off road driving
18 hours ago

Great little trail for a quick adventure. You can do the whole thing in 2 to 3 hours from the trail head. I saw reviews saying this could be done in a high clearance 2wd... that may be true but I would not recommend. While most of it is pretty tame, there are a couple of rocky sections that can be a little more technical. If you are unsure of your skills or vehicle, I would stay to the right at the top and then back track. The trail is an out and back with a "lolipop" at the top. If you go counter clockwise, the west part of the lolipop along the power line cut is pretty technical. Nothing major, but can be challenging due to steep grade and large rocks.

Pay attention to the map, the turn off from 24 is easy to miss. It is just past the 11 hundred well site, which you will see and notice by the cattle corral off to the right. Most of 24 up to the turn off is very easy and fast with a few rutted areas and washout areas but all in all very easy. Once you turn off of 24 the trail gets narrower and a little harder to follow. In particular, there is a twisty section through some cedars among a bunch of small rocks where you might question if you are even on the trail. Just keep going.

We went right or counter clockwise. At the top, you will have to get out to see the canyon. There are a ton of scrub bushes and small cedars blocking the view. I would recommend to keep going and watch for a turn out toward a power line pole. From here you can see great views of the Rio Grand and the canyon below. Once back on the trail you will go along the power line cut and this is probably the hardest part of the trail. If you are unsure, go back the way you just came.

We did the trail in a stock Land Cruiser with AT tires and had no problems. We did not see anyone other than some ranchers on horseback looking for their cows. We chose to drive back and picnic with the snow capped mountains in the back ground rather than the top. There was really no place to have a picnic at the top among the brush and trash.

I would recommend this trail if you have limited time. The canyon is worth the trip. Happy trails!