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The views were amazing! There trail is clearly marked. There were some areas that were a little steep, but there were cut out steps and was worth the climb.

The beginning (less than 1/4 mile) had a steep incline compared to the rest of the trail. Overall a good trail, went around 12p on a Sunday and it was busy. Passed by about 15 hikers total. I liked that there was a noticeable trail, and that there were plenty of points to sightsee into Mexico and El Paso. Even though it is a zigzag in-and-our trail, it went by fast. My husband, dog, and I took our time going up but coming down it only took ~30 minutes! Only giving it a 4 because the area is known for crime.

2 days ago

Amazing trail with a good variety of foliage (conifers, aspens and even a few apple trees). Enjoy the babbling river the entire way to the falls tucked away into a small canyon.

Amazing hike, easy trails to follow with fabulous views... with that said i would say it is a moderate to difficult hike depending on how much of the trail that you complete. The first part of the trail is a steep ascent (1/4 mile equivalent to 10 flights of stairs per my Apple Watch), the next mile is fairly easy without a great deal of ascending. The back 1.75 miles is the most difficult section with a steep ascent. Overall it was a great hike and worth the time to complete.

Beautiful hike. Lots of trail junctions so I was glad to have the GPS map!

Awesome little spot and a short hike to get to it, but be careful on the roads there. It’s not car friendly by any means

11 days ago

Easy walk without elevation gain. Lots of dogs and people along the trail as well as bicycle riders. Veer off trail to the Nature Center and learn about the surrounding vegetation. Also fun to watch the turtles in the channel.

Like the pyramid trail this is a beautiful trail built and maintained by the YCC. We did this trail and discovered a connecting trail to to the Pyramid Trail. The trail takes off from the left (west) side of the loop at the top of canyon and meets the Pyramid Trail about a third of a mile from the summit. Very nice.

Beautiful scenery. Moderate hike. There is a connecting trail to Church Rock trail which is quite nice. The connection takes off about a third of a mile from the summit and connects to Church Rock trail where the trail loops around.

Beautiful view, artists were there during our visit. Nice walking path that leads down to the canyon.

I loved this trail , it's an easy pleasant hike. You can take a mostly shaded stroll on a hot day or step it up and use it as a conditioning excersize. The slightly rocky dry river bed (not dry June thru sept) helped me get my footing skills back after foot surgery. Oliver Lee state park is a nice backdrop and there are usually other visitors in the area.

23 days ago

This is a great trail, I was advised to go counterclockwise and happy I did. Steep incline on the last part of trail. Nice switchbacks going up.

Like suggested by one other hiker take a left at the white post before the old rusty water tank. This is a beautiful hike. We did not do the loop we went as far as the sign that intersects with Del Agua and then returned the way we came. The Del Agua seemed to be in a wash, not very traveled and poorly marked so we thought we’d turn back. Beautiful views!

So many different trails to choose from. Very close to town but feels very remote. Amazing 360 views from the top. Loved it. Not too hard either

Great hike, horrible road - be careful or drive an SUV type of car

Closed until further notice. Completely roped off and no other hiking in the area. 10/27/2018

Nothing taxing about this trail. Weather in late October was perfect. Fall color in the cottonwood trees was spectacular. There were lots of bike riders and not too many hikers. You can take your pick of distances. Very do-able with kids and dogs (old people too)!

Well marked and good trail! Definitely would recommend to everyone. Also, amazing views.

1 month ago

Well marked trails with lots of options. Not too crowded.

We went on the waterfall trail but it was dry. We enjoyed the views and scenery. Large logs were covering the end of the trail near the dry falls which were a fun challenge for my kids (ages 6, 8, 10, 13) to climb.

1 month ago

Really beautiful easy trail. Lots of notes on trail head about bear sightings and activity. Didn't see any. The waterfall was a treat! I highly recommend.

Pretty short hike average view

Beautiful and easy stroll on pavement among an ancient lava field. Gorgeous views and interesting desert life to be found here. A lovely little campground sits up above, and it looks to have decent facilities including showers. We spent about an hour here after a visit to nearby Carrizozo, and were very glad we took the time to visit.

A number of different tracks here between a stream and the Rio Grande. Choice of sand and paved trail. Excellent for running. Biking too.

on Rio En Medio Falls

1 month ago

Trailhead was easy to find. Limited parking but we went at 10am on a Thursday and we were the only vehicle there. A local mountain biker was leaving and warned us of bear sightings and scat on the trail. We whistled, spoke loud and clapped hands to make noise as we made our way up the trail. It was an easy peaceful trail with beautiful fall colors. It also had apple trees and berry trees which was in close proximity to the bear scat. We saw a couple of squirrels and nothing else as far as wildlife goes. Crossing the stream multiple times was easy and the trail was well marked. The waterfalls were small but pretty nonetheless. We ran into a total of 7 people and 4 dogs. The weather was perfect no jacket needed.

1 month ago

The actual trail was great, well marked and fun but safe (in dry weather) paths and cutouts in to the sandstone. When you get close to the actual rock formation the trail drops off and this turns into more of a canyon scramble to get up to the formation (if you want to, it is probably intended you don't since the trail is very well marked up to a point). The route I found from where the trail dropped was going across a cambered / slanted bench to the side of a short dry fall which I found doable on the way in, but then I was very sketched out by it on the way back b/c of a few diff angles doing that way, plus tired. I had assumed once I was up closer to the structure I would find the official trail and rejoin and not have to return the way I'd came. I found allot of trails up there, but many just led to cliffs, no safe maintained nontechnical ways down that I found. It looked like there were easier approaches from the back side of the formation (private property) so that may explain the busier trails up top without an easy way to get there from this trail. Maybe I missed something, but for me this map was misleading b/c it combined a fun, way to follow official trail with a cross country spur that was a little dicey at my canyon hiking skill level.

Besides the wayfinding and climbing challenges it was allot of fun.

Once you get up to the bottom of the formation it's much, much easier to get up higher on / in it from the far backside corner.

Beautiful scenery. We had a picnic by the river before heading back up. Well worth it

Great little trail. You don’t have to work hard to get beautiful views of the surrounding area. A variety of cactus. Not a ton of shade but if you go early enough it shouldn’t be an issue.

Loved this trail.

2 months ago

A pretty trail, for sure. We went on a Monday, so there wasn't a ton of traffic. We took the more difficult "alternate" route on the left-hand side. If you're a hiker, it is nothing that I would consider hard. No summit or specific end-destination, but beautiful flowers and trees throughout.

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