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Beautiful trail, and totally worth it. The last 2 miles you cross a fork of the Gila River 15 times one way, and the water was only up to about my knees at the deepest (I'm 5' 5"). We wore Chacos but our feet ended up getting pretty beat up in the water, so I would probably recommend a sneaker you don't mind getting soaked and then bringing another pair of dry shoes. In the morning going out the water was extremely cold! However, it was totally worth it as the canyon was beautiful and the spring relaxing. The visitor center has maps available for $4 or can show you one before you go. They told us it was 14 miles round trip. There were several other people camping there while we were there during spring break, but there is plenty of room to spread out to camp near the spring, so you won't disturb one another.

Pros: Beautiful views, manageable hike, great wildlife spot (We saw a herd of bighorn sheep)
Cons: Can be crowded if you go at the wrong time. Water is more warm than hot. You need a truck or SUV to get there. The road is rough.

Easy, quiet hike. Lots of previous animal activity in the area...watch where you step when you are near the river!

More of an access road than a hiking trail. A lot of indications of human activity as it serves as a storage area for the resort. The river is pretty but we drove 40 minutes from Taos to get here and wished we had chosen another hike.

Although on here it says that it is a camping spot, there are clearly marked signs that say it is a private property and that there is no overnight parking or camping. The beginning of the trail you walk past 4-5 signs that say no trespassing and you are walking down basically some ones driveway. Extremely Misleading information which can lead to a 5,000-10,000$ fine for trespassing and camping in non designated areas.

Now three pools. Overall excellent, not too busy, short and easy hike down from switchback, and exceptionally warm (just shy of hot tub hot). Look for cave above.

This is a great trail. Great scenery and the warm springs are really nice at the end. I used the map on the app and had no problem following the trail or finding the springs. My mistake was not bringing a swimsuit and towel. Highly recommended!!

26 days ago

Pools were kinda warm and the area was really trashed. Lot of broken glass, nasty clothing, dirty diapers and even a bag of dog poo in the lower pool. Pretty gross overall...

One of my favorite places to hike. Usually when the gate is open you can drive all the way down but if not it’s about a 6 mile hike there. It’s not rough terrain so it’s very easy. The springs are beautiful as well as the canyon with the creek. Highly recommended.

The trail head all trails brought me to was definitely longer than .3 miles with a significant incline (more than 120 feet for sure). We didn’t even make it because my friend didn’t have the right shoes on and was sliding down the trail because it was so steep. We were pretty bummed we couldn’t make it.

Easily one of the most scenic and exciting trails I've ever hiked -- but at a cost. The trail cuts through the river leading into the canyon. The water is VERY cold and the rocks are VERY sharp beneath the water. Be careful and be prepared. Bring a very light pair of extra shoes for the second half of the trail because we had to cross the river at knee depth 15 times (30 times total). Very worth it though!

Hiked this in January! Trail was totally ice, but we managed to find a way up! It was totally worth it. Gorgeous views. Pools were warm but not hot which was ok because with the hot sun shining down they felt perfectly refreshing with enough warmth to keep you comfortable but not overwhelming. We had the pools all to ourselves! Highly recommend!

I took my 4 children ages 5-13 to the springs last week (Jan 13, 2018). The trail was easy enough and the trailhead was super easy to find. When you get to the bottom of the trail to the river, cross and then turn left. The springs will be on the river bank. There are about 4-5 pools. It was a bit crowded but we went on a long weekend. The towns people are super friendly and you should stop off and eat in their cafes. Patronize their businesses.

Trail can be difficult close to the river. The canyon is beautiful and hot springs are small but relaxing. Primitive camping at trail head.

fantastic little hike especially if you don't mind getting a little wet. I'll definitely be back!

Very fun Trail. The canyons are beautiful. The hot springs felt very nice!

Did the hike as driving through. Quick easy turnoff. Nice rock formations.

2 months ago

More of a stroll. Lovely pre soaking activity.

A long walk if the gate is locked(10 miles there and back) but the water is perfect. Stayed in long enough, we weren’t even cold when we got out(upper 30’s) All in all well worth the walk

2 months ago

This is a really fun, easy backpacking trip if you're just getting started. The hike isn't difficult, and if you're looking to camp, there are tons of stone fire rings already setup at the end of the trail. My biggest complaint is that despite there being signs saying you can camp, we couldn't actually find a place to park without an "overnight parking prohibited" sign in front of it. We took our chances and didn't get any grief, but worrying about getting my car booted the whole time did take away a bit from enjoying the trip.

2 months ago

Very easy and beautiful views but hot springs are luke warm at best. We took a picnic lunch and enjoyed the great views and unseasonably warm December weather but didn’t bother to even dip our feet in. Simple half mile trip is worth it for the views.

I have been here 4 times, I always enjoy the springs any time of the year! looking forward to catching that annual September trip @Thomas and Jay!

2 months ago

We hiked somewhat of this "trail" today. Most of it was a private driveway with houses along it. Would anyone elaborate the route they took and a bit more specific directions? I would love to go back out and see if we can find the petroglyphs. I just had a difficult time justifying walking onto someones property, maybe I am in the worng area? I followed the map and directions as listed above.
Karen, would you be able to remember?

Beautiful hike, albeit rocky at times, but worth it for beautiful hot springs , views, and proximity to the Rio Grande

3 months ago

This is not marked well at all. Ran into some hikers coming off trail 137 and they said the hot springs would be on the trail. We never found it. Luckily some locals told us the trailhead was at battleships rock. Trail 137 was a great hike and very pretty but can’t say there are any hot springs there.

3 months ago

Such a fun day hike! We took our dog and she loved it, too. The springs are more luke-warm than hot, but it feels good to soak for a bit after working up a little sweat on the slight incline! Definitely recommend for everyone, four legged friends included :)

Super easy trail with some beautiful vistas of the Rio Grande river ending in a sweet hot spring pool.

Water was pretty warm and the views were great! Any visitors PLEASE pick up your trash. It’s sad to see beer cans floating in the water.

4 months ago

Was our first natural hot spring and had a lovely time. At 2PM on a Wednesday, was one other group of people also there and one had just left, but more were on there way as we were departing at 3. Not too crowded. The 5 mile road in is indeed fit only for an SUV, but our Forrester did fine taking it slow and using the Xmode in the steeper ditches. Recent rain and mud would have made it impossible in our small SUV. Just make sure to budget enough time for the off-roading - took about an hour. From there, the gorgeous short hike and the reward of the spring were a perfect escape.

4 months ago

Great relaxing spot, watch out for the tarantulas. Pools are not too hot.

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