and not to hot

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Awesome trail had some amazing views, walking up at the beginning had such a mystical feeling. I highly recommend this trail, wish I could’ve finished it but got a late start on it. I shall be finishing on a later date.

too much snow. couldn’t finish before losing daylight.

29 days ago

Front gate to campground was closed, so that added a little over 3 miles round trip to our hike. Still worth it. The river was rushing so it was tricky to cross and the caves were too full of water to go explore. We will come back in June or perhaps to see fall colors and explore caves then when water is lower.

Excellent trail for fishing. The views and "cave" are rather underwhelming, but the fishing can more than make up for that!

This is an excellent multiday trip, with lots of fishing availability, if that'swhat you're in to. I like to camp at stewart lake, and take day trips to Spirit and/or Katherine. You will typically have to deal with a bit of snow until early-mid June.

excellent trail with lots of fishing access! I've used this as access to the Winsor and Skyline trails a few times - the final stretch of the holy ghost trail can be brutally if you're going all the way up to the Winsor trail, but it's certainly worth taking this trail if you're looking to fish

All snowed up trail 1/2 no tracks at all beutifull trail 6 hrs hike

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We got lost. Not sure how. Everyone else here seems to love this trail. Maybe because it was early season and there were lots of downed trees? We followed one trail then another finally decided we were following deer trails and gave up and hiked Windsor instead. Still a fun day. Beautiful place in general.

Still about 3 foot if snow, if you’re careful this is a harder path to follow until about the 4 mile mark when it’s not packed down. Easily the best trail in NM, winter or summer

This was an amazing hike! My favorite by far! Would recommend it to anyone wanting breath taking views of the lakes!

Fantastic hiking for all ages. Limited elevation changes full of Canyon/Mountain beauty. Mountain meadows, and wonderful Holy Ghost creek through early stretch then following Creek further up the mountain ridge. Great backpack camping spots along the way. If you can get to this remote spot, it is for sure worth the effort.

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Absolutely beautiful and well worth the trek!! We did this as a day hike in just under 8 hours. Felt the altitude big time (we’re from Rhode Island) so I’m sure seasoned hikers in the area can do this in less time if needed. Started at Winsor trailhead by Ski Santa Fe. We took route 254 to 251 to 242. Well marked signs until the Baldy/Lake split. At the split go right. There was a lot of snow on the ridge going down to the lake after the split. It made the path on the ridge very narrow and a little scary but it was ok taking it slow in baby steps. Rock forms helped us get to the lake from there. Every mile of it was beautiful from the views to the birch trees to the animal tracks in the snow!

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Beautiful hike, but missed the caves! Followed the map all the way to the end. How did I miss them? I only saw one to the right, just a tad bit higher than the trail.

I took the Winsor trail to Lake Katherine, then hiked up to the saddle of the Santa Fe Baldy ridge and took that over to the summit and down from there. The first few hours of the hike are through the woods and kind of unremarkable. It doesn't really get good until you get to the junction where you can hike up to Santa Fe Baldy on the trail or go down to the Lake. Then it was more interesting and well worth it.

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