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Was really excited to try this one out but was very disappointed. It looked like there had been a fire (possibly a controlled burning) and the trail was very hard to follow, had to search for the trail ahead multiple times, many trees to step over, lots of overgrowth in the path, and very steep half of the time. Definitely needs lots of maintenance or at least a warning at the beginning of the trial.

13 days ago

Nice hike but on the high end of moderate. The last 1.5 Miles was walking a very loose and rocky dirt road of an abandoned house community. Looks like they got the roads and the fire hydrants put in but stopped. Now the roads are deteriorating to the point of difficult to walk down.

Beautiful trail. Great for a low key hike in the morning.

This trail has everything, great views, easy to follow, easy, moderate & challenging in different areas, lightly trafficked, just a really enjoyable trail to hike. I would suggest starting on T93 and then T92.

Had a great walk with the family today. Just the right amount of ups and downs.

18 days ago

Started at T93 and the hike up was good. You will know when you start the steep assent up to the top. It can be steep at times but manageable. Once you make the top, the views are great. At the top, you will see the split where T93 crosses with T92. Once you start the steep descent down, it can be very rocky. The last 1.3 miles or so is basically a dirt road loaded with rocks of all shapes and sizes. Footing can be very unstable at times. That made the trail less enjoyable.

20 days ago

Good trail. Fairly steep at the north end starting point then a 1/2 mile in its all down hill; until you turn around, then a moderate uphill.

Nice morning hike. A little bit of a steep incline in places. We weren’t used to the altitude so took a bit to acclimate. Took the mine trail on the way back saw a small cave.

Not sure how this was before the fire but now it’s pretty hard to follow once you get deeper into the canyon. We actually weren’t able to finish it. There are some cairns along the way that we followed but we lost them eventually.

Nice easy walk for a morning or evening. Took our dog in the evening and enjoyed the easy wide paths.

28 days ago

Did this in reverse, making for the hardest climbs up front. Beautiful views continuously.

Nice Sunday afternoon walk thru the woods. Lots of families fishing at the pond.

My wife and I enjoyed this relatively easy hike. We are in mid 70s and it was just right for us.

I would not rate this hike moderate. The views were not a worthy return on incline investment (with miner’s trail included). The trail was shaded throughout making it a nice choice for a summer day, though.

It's amazing that minutes from the village you can hop on this nice trail and be in the national Forest. It's a well marked trail with just the right amount of challenge for a family or "older" person.

My family loved this hike. We saw 16 deers in the area. If you like geocaching this is also a good spot. Very easy hike and a lot of photo opportunities. Bring your fishing gear and you can fish after your hike.

This one is a hard one for me. The scenery in the trail is amazing, but we couldn’t complete it because but the road is not marked at all well. There are paths of this trail where the trees have fallen down because of a wild fire a while back and the road is not marked. I went by myself with my 2 dogs and got lost a long the way because the path is not visible, one of my dogs led the way and got us back on track. I would call myself an experience hiker and this one is a hard one to follow. The trail however gives you a one and a lifetime experience of seeing deers, bucks and even a bear. We had to wait for the bear to move but it was incredible. If you do decide to do this hike just beware of the paths were the trees are down! Good luck

Amazing views were the highlight of the hike with my non year old daughter

1 month ago

We started this hike late in the afternoon with our 8 yr old and 4 pups. It was a moderate hike with some areas being a bit steep. Overall a great hike with some really nice views. Very few people on the trail which made this really nice and enjoyable. I would recommend using the map in the app because there are some areas where the trail splits. It took us a couple of hours but we took our time to enjoy everything.

Great trail. Definitely take miners trail back. Would highly recommend it.

Great trail with very little elevation gain. Still in town but gives the feel of being deep in the forest. Easy to find trailhead. Nice walk

My sister and I are in our 50’s and we hiked about 2 miles. We walked uphill past several secluded cabins for about a 1/2 mile to reach the trailhead. It was a continuous but gradual climb for about another 1 1/2 miles. We reached a very steep climb up a mountain and decided we didn’t have enough energy for that so we turned around. We saw lots of burned trees and logs. We loved the vistas and the birds singing. We saw a blue jay. We only met two couples. It was a very quiet trail. I would consider it close to a hard trail.

My sister and I hiked this trail and we thoroughly enjoyed it! We are both in our 50’s and decided it was just the perfect amount of exertion for us. I would put it in the easy to moderate category. There are a few hills to climb and a beautiful, small waterfalls that requires a bit of climbing (up and down). We saw a stork on top of a ponderosa as well as a mule deer that galloped down the mountain and jumped over the creek that we traversed. We had brought sandwiches and ate them at the picnic tables on top of the dam. There are restrooms at the trailhead also. I plan to hike here again-hopefully with my 5 and 7 year old grandchildren.

2 months ago

We hiked this trail in June with temps in low 80s. It is indeed a mostly moderate trail but there are some very steep climbs and some of the terrain going down is steep and very rocky and slippery that are a bit challenging. Take a hiking stick for stability. We would not recommend taking your dog without some little dog booties due to the parts of rocky terrain. most of the hike is shaded and beautiful. We saw an elk and wild turkey. when you reach the top of the mountain, make sure you take the correct turn to go back. glad we had this app to help us ensure we were on the correct trail as we did make a wrong turn and had to double back. overall worth the hike.

Nice, kid friendly, easy walk.

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2 months ago

I absolutely love this trail! Phenomenal views but beware of the section of downed trees, and the section of overgrowth. Some challenges, even for a local gal like myself. Definitely the biggest challenge is the elevation gain on the return trip from Bonjuer! Brutal if you’re not used to the elevation!

freaking awesome . tons of dead game at the beginning which scared the halos out of my daughter.but if your not hunting here your a freaking moron.im not a hunter I'm just saying. its kind of hard to find . i found it accidentally. i think i did the lookout mountain loop.

2 months ago

this trail is fun. a lot of small rivers.the top is a little steep but i think its kid friendly. awesome view from the top!dont take your husband with you three kids is too many.

drive to the trail head or its going to take way too long. first thing you have to do is get across a small river. your going to start passing cabins and wondering who the heck lives out here . you might even be a tad stressed that there could be hobos out there to rob you. dont worry , no hobos.i did this with my four and six year old. its pretty easy until you get into the white mountain wilderness.the ledges are steep and my daughter really needed a harness.seriously its one wrong step away from the emergency room and she was in lala land picking wildflowers. there is a cave towards the end of the trail. i would recommend packing some heat before checking that out.

kid friendly. i always see huge birds fishing here /Users/reneehamill/Desktop/all trail2.jpg

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