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Moderate hike and well worth the trip all the way to the lake. . The lake is beautiful and easy to hike around once you get there. There are lots of chipmunks around the trees at the lake’s edge. You can also take the trail next to the river instead of the main switch-back trail. The river side trail is much more difficult but well worth the solitude and beauty of the forest.

Starts out as a 4 wheel drive trail so be cautious of the “renters” learning their new skills. When the trail turns left it becomes a steep upslope with unsure footing. Within a hundred yards if so there is a deserted mineshaft and then a cave, shored as if it were another mining venture. We ventured up the steep slope but gave up a few hundred yards further as there seemed no abating the footing or grade. Checking the GPS we were still on the trail. I would class the first half mile or so as easy yet uninteresting, and the loop shown on the trail as difficult.

16 days ago

The views of the mountains make this hike well worth it! Lost Lake was pretty but I was a little disappointed. Tired and may be sore tomorrow but mentally recharged.

It is a beautiful lake and worth the hike.

We must have gotten off the trail b/c the round trip mileage was a little more than 5.25 miles. We still had a blast! The Lake was amazing and we had it all to ourselves. Will definitely be back.


21 days ago

This trail starts out easy but has ascents and descents on a narrower than expected trail that belies its easy rating. The trail follows by a small stream that runs parallel with Red River and the mule deer and birds are abundant. There are several points with great views of Red River and the surrounding mountains.

Toward the end of the trail pay attention as it switch backs up the mountain side and the sign showing the switch back can be easily missed as you look the other direction at the view of Red River. I missed it going out and had to pick up the trail coming back. There are several side trails and erosion has changed the trail from the one listed on this app but otherwise it is easy to follow if you look for the signs.

22 days ago

The trail is a wide trail that is switch back after switch back to the lake after the initial walk down a road to a footbridge over a stream. There is one stream crossing that will require stepping on rocks or logs if you don’t want to get your feet wet. The trail passes through forest almost the entire way, which limits the views, although there are several small waterfalls in the stream that runs along the trail for quite a ways.

The payoff for the limited views is huge as the trail abruptly pops you out to one of the most stunning views of a lake that you will ever see. Do it as the sun is rising and you will never forget this unbelievably beautiful lake taken straight from a postcard.

Fun hike for a beginner like me. Close to town

Beautiful hike for the family and two little dogs. Found the caves kids really excited would definitely do this one again. Short and sweet!

Great day hike!
Me and my kids (12-16) hiked it on 7/11/18 had lunch at the lake and explored. Planned to fish but no luck, didn’t even see a trout one. Loads of great views, you do have to cross the creek half way up but it is wide and there is plenty of rocks/logs to step on. We stuck to the main trail and made it in about 1 hr 15 minutes. If you take a few of the hiking trail short cuts at the switchbacks you can save some time ascending and still stay on a designated hiking trail.
Remember to follow Leave no Trace principles!!
Happy hiking!

The incline is very steady which makes this hike easier than you’d think for the elevation you gain. I backpacked there this weekend and it was beautiful. Lost Lake is a gem.

One of my favorite all time hikes ever.

1 month ago

Did a hike here once or twice back as a kid in the 90’s...let’s just say that it’s one of my few standards for comparing hikes to now.

impassable after 5.5 miles. in effect, no trail to goose lake

1 month ago

Just spent four days camped at Middle Fork. Backpacked up and found a great tent site. The first three miles of the trail are a pretty easy haul but the last mile is a little tough, especially when you're carrying a full backpack and not used to the altitude and, most especially, for a 64 year-old. I took my flyrod and tried to get a rise during my first couple of days there, but never saw a single trout feeding. I have a feeling that this lake is pretty much fished out. What a shame. The last time I was there, about 30-35 years ago, I caught fish after fish and released most of them. Of course, that was back when motorized vehicles were allowed on the trail. They have since built an outhouse at the top for the prissy folks. I had planned to pack over to Lost Lake on the third day but, unfortunately, I discovered my first evening there I discovered I had left my pill box at home and didn't want to risk going any longer without it so instead of a week in the mountains it came to only the four days. Saw a bear ambling by on my first morning there, about 250 feet away through the trees. I'm sure he knew I was there but completely ignored me. I made sure I hung my bear bag the rest of the time I was there. It's well worth the hike, especially if you spend the night up there. Lots of day hikers visiting during the day but quite isolated at night.

