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10 hours ago

Did a 1-night overnighter with my 5 year old daughter. It was great - the last push to the lake is steep and long (esp for little legs!). Very worth the hike.

2 days ago

What a beautiful destination. The lake and surrounding area is just gorgeous. The views of the trees reflecting off the water was amazing. The trail is a little tricky to follow at times, used the map in this app and it led us right to it. We ended up with a bit over 7 miles out and back.

beautiful trail and lake

We loved the trails and the beauty of the area. Most disappointing is the number of dog owners breaking the rules. Too many dogs were off leash, and owners did not pick after their dogs. One unleashed dog growled at us on the trail while his owner had no response to call him back or deter the dog from aggressive displays.

I agree with other reviewers this should be rated moderate to hard instead of easy. It is a beautiful hike but the trail is difficult to follow at times and very rocky. My dog and I had a great time!

Starting with the good: this trail was awesome. Very scenic with stream, mountains, meadows, etc. Not too hard, not too long. We also made some fun friends with fellow hikers along the trail.

Then the bad (and it was very bad): the trail is not well marked, at all. Our roughly 3 mile planned hike turned into a 5 mile hike, which we would’ve been fine with, except it dumped us out at the wrong trailhead. We then had to walk nearly another 4 miles back up the mountain on the highway to get to our car. Luckily we brought plenty of water, because there is no shade on the highway and the asphalt reflects the heat. Definitely print a map and follow it very closely. We still don’t know where we got off course, and we are fairly experienced hikers with multiple Eagle Scouts in our party.

I have lived in Santa Fe for 8 years and did this hike for the first time recently. Loved this hike and although fairly difficult and pretty steep, the 360 views are gorgeous. Lots of space at the top for a picnic. The trail is relatively exposed so a hat, sunscreen, or sun shirt is wise.

on Tsankawi Ruins Trail

9 days ago

Awesome trail

Great hike! This was my first hike I did alone. It’s definitely tiring but the views are awesome. A lot of the trail is shaded (until the top) and that’s helpful. All was well until I came face to face with a bear, be careful.

9 days ago

We actually did the loop which is part of the San Juan and Windsor. It’s 10 miles and a tough hike. I had my all trails turned on. Not sure why the whole hike is not recorded. We’ve done this hike 3 times. It’s a good workout.

Wonderful short, heavily wooded trail that’s great for kids. There are some sections with a steep drop off next to the trail so we ended up holding the hand of our 4 year old just for added security during these, but overall a beautiful family friendly hike.

There’s free parking on the left right after you turn into the entrance of Blake Canyon camping area. You then need to hike to the back of the camp where the trail starts. It’s probably a 1/4 mile hike to the TH. There aren’t a lot of views through the trees, but the trees themselves are so amazing. If you go right at the trail fork the incline isn’t as steep, but the descent down the left fork can be a bit unnerving.

Great every day trail. Convenient to town and nice relatively short loops compared to the higher trails. Lovely views at various points.

Great trail! Interesting terrain and history!

awesome trail

14 days ago

not enough signage to actually find the triangle. lost with kids was no bueno, gracias new mexico

16 days ago

First of all what a Trek!! I got 4.8 miles on my Apple Watch, but I’m pretty sure it was more. If it wasn’t for my husband being there before I think we would have lost the map due to poor cell service. This hike is incredibly difficult at certain points. It’s a straight up incline up the ski basin slopes. We hit almost 12,000 feet in elevation just to give you an idea. You go to the top of the towers where you would normally ski the big tesuque trail from the top. I recommend snacks and extra water in a backpack. It took us 4 hours there and back. And just remember what goes up must came down. The hike down was more awkward on your knees. But overall the view is worth it! All I’m saying is being prepared for a long hike. Enjoy the views!! We saw herd of cattle and lots of deer!!! Enjoy <3

I would definitely say this is more moderate than easy! My husband and I wanted to do an “easy” trail run before heading home to Amarillo but instead did a 4 mike hike with very little trail running. It’s a great hike and I would’ve rated it a 5 Star if it had better markings. It was a little questionable at times if we were on the trail or not. And for some reason it was 4 miles, not 3.7 or the 3.4 it says on the trail map. Maybe we did get a little lost. Beautiful views and some great photo op’s though!!

Nice trail, well shaded. Leash requirement for dogs rarely followed/enforced.

Very nice easy hike through meadows and Aspen.

17 days ago

Beautiful hike. I headed up mid morning and got back early afternoon. More foot traffic as I was heading out. All the up was worth it! The lake and surrounding area was beautiful. Additional notes: ran into a cow herd on the way up. Peaceful forest. Trail is rocky. Download the map to help with the section after the switch in trails; trail was easily lost.

18 days ago

Nice short hike, you get good views of the surrounding countryside and the trail’s clear and easy to follow. I went after it rained and it smelled so fresh and good.

Nice in summer because it is under full canopy. Many dogs off leash which is annoying.

19 days ago

The trail is a bit hard but my four years old grandson did it in 50 minutes to the top.

19 days ago

Nice trail with great views. Very peaceful; I began at 7:30 a.m. and only saw a few other people while hiking. It's definitely a rocky climb, and the downhill is slippery in places. Took less than two hours from the trailhead.

Great views along the trail and at the peak. Rocky trail with debris on steep sections that make footing difficult—I slipped and fell once.

22 days ago

Beautiful views! My 3 boys, husband and parents loved the hike. The ladders were fun and we had a picnic at the highest point. Will definitely do again.

ahh ok. I am glad to see this trail is rated difficult! I thought I was just in bad shape! seriously this trail definitely has some really steep stretches that makes it quite exhausting but really worth it! beautiful waterfall along the way and the lake is crystal clear! my twelve year old made it too and I am nearly 50 and not in the best shape so it's not that difficult! I also heard a hermit thrush along the way. beautiful bird with a flute voice!! overall a great hike!!

23 days ago

July 29 2018. Gorgeous day to be hiking considering all the recent heavy rain around Santa Fe. Today clear skies and nothing but beauty every where you look. This hike out and back was right at 7 miles. I too took a few wrong turns and had to back track out. I do agree the trail is a bit hard to follow after the Windsor /Nambe fork. There is a high and a low trail, I suggest following the lower trail near the creek. After crossing the creek continue on - from here the remaining portion of the trail is frickin' hard. Upon arriving at the Lake, all the sweat was more than worth it. The Lake was crystal clear and just sparkled with the sun's reflection. Amazingly beautiful. Enjoy.

23 days ago

I did the “‘more difficult” route up. Because you’re hiking through a riverbed, the terrain is uneven and challenging, but I enjoyed it. Took the easier route down, which was lovely. However it was Saturday morning and TONS of people on the narrow trail. Was annoying the keep having to stop and step to the side.

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