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Awesome walk, wore runners and was fine, minimal snow on be trail. The lake at the end is simply stunning!

Beautiful! We did it in the winter and it was pretty icy. In two spots we had to cross frozen rivers. Definitely worth it though! Just be prepared and take it slow.
We did it in tennis shoes and it was fine, you just had to be careful

beautiful hike. We did the whole loop, which someone else noted was about 6.7 miles. Trail was clear, but, while marked, it was a little hard to know which part you were on at times. There was a parking fee. I think it was $3.

The trail was great but you better be good at navigating around off the trail. Towards halfway of the trail you lost site because of fallen trees everywhere. Be sure to expect delays but the end and getting to the lake is well worth it.

13 days ago

I am trying to plan a 4 day backpacking trip into Sante Fe Wilderness and this area along with the Middle Fork area looks beautiful Anybody know how one may create a loop trail that hits both these beautiful areas?

Great trail and for me it was better in the winter. Usually this place is suppose to be swamped with snow but right now it was just right!

15 days ago

This trail was great! The start of the trail (at Windsor trail head) was a steep climb getting you ready for what was in store when you got to the last 1 - 3/4 mile. As previously stated in the other reviews, the last bit of the hike wasn’t well marked, but through the ice we were able to navigate the correct path, leading to breathtaking views. We were able to stand on the frozen lake. Hiking the trail in December definitely added difficulty with the steep slippery climbs. Definitely wanting to hike this again in the summer!!! Must do!

My brother and i hiked this in late December.. The weather on the ascent was just lovely at 40-55F. I had to take off my outer layer to keep from burning up on ascent but glad i had it on the descent. The last 20% or so of the trail on way to lake is tougher due to lots of slick ice in spots and slightly deeper (1-2 ft or so) of snow, plus slight incline and a few spots you have to cross ice on logs. All doable though. Bring more water than you need and energy bars or fruit and rest awhile at the top. I made the mistake of forgetting food and i started burning out about 1 mile from top. The grassy area surrounding the lake is perfect for a power nap. Gorgeous views and a hike that tests your stamina more than anything if you are in decent shape. I wouldn't ever advocate traveling in the dark but we had a full moon and with headlamp getting down was easy at 1.5 hrs vs 2.5 hours going up. Truly a gem!

Bring ur yak traxs! Lots of packed snow and ice to Williams lake. Then patches of snow/ice to the top of Wheeler. Happy New Year!

For a hike with kids, this was awesome. Beautiful views. Trail was easy enough for the kids but not so easy that it was boring.

Trail was extremely easy. Good for my 3 year old but too easy for my 8 year old. The creek at the outer edge of the loop was nice.

Tough trail but well worth your trouble!

LOVED this one! The lake was beautiful, and not too crowded when we were there in the summer!

Great views and fun frozen lake at the end in winter

very beautiful, went up dec 26th and the lake was frozen!

21 days ago

Super fun and the dogs loved swimming in the lake while we ate lunch!

21 days ago

Great hike. Afternoon, no-one was on the trail. It was awesome having the place to myself. A little steep and slippery at the end as I was there after a rare significant rain shower. Worth going to the falls, view is fantastic.

Nice hike but be aware that currently long stretches are covered in solid ice.

Dis silly damn trail gon’ take you into the bulls kaboodle. 10 bulls at the top, eyes glarin red, head real low, kicking they feet. Don’t panic tho not a damn good thing will happen they sense fear. Listentomenow, what you gon’ do is run straight at ‘em, fast as you can and when fire come out they nose and horns tryin to split your privates you JUMP. And for chrissakes you plant your foot right between a bulls eye and launch yourself over the other side that beast. Like punchin a shark in the nose. But on land, dummy. Turn a god damn war machine into a scared puppy, feel me? Thing’ll drop like sacka potatoes. Think a beta bull gon’ mess with ya after takin’ down the big boy? Not a chance. Have a good hike.

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