Great trail. There is a spot where there are lots of downed trees.... follow the creek at this point because the trail gets lost due to the downed trees. Use this app as your GPS to locate the trail and lake. Lake is beautiful and worth the hike.

1 month ago

This is an amazing 10 plus mile out and back and a Great workout!! The lake is beautiful and lots of dense forest before it opens up to amazing views of the Sangre De Christo mountains. It’s a 5 mile climb up but not to strenuous.

The road to the trailhead is a well-maintained gravel road, but still a little rough. We did see a Prius back there, but high clearance is probably a good idea. The trail is really just a set of switchbacks without much to see. However, it is well-maintained and shaded most of the way. About half-way to the lake you cross a creek with a beautiful set of cascades. The switchbacks aren’t too steep, but the altitude left me a little winded. The lake at the end is definitely worth the hike. It was gorgeous and we had the place to ourselves. Dogs loved it.

There are 22 switchbacks. Mostly shade, lots of wildflowers, dragonflies, and beautiful lake at the top. The mileage we clocked was 5.4 miles.

2 months ago

Nice fun trail...until you can’t find it anymore

Beautiful, not very strenuous gradual incline. Only difficulty is the length. I did this trail and backpacked to lost lake set up camp then hiked up to horseshoe. One of my all time favorite hikes.

2 months ago

Absolutely stunning, a must do hike in the Taos area. Not very strenuous and views galore!

2 months ago

My girlfriend and I are not super active people but are young and still go out to hike about once a month at the most, we were tired and a bit sore by the end but definitely doable. Took 2 1/2 hours to the top and about 1 1/2 down. The first mile follows a beautiful creek with mini waterfalls throughout, then a large portion after is slow sloping switchbacks with minimal views until about the last mile, where there is a ridge with great views. The lake itself is incredibly clear and worth the trek, woodchucks wandering around the surrounding forest and awesome green hills surround the lake. We went on a sunday in early june around 1:30 and there was noone at the lake by the time we got there. Some camping sites at the lake as well. Enjoy!

This is my favorite trail in Red River. The trail gives you access to both lost lake and horseshoe lake. At the end of the trail you will see a sign with direction to both lakes. I was told you can also access Wheeler peak from this trail. I plan on attempting that next year.

This trail has some of the most beautiful views of any trail in Red River. However, the first few miles are wooded. The trail really gets beautiful after you cross the bridge. My favorite part of the hike was the end of the trail to lost lake.

See my recording for pictures

Great hike, gradual climb the whole way. First 2 miles was a lot of dead-fall making it very slow going. Lake was nice and the views were amazing. Spent the night at the lake and the wind was at a minimum making the weather very enjoyable. Dogs also had a great time.

2 months ago

Great hike, gradual climb the whole way. First 2 miles was a lot of dead-fall making it very slow going. Lake was nice and the views were amazing. Spent the night at the lake and the wind was at a minimum making the weather very enjoyable. Dogs also had a great time.

This trail is a series of switchbacks. It is not one of the prettier trails in my opinion. However once you get to the lake it’s a beautiful view. This is also one of the shorter trails. I have done this trail several times and have seen people of all ages on the trail.

A couple of things to note about this trail. First, this is not the Jeep trail. The Jeep trail is closer to town. Second, I was unable to find the lake. Around mile 5 I ran into a ton of down trees and lost the trail. There are down trees everywhere, making it very difficult. It is a Beautiful trail trail though. We saw a beautiful black bear by the primitive campsite around mile 3. It’s around 100 flights at mile 5 where I lost the trail.
I am rating this a 3 Star due to losing the trail. If the trees are cleared and a clear path is made to the lake this is definitely a 5 Star.

3 months ago

This trail makes you work for the privilege of viewing the beautiful Alpine Lost Lake!

I would agree with another viewer that this trail is more than moderate.
My app showed 11.8 miles out and back and 51 floors.

Snow on the 2ft wide ledge of the sheer cliff trail made this part of the trail treacherous. Be careful and take your time, its a journey not a race

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