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9 hours ago

Fun trail!

5 days ago

Fun out and back hike. We took the high road from the TH and came back down the creek bed. The higher trail has a few sections where there is a steep drop off; just be aware and you'll be fine.

7 days ago

We walked the loop today in high wind conditions. Did not meet anyone and the weather was good. Easy trail. Not a lot to see but it was still enjoyable. Nice little 2+ mile loop.

Justhikedthis trail with my buddy from Dallas. I flew in from Austin yesterday. We hiked trails 29,30,31 and 32 for a total of 3.2 miles. It was a great day and the trail was well maintained.

I couldn't go on the trail because you have to pay cash or check and I only pay with card majority of the time so remember to bring cash or check!!

Close to Santa Fe, easy to find, plenty of parking. Lots of options and distances with very nice views.

My husband and I hiked this on Sunday 4/15 with our dog. We found it to be a nice hike and a reasonable distance from our house in Albuquerque. From 131, follow signs for Red Canyon campground. The gravel road is in good condition and should be passable for all types of vehicles. There is plenty of parking by the trailhead. The trails start at the same place, and you will soon come to a sign to go right for Spruce Spring and left for Red Canyon. We started on Spruce Spring for a counterclockwise loop. It took us 2:20 to reach the summit of Gallo Peak and 1:40 to come down. Spruce Spring and the Crest Trails are very easy to follow. There is a rock cairn indicating where to turn off the main Crest Trail if you want to go to the peak. (Which I definitely recommend, as the views are excellent in nearly every direction.) Red Canyon Trail had a few more downed trees across the trail but was also fairly easy to follow. There was a little bit of water in the creek. We encountered only two other hikers with dogs and a group of bow hunters who came up on horseback. We didn't see any wildlife (thanks in part to our dog, I'm sure) but did hear birds. All in all, a nice, peaceful hike with great summit views.

Beautiful trail. We did this in an afternoon in April and it took 4 hours including lots of wandering about at the summit and some bird watching. Great parking, good road up to it (take the 131 from Manzano).

If you’re comfortable with a hike of this length, there’s not much too much to challenge you beyond comfort - pretty rocky in places and a few fallen trees to clamber over, but no big drops or loose slopes.

It still had a few snowy patches today up high but only about 50 feet total of trail that was in anyway snow covered and easy to get across.

There are some amazing birds around - a good tip is to hangout by the spring where there are a lot.

Leave yourself enough time to enjoy the summit of the Spruce trail as it has amazing views and a great clearing to eat a picnic on! The descent into Red Canyon is also breathtaking and well worth a slow walk.

Do NOT go up here without enough time to come down in the light of day unless you are prepared. It is dark and covered for most of the trail and there are Cougars and Bears in this forest. You’ll be unlucky as hell in the daytime to see anything, but at night you’re far more likely to be unlucky!

One thing - the Crest trail is either wrongly marked or we found another trail at the final climb. Instead of going to 3000 at the second peak it actually hugs the 2950 altitude line.

Great hike - fun, little challenge for our 6 yr old.

on Chamisa Trail

17 days ago

Beautiful views on the high side of the loop. Other side is essentially beneath it where there’s a creek bed.

Great trail through town. Easy to find.

It’s a great trail for taking a dog as it’s more of walking not much hiking. Other then that it’s a great.

I love going once each season. It’s an awesome place and easy trails.

Great workout and close to home. While listening to an audiobook I quickly scrambled up the hill but was more careful on my way down. Didn’t want to slip on rocks. How lucky we are to have the luxury of an evening hike before dinner.

Beautiful trail. Many markers to tell you where to go. One word of caution though, if you have a fear of heights , there are areas on the trail that there is a shear drop off, and another area with cut out stairs going either up or down a very steep rock face (depending on which direction you do the loop.) but highly recommend!

We did both the east and west circle trail and the falls trail which is a short 0.5 mike trail off of the east circle trail. I felt that the west circle trail, which is the longer and harder of the two, was a lot of work for little reward as far as the views. While there were some cool views of several different mountain ranges and Santa Fe, they were almost all mostly obscured by trees and there were no opportunities to really get a good panoramic view despite how high the trail climbs. If you’re looking for a good workout, it was definitely a challenging hike on the west circle. The falls trail was partially frozen and I’d like to go back, but I would not hike the west circle trail again.

24 days ago

Enjoyed family time on this trail!

The lower part of the trail has been washed out in frequent flooding so pieces are missing. If you don't mind scrambling over rocks you can still easily find your way around the loop. Honestly, the best part is to venture upstream and boulder hop as far as you're comfortable. There are nice pools and great shade. I really love this trail! It's a hidden oasis in the desert.

It’s a beautiful hike with great views of the Rio Grande canyon and river and the Hot Springs are warm, small but beautiful

My profile picture is of this hike! Super lovely but very hot, leave your older fur babies at home

I took my in-laws (67 and 70) and they handled it nicely. Very well kept and awesome places for pictures.

Nice hike. Took the “more difficult” trail in and the “easy” path out. Would recommend this route the views from the easy path are great! Quick hike!

Awesome trail.

I went on a Thursday morning . I had the place to myself. The trails were marked moderate and were that. They were well marked . Scenery was great especially all the different mine shafts. I had a wonderful few hours.

great way to train for marathons, bike races or even just a walk with the family. I live on the west side and have done this trail from beginning to end for years. It is big enough that provide different experiences and accessible enough for even the most casual of hikes.

1 month ago

Pros: Beautiful views, manageable hike, great wildlife spot (We saw a herd of bighorn sheep)
Cons: Can be crowded if you go at the wrong time. Water is more warm than hot. You need a truck or SUV to get there. The road is rough.

Day hike perfection for me and the dog. Going up PL then down DA is my preferred route. Nice climb up with good views along the way. Down Del Aqua is a hoot with some rocky sections that take all fours and it lives up to its name as it runs with or along the stream.

1 month ago

Beautiful views!

Beauty and magic. Take your time. Enjoy it.

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