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Awesome little spot and a short hike to get to it, but be careful on the roads there. It’s not car friendly by any means

Great hike, horrible road - be careful or drive an SUV type of car

Closed until further notice. Completely roped off and no other hiking in the area. 10/27/2018

25 days ago

Gorgeous view at the end; it moved me to tears! Plus, there were some bighorn sheep sightings.

this trail is miles from ojo

Great view at end. Lots of little briars that caught on our dog in the last part of hike

Beautiful views. It is short, but perfect if you have pups! dont forget to pick up after them. ;>)

Very nice hike. The quick up gets your blood pumping then the relatively flat lets you enjoy the views and ruins

Entrance to the left of the parking area. Beautiful views of the Rio Grande gorge and an easy and short hike down, even with two kids. Multiple hot springs await at the bottom along the river; one super warm, the other more like bath water. Springs are clothing optional, so I wouldn’t suggest this hike for the prudish.

Fun and easy hike to the springs and river. Hardest part is getting to the trailhead. After that it’s an easy hike.

This was a nice easy trail view at the end was great. We did have to make our way around a small lake from water run off and got caught in a rain/hail storm on our way out.

3 months ago

Beautiful views from the Pueblo site. Pottery shards throughout the site.

We followed the written directions since the gps lost signal. The hike down is rocky at times but not difficult. River very low, possible to walk to other side, thigh-deep max. Met some wonderful people. One guy told about history of the place. Supposedly shady character Manby established a brothel by the river in this spot in late 1800s. Some brickwork still intact. Springs feature in ”Easy Rider”, early on when the guys visit a comune and go skinnydipping with two hippie girls. You can tell river was higher back then though. Lower now due to climate change (less snow in winter, very low in winter of 2018) and dambuilding in Colorado. Mesmerizing place, we absolutely loved it.

Nice short hike down the side of the gorge with excellent views of the gorge and river running through it.
Took the kids to the Hot Springs – they are not super hot but pleasantly warm. The warmer one is the one hidden in the shade. The other pool is a little cooler.
Note that the drive-in is a long dirt road and you would be better off with high clearance.

Nice hike. Did 4 miles total. Wear good shoes.

Beautiful hike down the side of the canyon, ending in two spring-fed pools (one warm, one hot) alongside the river. We saw mountain goats and hawks.
The road in to the trail head is quite rough, so go very slowly unless you have 4-wheel drive.

The trail is actually a nine-mile trail that ends south at Dead Cholla. Only the first two miles hug the gorge. Views are spectacular. Do this hike early in the morning or in the afternoon with cloudcover as it is totally exposed. Trailhead is at the rest stop. People can stay here for 24 hours.

4 months ago

great flat hike in summer I would only do it very early in the morning. As others have mentioned, there is no shade. I do it early spring or in the fall.

4 months ago

No shade except in rocks.

Very nice hike. The road in is rough so a Awd/4wd car is likely a requirement.

This is a short but enjoyable trail. The views of the Rio Grande Gorge are spectacular as at times the canyon drops off right next to the trail all the way down to the river.I would suggest a afternoon hike as the light is spectacular.

It’s a beautiful hike with great views of the Rio Grande canyon and river and the Hot Springs are warm, small but beautiful

8 months ago

Pros: Beautiful views, manageable hike, great wildlife spot (We saw a herd of bighorn sheep)
Cons: Can be crowded if you go at the wrong time. Water is more warm than hot. You need a truck or SUV to get there. The road is rough.

Easy, quiet hike. Lots of previous animal activity in the area...watch where you step when you are near the river!

More of an access road than a hiking trail. A lot of indications of human activity as it serves as a storage area for the resort. The river is pretty but we drove 40 minutes from Taos to get here and wished we had chosen another hike.

Trial itself is nothing to write home about but the site is very interesting with pottery artifacts all over. You need a lot of imagination because there are no ruins.

Very pleasant short hike. Unspoiled.

10 months ago

More of a stroll. Lovely pre soaking activity.

Beautiful hike, albeit rocky at times, but worth it for beautiful hot springs , views, and proximity to the Rio Grande

Super easy trail with some beautiful vistas of the Rio Grande river ending in a sweet hot spring pool.

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