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It was an easy trail for kids!! Still curious to find out how people were able to make it to the base of the falls. I did not see a trail leading down...

loved this trail, a new favorite. i love trails that run along side water. watch out for bears, ran into a big black male!

9 days ago

Great trail and wonderful springs in the end. Easy going back downhill

19 days ago

This is a beautiful area. FR289 - St Peter's Dome Road is worth checking out all together. I had mixed feelings about this hike. It is beautiful but also a bit disturbing to be confronted by total deforestation caused by a fire. Amazing topography, views and plant life all the same. This is also a pretty cool alternate route into Bandelier, which is about 3 or 4 miles NE of the trail-head.

20 days ago

This was great, went on an hour long hike yesterday and there were STILL so many paths I didn’t take! But I was able to see a beautiful birch grove, magical. Also, no $20 fee, it’s free!! And awesome! And it has bathrooms!

nature trips
23 days ago

Beautiful short hike to the falls

hey just wanted to point out that the turnoff coordinates are incorrect and lead to a private residential area. The turnoff is at 35.828399,-106.595902.

The waterfall was beautiful. I couldn’t find away down that was safe for my dog but other than that it was an amazing hike

1 month ago

Loved the uphill trail! The views were fantastic! Upon arrival 3 gorgeous springs were seen with Crystal clear water and little minnows that nibble at you, it was quite relaxing and a nice place to have lunch and hang a hammock. Further down I wasn't able to locate any additional springs but beautiful small waterfalls here and there.

Pretty views of Battleship Rock

2 months ago

Soda Rock was a nice place, the sign was hard to see. Don’t go during monsoon season, because the current was so forceful I couldn’t get in.

2 months ago

Right off the road. Better than expected.

3 months ago

Mostly uphill on the way out, easy hike on the way back. After seeing a couple other hot springs in the area, I vote this my favorite. Beautiful views the whole way with crystal clear springs at the end. Plus the upper pond has minnows that will nibble on your toes if you don't move. I wouldn't call it a hot spring as much as a warmish spring as people have said, but well worth the hike.

on Cerro Grande Trail

3 months ago

We arrived this morning to find that about 95% of the park is closed due to fire hazard, including for hiking. I have never used fire as a hiking method and find it unacceptable to pay the $25 fee only to be able to hike the tourist trails, which is all that is open.

Nice trail, heavy traffic. The springs worth the 4 miles.

Great hike. Up most the way and then down coming back. Fairly hot today but decided to have lunch at the springs.

Very rewarding hike-worth the effort to get to the springs!

Fun day hike.... it's like a huge "dog park"... our dog had fun :)

Great hike! Not too long or hard. Your not going to get lost on the trail. The springs are real warm. Great for a nighttime dip. I love these springs!

i liked this trail. Don't listen to the people saying it was not clearly marked or hard to find - it was actually one of the easiest trails to follow once I found it. not hard to find, starts at Battleship Rock. the trail starts along a stream, and goes up into the beautiful Jemez forest until you hit the springs. I went in in late April - the springs were not hot, not cold, very pleasant and provided a good recharge for the 2 miles back. There are guppies in there too. the firsy spring (the higher one) is warmer than the lower one. There were a lot of dogs on the trail.

4 months ago

Good hike, about 1.7 miles one way. You’re treated to some great views along the way. The hike is moderately difficult just because it’s mostly uphill but it’s short enough that most folks won’t have too much trouble. The pools are gorgeous and filled with minnows that will swim up to tickle you when you’re still. Two large pools that could probably fit 6-8 people each, but it’d be kind of weird with that many people. Tip: go in the evening when most others have disappeared. Great little spot.

Awesome place to hike. Funtastic hike and scenic views. I'd love to go again soon with family.

Beautiful views at the top of all the nearby mountain ranges and the Valles Caldera Park. I wasn’t used to the altitude and the incline is unrelenting. I had to stop every 10-20 yards near the top to catch my breath. I didn’t quite realize how steep it was until I headed back down and really had to watch my step. I’m still a pretty novice hiker, and it took me about 2-2.5 hours up (lots of breaks) and 1 hour back down. I’m not sure I would do this one again unless I more acclimated to the altitude, but it was worth it at least once for the great views which start about halfway up.

5 months ago

This trail wasn't too difficult for us to find, we started out at Battleship Rock picnic area on trail 137 (which is well marked) along the creek. Less than 10 minutes in we found the sign that was the turn off for McCauley hot spring trail. The trail wasn't all that well maintained and there were fallen trees that needed clearing. We took the dog and he loved it, there wasn't too much traffic on the trail for a beautiful Saturday morning.

5 months ago

This trail is a moderately hard hike. We took 5 kids ranging in age from 8 to 16. They handled it well. It will give your knees a workout. Trail was well traveled for Good Friday. Many people at the springs, but there was enough room to enjoy our time there. The trail was well marked. There is not much cover to change at the Springs, so wear your water clothes up. Great places for pictures or selfies on the way.

5 months ago

Coming from ABQ, the drive was so pretty! Got to stop at the soda dam. Hike was rough after a lot of inactivity during a chicago winter, but the springs was a great payoff! It is a warm spring as others have said, but the guppies are so cool!

Waterfall was frozen when I hiked this trail but still cool!

This was a fun trail to hike and it is very easy to navigate since the trail is well traveled by other hikers. I hiked it all the way to the trail juncture which is listed as 2 miles in, but according to the app it is 1.6 miles one way. Just an FYI for anyone wanting to hike this short trail. The trail had a combination of mud and snow on it which made it made it a little more interesting.

This is a great trail. Great scenery and the warm springs are really nice at the end. I used the map on the app and had no problem following the trail or finding the springs. My mistake was not bringing a swimsuit and towel. Highly recommended!!

Beautiful hike! We lucked out and had snow on the majority of the hike, but just enough that it was fun!

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