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Nice gradual uphill climb, with some pretty views periodically. Well marked with not too many people even on a Saturday. Just watch for mountain bike riders on the way down. We just did a 3 mile out and back so was pretty easy.

Great trail took the small loop about 1.6 miles with my daughter. Great way to build up for other trails and a very nicely cleaned up trail.

20 days ago

We joined this hike mid-ridge coming up from the Ho Chin Ming trail near the Country Club access road. Moderate to Easy to Very Easy once on the ridge line. We saw marmot and many birds. There was a surprise herd of cows at the midway point. Exciting, no bulls - whew! Great for hearty kids.

Great hike. In from Ohio and was just the right distance. We did the loop trail.

28 days ago

Great hike in the gorge, kind of boring topside. But it is really a good one all around otherwise.

We have a family house in Taos, and do hikes here every time we go. It’s great by itself, I only give it 3 stars because I know what the larger Sangre De Cristos hold just 45 minutes away. Don’t let that deter you from this hike though. Good little starter. Don’t go too late in the day during rainy season though...one of the scariest things I’ve ever done.

I hiked this trail earlier today. Rain was forecasted for the afternoon, so I decided to go as far up as I could and hoping to make it to the 4-mile mark before turning around. That is what I did. Rain did come with two miles left to go, but it wasn't a bad storm. The cool winds refreshed my dogs and me. The trail is well-marked at all intersections, and mile markers are posted for every mile.

This is part of a longer trail. Once you reach the 3-mile marker, the grade eases. By the 4-mile marker, you are on a ridge and it's easy sailing then, among the aspen and Ponderosa pine. The trail also narrows here to a single track. There were no stream crossings anywhere.

Trail head parking is to three trails and the parking lot can fill up fast. Get here early!

Trails are open again!

I got into town as the clouds were ready to burst. I waited out the storm but took off two hours before sunset. The loop took me 2:20 hours. I did it clockwise. Great vistas all around. The rock slab chairs have been restored at the peak. My dogs were able to drink water from a few shallow pools in the rocks along the way. The trailhead parking lot was still crowded when I returned to my truck.

We recommend using the app on this trail as there are some new logging roads that can make things confusing. We have done this trail before but got a little turned around but used the app to get back in track. The trail is not marked well. We did have a “cow encounter “
On the trail as a cowboy was herding at least 50 head of cattle along the trail. We stood still and tried to move to the side as the nervous mamas and babies passed us. The views are beautiful and we enjoy the trail , we’ll do it again.

Picked up the El Nogal trailhead just outside Taos. This trail extends about 20 miles, and has other connectors. You can do a loop by combining the 166 trail. It can be picked up from 164 at mile number 1 at the bottom or at mile 3.5 at a higher level. If you complete the loop is about 10.3 miles total. This trail has about 2000 ft of elevation gain to get to the 166 connector at the top. It’s a steady up. A few great viewing points along the way. Enjoy!

Nice trail. Well maintained and marked. They removed the “thrones” at the peak which was sad.

Trail is beautiful, followed with the app. Rated it 3 stars because we bumped into three trucks on the trail. The people in the first truck made me feel uncomfortable, the second and the third truck the people seemed fine, just don’t understand how they got there and why.

Perfect little workout. About three hours if you stop a little. Take water.

This is such a great trail close to town. 5 miles is perfect for an early morning get up or and afternoon get busy trail. My friends and I do this trail often throughout the year.

3 months ago

The directions to the trail head goes onto private property and they have gated the access to the trail. Best to go onto the trail at the El Nogal parking area a little further up the road off of 64.

This is one of my favorite hikes in Taos. It is a wonderful morning hike, challenging but reasonable. It offers scenic views, diverse terrain including beautiful alpine woods at higher elevations and open panoramic sagebrush and cactus in lower areas. There are gorgeous flowers and plants in abundance.

4 months ago

Loved it! Took us about 3 hours to do the loop! We stopped to enjoy the scenery and there is a nice, relaxing surprise at the top. The trail seems frequented by mostly locals-all very friendly!

Nice quick hike

4 months ago

A wonderful taste of this area at this elevation. Beautiful trail with many overlooks.

4 months ago

Super easy stroll through shrubby land, direct to the canyon valley, with snow-capped mountains as walk-by background. Wonderful payoff for such a lowkey stretch-your-limbs kinda mosey!

**Dogs ARE allowed here** Great hike, though hard to follow the trail sometimes. Definitely needed the AllTrails map to follow. I was also glad I'd thrown my snowshoes on my back as when I needed them, I really needed them. Beautiful quiet trail, especially with the fresh snow!

So beautiful- was looking for a trail run and this was more of a steep walk/jog for the first half uphill , then a nice, rapid downhill. Not very technical, just steep and high altitude for someone who’s been living in Texas for 5 years :)

Great spring hike, but do wish there was better signage along the way...thank goodness for snow and footprints to let us know we were still on the right path. If I was to do it again this time of year, I'd take my snowshoes.

Did this as the loop and 164 had sections of ice and snow. There was nothing technical about the hike at all. Beautiful scenery along the way but harder to see at the peak because of denser trees. Biggest cairn ever and stone chairs let you know you made it.

trail running
6 months ago

This Trail is great for hiking, and the views are amazing. But I would not consider it a good trail for running on. There was too much large loose rock, ice, and many many switchbacks to make it comfortable for running. I was able to maintain a light jog through most of it.

6 months ago

Great hike! Beautiful views. Took us about 4 hours with random rest stops.

6 months ago

Somehow only hiked 5.75. But enjoyable without being difficult. Saw elk and mule deer.

Great hike today. Beautiful views

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