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on Stewart Lake Trail

1 day ago

Great trail with the lake as a reward at the end.

The trail is well maintained and easy to find with the app. The length is short but it’s an uphill climb almost the whole hike. There are three major viewpoints along the trail that offer some nice views of the city. A worthy hike if you’re in the city as it’s located downtown.

10 days ago

Was moderate for the first mile and a half. the last mile was steep and somewhat difficult. view from the summit was spectacular.

10 days ago

Great views. Despite the description, from the trail head to the summit is .9mi. The last .4mi is fairly steep to the point of being strenuous.

11 days ago

Relatively flat terrain, good for trail running. The system of trails is a cluterf*ck however and it is very difficult to figure out which way to go. The trails have numbers and apparently you need to memorize which way to turn at which trail junction. The AllTrails map, as usual, is useless. If you don’t have to worry about time, or water, you can just get lost and eventually find your way back to the trailhead. Would be good on a mountain bike.

18 days ago

On a whim, went on a portion of this hike on the way out of Santa Fe and was glad we did. The landscape is scrub brushy and there’s not a ton of remarkable plant life. However, I enjoyed the views of Santa Fe housing from above. A good antidote to all the shopping and overstimulation of Santa Fe.

Something I really enjoyed was the regular trail signage. Lots of options to shortcut home should you be running low on water or energy.

20 days ago

Great short trail.

21 days ago

Park at cowles camp and walk down the main road to the right a bit to find the trailhead. Elevation was a bit challenging for a Texan coming from sea level with a 40lb bag. Not too bad if you can take your time though. Some great valley views along the way. Camping on lake Stewart was secluded and amazing. Had an accessible water creek right next to camp. Day hike to lake katherine the next day was amazing, but even steeper (6 mile round trip). Beautiful ridge! We did it as a loop and took Windsor trail back down the mountain on 3rd day. Beware if you do there are 2 trails, Windsor creek (shorter, but sign said closed) and Windsor to the right (a few miles longer, epic aspens, but you’ll get to a different parking lot and have +1 mile back to cowels). Great trip.

The weather was perfect too but the elevation and shade helps to keep us cool. In the East trail we came across a difficult section with lot of switch backs that tested our endurance. The views are average but worth it. There are also a few good looking camp ground spots we could see if we wanted to stay overnight.....

Hiked this last week. Perfect hike for a sunny day as altitude and shade were in abundance. We extended the hike north on the Windsor trail to make it a total of 8.5 miles. Would do this one again.

We hiked the loop as shown but extended at the top as well as across the road at the bottom to add about 4+ additional miles. Shade was intermittent as we started at 11am and the sun was straight overhead. Bring lots of water. There is one overlook that had a great view of the mountains along with a sign board to identify the peaks. Would do again if in the area.

on La Bajada Trail

22 days ago

It was fun drive out, black car was completely tan colored upon arrival. Awesome view from the top. Drove back to I-25 then tried to visit the bottom from the Pueblo but access to the trail was fenced off.

We hiked to the top and the views were great. We stayed on the correct path and took the easier route up but steep route back down. Both my wife’s phone and my tracker had our distance at 8.2 miles. This is well above the 5.8 listed miles so if you are looking for a short hike this is not it. Good trail though.

mountain biking
26 days ago

Great trail, however a little too rocky for my liking. (mountain biking)

This trail was an nice easy hike for the morning- very well marked and good shade. We got here a little after 7 and there were about 4 cars in the lot, left about 9 and lot was nearly full. Nice views and variety of plants. May 27 2018

This was a great trail with plenty of up! The views from the top are worth it. The trail numbers switch from 174 to 170 as you reach the power lines. We took the harder route up and the easier down. There was an offshoot trail that takes you up to a lookout on the easy side. Take lots of water.

27 days ago

Great views at the top. We come from low elevation so we took our time with the climb. Worth it though.

Trail starts with the Dale Ball trail head.

One of our favorite hikes in Santa Fe. Some of the best views in the area but you have to work for them.

