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Rio en Medio, New Mexico Map

A hidden gem of Santa Fe. A beautiful forest hike, back and forth over the stream. The falls are hidden back in a canyon and involves some creative rock climbing/jumping. Possibility of getting wet is high. Also there is only parking for 5-7 cars at the trailhead.

12 days ago

My husband and I loved this trail! Beautiful hike, the waterfall was great! We did more trail running on the way back down. The parking was a little challenging but worth it in the end. We will definitely go back!

Beautiful trail. First section is quiet and inside an Aspen grove, with several little streams along the way. Not a ton of wildflowers, but definitely enough to add color. It took me about an hour to get to the first outlook point; hiking up to the ski lift area took another hour and a half after that. Enjoy!

18 days ago

Nice trail through a grove of Aspens. Would be super in October. I question the level of difficulty. Hard climb. 18% incline for 1 1/4 miles. View at the top is worth the climb.

1 month ago

This is a new favorite! It’s steep but worth it. The Aspen grove is like entering a secret world. The views at the top are spectacular. We’re probably moderate in hiking ability and got to the top in about an hour and 15 minutes with a break to let the rains slow down .

Beautiful hike... parking was a pain. first few mins is spent walking down a dirt road along peoples property. Weather was perfect we were able to go right before the forest closure. The trail was very busy with both people and fur babies. Its easy to lose the trail as you get to the falls stay left. (right takes you above the falls) We questioned if it was the trail but it sure was. Within a few mins it becomes clear again. The waterfall was freezing but beautiful. Wasn't to hard of a hike although the last part takes some maneuvering to get back to the falls or you could just walk through the stream.

Nice and easy out and back to enjoy the beautiful falls.

This area is great but the recorded trail goes off any marked trail and it does not identify that in the description. I had to turn back as I could only stay on tour with my phone in my hand to check progress which is not desirable.

3 months ago

The hike in and back out took us about three hours. We stop to enjoy the scenery and take pictures so it’s a much shorter trip if you’re looking for a trail run! There is basically no signage so I suggest sticking to the right hand trail if you want to find the falls - they are hidden and require walking on stones through a small river canyon to access the falls at the end. (Hike to end along right side - once you get to steep incline of pink rock and get to top you’ll see falls from above - then head back down, cross the river on the carefully places rocks that are there and continue on to the falls). Very worthwhile! We didn’t need any bugspray but as recommended by others, go early. We were there at 8:30 on a weekday and got a spot but all were taken when we got back to the lot later in the morning. Enjoy!

this is a very nice Forest hike along the creek that leads to the falls. Not very strenuous and a good path to follow. there are a couple of creek crossings that were ice covered and most of them have either stones or small Limbs and logs that you can use to cross over during the summer time. the falls were ice covered and the water was rushing beneath the ice giving it a nice surreal look. when driving to the trailhead follow the directions. towards the end, it is a one-lane road but it does end at the trailhead. there is limited parking spaces at the trailhead.

5 months ago

Beautiful hike!

A very scenic hike, we really enjoyed it.

Great hike, relatively easy as you follow the creek up to a charming waterfall & small pool area. You’ll cross the creek in several areas, but the crossings are fairly well marked and generally have fallen logs or stones for crossing.

8 months ago

This is a gorgeous trail, especially during the fall. It can get decently crowded during certain times of the year though. Easy to get to and not too difficult to hike.

9 months ago

This hike is incredible! I did get a bit lost before I realized it was a wet hike and would have to walk back through the water before getting to the waterfall. The waterfall is hidden and BEAUTIFUL!

If you are looking for challenging this trail I s not for you but it is a very nice trail for a moderate hike. The scenery is lovely.

9 months ago

A little off the beaten path. Great hike. Only 4 miles and the waterfall was beautiful.

10 months ago

What an incredible hike! The trail crosses the creek a number of times but there's log bridges or stones for ease. The fall colors were truly spectacular and the waterfall was beautiful! Highly highly recommend!! Cannot wait to come back here in the summer and get in the waterfall!

Well shaded and the waterfall is beautiful!

11 months ago

Weekends will be busy, and the drive takes a while coming from ABQ.
Great trail running for the scenery, but an ankle buster in places.
Watch out for the people who let their dogs off leash.
Trail is quiet, even with a crowded parking lot.
The aspen forest is truly amazing.
Trail head is directly behind the park information sign. The flat trail is NOT the same trail.
You'll know you're on the right trail because it's narrow and steep at the beginning.

11 months ago


Monday, August 07, 2017

Beautiful with nice creek views leading all the way up to the waterfall.

Wednesday, August 02, 2017

Beautiful lush green trail that really surprised me, seeing as how it is reached by driving through piñon juniper woodland. Very shaded most of the way, and a roaring (at least when I went) waterfall at the end. There are multiple stream crossings, and trail paths on both sides of the stream, so choose the most well worn side, otherwise you may find yourself bushwacking it. Also, I would advise an early arrival, because the "parking lot" is a dirt area that may fit no more than 6 cars comfortably. We had to park down the road and walk to the trailhead.

Sunday, July 30, 2017

Beautiful hike!

Monday, July 24, 2017

Dappled sunshine in the shade of tall Ponderosas amid lush greenery and many wildflowers highlight the delights of the trail along the rushing brook. And the reward is a beautiful waterfall in a narrow rocky crevice.

Sunday, July 23, 2017

Beautiful hike. Large variety of plants to observe; pines, spruce, flowering shrubs and wildflowers. Trail crisscrosses the creek several times. Usually rocks and logs to make for an easy crossing. Towards the end of the trail, veer left to get a great view from the base of the falls. Then go back and take the right trail to get a view of the falls from above.
A very easy hike that takes only a couple of hours even with stopping to take in all the scenery and meditate.

Friday, July 21, 2017

Fun to hike over streams on rocks. Nice and shady in a lot of places. Bring bug repellent for the pesky mosquitoes close to the water. Enjoyed it immensely!

Sunday, July 16, 2017

Great trail. Steady but mild incline throughout. Great waterfall at the end. You have to walk down the stream to get to the end but totally doable. Didn't have to step in water once. I wouldn't describe it as "lightly" traffic, more like moderately.

Friday, July 14, 2017

Great trail that is clearly marked and offers a bit of a challenge for those who get winded walking uphill for long stretches. Plan on getting your feet wet with some of the river crossings. The earlier you get on the trail, the easier it is for parking and hearing nature!! Great photo op's and the waterfall is a fun hidden treasure.

Monday, July 10, 2017

Great if you're looking for a pretty short out and back hike that's moderately strenuous with good elevation gain, great views and lots of aspen. It starts at the very popular Aspen Vista trail head but most people go right past it as it heads up the ridge to the left just past the gate to Aspen Vista.

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