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A very pleasant walk in the forest. Beautiful Aspens, especially nice stands at the end of the trail. Long, steady, climb...just gradually, steadily up at the end gets the blood pumping! The 2 major turns could be a bit confusing...just check your position on the trail with this app to confirm you are still on track!

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19 days ago

Beautiful views!

19 days ago

Wasn’t able to hike because there is no parking! Go early or else you won’t get any parking.

Great little trail. You don’t have to work hard to get beautiful views of the surrounding area. A variety of cactus. Not a ton of shade but if you go early enough it shouldn’t be an issue.

28 days ago

A pretty trail, for sure. We went on a Monday, so there wasn't a ton of traffic. We took the more difficult "alternate" route on the left-hand side. If you're a hiker, it is nothing that I would consider hard. No summit or specific end-destination, but beautiful flowers and trees throughout.

This is a very nice moderate hike along the creek. It is well marked and mostly shaded. The first part of the trail is relatively flat until you get to the falls (to get to it, you need to veer off the trail to the left and walk through the narrows). If you hike up the boulders at this point you will find yourself above the falls and that is where the trail continues on, which is more moderate but with more views of smaller falls along the way. It is now one of my favorites in Santa Fe!

Great trail, not "easy" though. It goes smooth for the most part but there are areas where you need to work across the stream and go over some loose rocks as well.

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1 month ago

I've only biked the segment between rabbit rd. and Eldorado, great trail. The first half mile or so from rabbit rd. has some ups and downs that could be a bit strenuous for beginers, after that though its pretty smooth sailing to Eldorado. Be aware of rattlesnakes, saw about a 4 footer crossing the trail yesterday.

1 month ago

Fast, bumpy, desert twists and turns. Baha race around. Tons of fun fast! Lifted F350.

Beautiful hike with lots of birds and some wildflowers. There were multiple recent momma bear and cub sightings but we didn’t see them, went around 11:00 and hiked until about 3:00. The ascent going in is very gradual, and only has some steeper climbs at the very end by the falls. One of my favorites in the Santa Fe area.

On the easier side of moderate but great for trail running. Lovely scenery!

Easy hike that’s no problem for those with young kids. Very well marked trail. Nice views across the valley and plenty of shade along the way. Took us about two hours with numerous stops.

This is the best trail in all of Santa Fe. However, please be advised of bears. We hike this trail a lot and it's absolutely amazing jungle like with creek running through it. Today, August 19th, we encountered a very large mamma bear with cubs at about 6pm about quarter mile up trail. There was a sign posted at trail head that also stated someone saw bear and cubs on Aug 14 around 5pm. We usually hike this trail in morning or before noon, so early hikes here might be better.

We loved the trails and the beauty of the area. Most disappointing is the number of dog owners breaking the rules. Too many dogs were off leash, and owners did not pick after their dogs. One unleashed dog growled at us on the trail while his owner had no response to call him back or deter the dog from aggressive displays.

Starting with the good: this trail was awesome. Very scenic with stream, mountains, meadows, etc. Not too hard, not too long. We also made some fun friends with fellow hikers along the trail.

Then the bad (and it was very bad): the trail is not well marked, at all. Our roughly 3 mile planned hike turned into a 5 mile hike, which we would’ve been fine with, except it dumped us out at the wrong trailhead. We then had to walk nearly another 4 miles back up the mountain on the highway to get to our car. Luckily we brought plenty of water, because there is no shade on the highway and the asphalt reflects the heat. Definitely print a map and follow it very closely. We still don’t know where we got off course, and we are fairly experienced hikers with multiple Eagle Scouts in our party.

I have done this hike numerous times and it’s a nice, easy hike. It has nice views. Parking can be a pain at the trailhead but you can park in the St John’s lot and walk up to the trailhead. It would be a great hike if you’re visiting and not used to the Santa Fe elevation. It is also right in town so easily accessible.

Great short little walk with some amazing views of Santa Fe! Definitely the most scenic of the Dale Ball Trails.

2 months ago

We actually did the loop which is part of the San Juan and Windsor. It’s 10 miles and a tough hike. I had my all trails turned on. Not sure why the whole hike is not recorded. We’ve done this hike 3 times. It’s a good workout.

Wonderful short, heavily wooded trail that’s great for kids. There are some sections with a steep drop off next to the trail so we ended up holding the hand of our 4 year old just for added security during these, but overall a beautiful family friendly hike.

There’s free parking on the left right after you turn into the entrance of Blake Canyon camping area. You then need to hike to the back of the camp where the trail starts. It’s probably a 1/4 mile hike to the TH. There aren’t a lot of views through the trees, but the trees themselves are so amazing. If you go right at the trail fork the incline isn’t as steep, but the descent down the left fork can be a bit unnerving.

Great every day trail. Convenient to town and nice relatively short loops compared to the higher trails. Lovely views at various points.

awesome trail

not enough signage to actually find the triangle. lost with kids was no bueno, gracias new mexico

Nice trail, well shaded. Leash requirement for dogs rarely followed/enforced.

2 months ago

Nice short hike, you get good views of the surrounding countryside and the trail’s clear and easy to follow. I went after it rained and it smelled so fresh and good.

Nice in summer because it is under full canopy. Many dogs off leash which is annoying.

2 months ago

I did the “‘more difficult” route up. Because you’re hiking through a riverbed, the terrain is uneven and challenging, but I enjoyed it. Took the easier route down, which was lovely. However it was Saturday morning and TONS of people on the narrow trail. Was annoying the keep having to stop and step to the side.

Awesome! Steady decline for the first half, the second half is uphill. Lots of shade and breeze. Would definitely recommend!

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2 months ago

FYI - Trail is paved from the Railyard to where it crosses Rabbit Rd, unpaved from Rabbit Rd to Eldorado. No water stops, but there is a privy at the parking lot where it crosses Rabbit Rd. Would be nice if the city put in water at the Rabbit Rd junction. :(

2 months ago

This trail for me was what I would consider "easy". I took the main route out to the turn around, and chose to hike the alternate route (by the dry creek) - heading back. Definitely did not like the alternate route as much.
If I were to choose this trail again, think I'll choose to mountain bike it and connect with several other trails at the top.

Will travel another 100 miles to take this hike again! loved it, and strongly suggest to take the fork to the right, the incline is easier. Lots of shade, and water.

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