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9 days ago

Hiked up to Serpent Lake on July 23rd with intent of hiking over the Jicarita and dropping down into the Santa Barbara CG on a two night excursion. Got dropped off at the Serpent Lake Trail Head around 11AM on a one-way trip. Made it up to Serpent Lake around 2:30PM. Around 6PM we got hit by a lightning, thunder, rain and wind storm that lasted till about midnight. We were equipped so it all became part of the adventure. With more rain in the forecast we decided not to trek over the mountain. Fortunately if you walk NE from the lake as you can look out to the East (~1500ft) you can get cell service (Verizon). I called my wife to pick us up at the drop off point later that morning.
Didn’t get the satisfaction of climbing over the mountain, but got a renewed appreciation for lighting and thunder at these elevations. Heed weather, especially if it has potential for lighting and thunder. We will plan another trip around a better weather forecast.