Not much to see. Couple of good shots of the surrounding mountains but otherwise just a lot of scrub pine. Lots of offshoot trails, so you need to keep watch of the trail numbers.

Very nice trail with a good incline. Well maintained and easy to follow. Pretty views.

Hadn't been on that trail in about 10 years. Use to mountain bike that regularly. Still a great trail. Lots of people anymore but still worth it. Keep your ears out once you hit Windsor. Bikers come up faster then you run, unless you're Usain Bolt.

We are fairly new to hiking and found the trail quite strenuous towards the top. Was able to make it to the summit in about 2.5 hours with many short breaks along the way. GPS Said 8 miles so if you are new to hiking and looking for an easy hike this may not be the trail for you.

on Picacho Peak Trail

1 month ago

This trail offers many options for an out and back day hike as part of the Dale Ball trail system. It IS a climb to the top of Picacho Peak and along the way the views are endless. Take every oportunity to stop, sun bathe, meditate, think, or just allow those spaces between thoughts to be just the sounds of a crackling trail beneath your feet - and breathe...Santa Fe, it's no wonder why so many people love it here.

This is a great 6 mile out and back trail close to Santa Fe. It is strenuous so be aware of altitude (if visiting) and incline and be sure to bring plenty of water. It is popular therefore fairly busy but most hikers are courteous. There is a junction where you can by pass a steep grade and go around via an easier path. It is clearly marked “Steeper Way” and “Easier Way.” I suggest taking the “Easier Way” on the way up to conserve energy and taking the steeper route back down.
There is also a side jaunt called Atalaya Lookout Trail that is a loop shooting out to the south/southwest. It will add maybe .5-.75 miles to the journey if you want to take in that view.
Depending on your level of fitness or ability, it can take anywhere from 3.0-4.5 hours. Some are running it while others take multiple breaks and enjoy the gorgeous views of Santa Fe.

1 month ago

The lake area was totally free of snow this past weekend. The hike length in was just right for my seven-year-old daughter. (She was beginning to complain in the last mile before we got there, but she still had the energy to explore the lake.) We spent the night and headed back the next morning. Note that signs along the trail do not direct you to Stewart lake. Instead they tell you the trail name and/or the trail number. If you know the trail numbers to get to Stewart Lake from the Cowles parking lot (Trail #271 and #251), you should be able to find your way. Also, you come to a small pond on trail #251 right before you reach Stewart lake. You need to go another, say, 0.25 miles to reach Stewart Lake.

We hiked Picacho peak the other day while in Santa Fe, and really loved that trail. This hike is in the same area, not exactly part of the Dale Ball trail system, but it is still in very good condition. We started at the upper trailhead, where it guides you to mark post #43. This saved us about 1.5 miles total since we didn't start at the college parking trailhead. The beginning half is not too steep, though it is a constant steady climb. The last half is steeper, more rocky and consists of many switchbacks. It took us about 1.5 hours to reach the top, with a couple of stops to break and drink water(bring a good amount if it is a warm and sunny day).

The views from the top are quite beautiful, you don't get a great 360 panoramic view of everything, and there are a decent amount of trees at the top that block many views, but overall it was worth the 2.5 miles up. I would actually recommend doing the Picacho peak over this hike if you had to choose one over the other.

on Sun Mountain Trail

1 month ago

This trail is so beautiful and challenging because it is rocky and rather steep. Once at the top, today I hopped on over to Moon Mountain. Equally as beautiful.

1 month ago

A great trail for seeing an overlook of Santa Fe, what has to be at least 50-100 miles west, and some of the santa fe mountains to the north/north-east. It is a continuous climb up, but very manageable if you are in decent shape. Bring at least a half gallon of water per person if you go on a day at least 60 degrees or warmer. You are mostly in the sun the entire time too, so wear sunscreen. It took us a total of 2.5 hours up and down, with a 15-20 min break at the top. You will not be disappointed.

Nice hike. A bit of a challenge for us at 65 years old but not undoable by any means. Hiking sticks help for those with worn out knees. Altitude made it a bit hard for us since we are from Michigan.

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