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1 month ago

Very hot no shade would start much earlier next time

Great walking tour through a city with an amazing history. I stumbled upon this by accident and was thoroughly impressed by this “secret city“/“atomic city“! Definitely do this if you are in the Santa Fe/ Los Alamos area and make sure you hit the science Museum as well.

Nice easy hike with a great view. Very well marked. Took me and my dog about 90 minutes.

The trail is well marked by cairns.

great for beginners

3 months ago

This is a well marked trail on federal land belonging to Los Alamos National Laboratories. This easy trail runs along a ridge to spectacular views of the Rio Grande gorge at the Caja del Rio. Most of the route is a doubletrack along two different sets of powelines, but the views at the end are well worth the very easy walk.

Moderate to hard hike, trails are not well marked, especially river trail to red dot trail. Take extra water. Very rocky decent and climb. Beautiful scenery and small streams.

5 months ago

This is a paved path. Very easy walk. It was ok but I didn’t like how close it was to the road (a lot of road noise!) and a short fence kept you from being able to see anything.

Beautiful country. Many hiking and camping opportunities. Great history museum in Alamos with the Nuclear site. NIce drive through the area or can stay for days.

a nice easy paved trail with slight incline.

Good condition and relatively easy to follow. Bring sufficient water.

8 months ago

Easy trail for hiking and mountain bike. A good portion is shaded but some parts are exposed. A few graded spots bit mostly level. Easy access to the Bridges Loop over Pueblo Canyon as well. Great for kids and dogs too.

nice walk thru amazing history. los alamos is a neat little town in its own right. more exercise for your brain, not so much your body

I love this hike! The gps feature of this app was very helpful as I did get turned around. Once you get to the rocks just follow the trail makers and you'll get to the arch! I also didn't see anyone else the whole time which is always a great touch.

Easy, paved and well marked. Great running trail or to take the pups for a walk :)

We never found the Arch. We went a few miles off the path even just looking for it but never did. The trail itself isn't clearly marked so we were constantly wondering which way was the correct way. Lots of fallen trees and plants/flowers in the trailway (which is fine). Do it if you want to go for a hike but not if you want beautiful views along the way.

I'm 56. The 1,000' descent and ascent are challenging. The rest pretty easy. Beautiful hike.

11 months ago

beautiful view of town, a bit of a climb once you get off the Mitchell trail

We did the red dot and blue dot on separate days. I would rate them each as difficult, but the views are spectacular. Just take lots of water!

We did the red dot trail. The view was spectacular

Tuesday, March 21, 2017

trail starts out easy, walk through fire charred trees but quickly turns fairly aggressive as you scramble the rocks. Beautiful views from top. Pay close attention to cairns marking trail as there are several paths up the final stretch before the arch.

Friday, October 21, 2016

Went with a friend. All the way to the end. Walked through the arch. While a little parched, in the wind blowing through we stood feeling renewed... How was it good?
it was easily was...

Saturday, September 24, 2016

Bring lots of water!

So much fun!

Saturday, August 20, 2016

This trail is great for dogs and is a lot of fun of your getting in to hiking again.

Saturday, August 13, 2016

Pleasant 5-mile rim circle conveniently starting and ending from Holiday Inn front door. South rim is paved. Cross highway at fire station and continued north rim which transitioned from paved to dirt path following airport fence. Side hikes available including Zip Line Trail with 15 switchbacks to canyon bottom- not included in my 5-mile rim hike.

Sunday, March 27, 2016

A pick-your-own-adventure sort of hike, there are many criss-crossing paths and nothing feels off-limits. Flatter trails would be great for running, there are some ascents through rocks if you feel like clambering. Overall a relaxing place to spend an afternoon. A drawback is that homes and roads are visible and audible from many places in this park.

I did the Blue Dot to the River Trail and up the Red Dot Trail and yes the Canyon Rim Trail isn't marked as the others. Still made it back and enjoyed the day.

Monday, March 21, 2016

Great spot to wander around for a casual hike. We did this one after a day at Tsankawi Ruin in October and enjoyed smelling the trees (the Douglas Firs here smell like vanilla up close). I don't remember anything about this trail being strenuous, but it was more than just a walk. The locals will talk this one up a fair amount; everyone seems to know this trail, at least a little bit.

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