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Placitas, New Mexico Map

For a moderate trail, it sure seemed hard! On the Piedra Lisa side, it was slow going because of all the loose rock and it was quite steep. The Del Agua side was quite fun, with lots of boulders to scramble down and varied landscape. Both sides offer amazing views and unique hiking.

great adventure.

Little over a half mile from parking to the cave. Make sure you take a dust mask if you go over the half wall.know your physical limitations in the cave. My son and I had a blast.

11 days ago

This was the kind of trail that, for me, taught me a few things. At just shy of 7 hours, it was pretty grueling. In fact, the last 4 hours were grueling. 2 caveats to that: I’m from sea level. I hiked to the South peak and back, covering about 15 miles a few days earlier.

Another important point about the North Crest Trail was that the road to the trailhead was too washed out for my mother in laws low profile car to get me all the way there, so I had to hike an extra 1/4 mi or so at the beginning.

By the end, my knees were hurting pretty badly every time I lifted my legs up to take a step and even worse whenever I had to walk down hill or, God forbid, down anything that looked like a step. For the last 2 miles I was pretty focused on completion and was leaning VERY heavily on two sticks that I had picked up along the way.

My plan was to walk down La Luz when I got there. Ha! The arrogance! The fallback plan was to walk along the ridge the additional 2 miles and take the tram down. No way I could have walked any further than the peak. I ended up hitching a ride back to ABQ from the parking lot at the peak.

So... I learned to not try to save weight while traveling if I plan to hike, I absolutely need walking sticks for any kind of serious hike. I learned that a 4,000 foot gain qualifies as serious. I probably should have been fresher for this and not recovering from a hike earlier in the week. And included Tylenol in my day pack.

I’d do it again though. The trail was empty and beautiful.

Was a good hike, but take a durable car up. The road is rough to get to the trail.

2 months ago

Very urban -- huge houses visible/nearby and lots of traffic noise on the entire trail, with the exception of two short stretches in canyons. Mostly flat with several very rocky, steep climbs.

2.8 miles if you miss the out & back at the far end of the loop.

The weather was perfect for this hike and there were some loose rocks, but make sure to check out the trail map next to the parking lot before you start this trail! I ended up going left at the first fork in the road and got onto a different trail without realizing it, but it’s still an absolutely gorgeous area. It was perfect for a nice fall day, and I didn’t see anyone else while hiking. My pup loved it, too! I’ll be back to hike the actual trail soon.

2 months ago

This is a hard trail. Steep and more steep but is one of my favorites.

2 months ago

I loved this hike. I started on the North Crest and finished the loop in the same spot that I started following the Agua Sarca Trail. I didnt record it but will soon. I hiked the first half and met the Agua Sarca Trail which is a there and back with a long tail that is very hard due to navagation. There were definitely hard spots on both! Steep rocky terrain, but its well worth the pain just for the PT, views and pics! After hiking half way up the NCT I followed a few well placed cairns and a bearing and found my way to the Agua Sarca Trail. I wouldnt recommend this way for someone who doesnt know how to read a map and compass. Basic land nav. is a must on this one. I needed to recheck my bearing several times during the portion. Again I was using a map and didnt have this wonderful app on this phone, but easy enough. I hiked a bit thru the bush. The trail was hard to see but manageable. I finished where I started at the Agua Sarca, North Crest and Tight Rope TH's. Take this variation, its a great hike with amazing pictures. I recommend a lunch and all of your own water, cooking as well, because its sparse on this one. I carried a pack that was roughly 30lbs with 4l of water, my lunch, my cookware and a few other SHTF items just incase. I do recommend a lunch. It took me about 7 or so hours. Ill take this one again soon and track it juat incase it hasent been... but Im sure it has. I hope this helps! See out out there.

glorious view

Great trail (: We didnt go all the way in the cave but it was pretty cool. Awesome veiw.

Trailhead is washed out and no discernable trail markings. Topography in the area indicates there's no way this is an "easy" trail. Total bust.

rough climb, cool views but the top lookout is hard to find and you have to battle the trees

3 months ago

Very enjoyable hike.

The Del Agua trail was not marked well, we actually took a wrong turn went left instead of right down so don't go along fence line. I suppose it comes out at parking area. Since it was our first time we hiked back up to find trail. This happened about half way down past the crawling over the big rocks. Would have given more stars if the path was better defined.

Don't miss the turn to the left before the water container or you will mountain climb like me and my dog did. As well as another couple and their 2 dogs. Moderate becomes hard in a hurry. There was a trail this route, as others must have made the same mistake. I will try again and judge when I make the correct turn. They need to mark it more clearly. I was one of 4 people I met who missed that critical junction that day.

Hike this trail 4 times already. Love it. Just right length and elevation.

5 months ago

We had a great afternoon of hiking and exploring the cave. It was a great experience. We didn't go prepared so we had no flashlights except our phones, no water and no clue of what to expect. We spent about 30-45 minutes in the cave and there were quite a few people we meet on their way out. It was cool. It was fun and it was not too difficult besides some squatting and crawling in some tight spots. Definitely a must do.

Great summer hike with lots of shade.

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