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Was our first natural hot spring and had a lovely time. At 2PM on a Wednesday, was one other group of people also there and one had just left, but more were on there way as we were departing at 3. Not too crowded. The 5 mile road in is indeed fit only for an SUV, but our Forrester did fine taking it slow and using the Xmode in the steeper ditches. Recent rain and mud would have made it impossible in our small SUV. Just make sure to budget enough time for the off-roading - took about an hour. From there, the gorgeous short hike and the reward of the spring were a perfect escape.

Great relaxing spot, watch out for the tarantulas. Pools are not too hot.

Easy walk down to the river... not a perfect path but short and doable :)
The views, and warm water were soothing for sure!

Definitely one of the best hikes! Amazing scenery and pretty easy trails. The water has all temperatures and is perfect. We are definitely going back!

Did not find it there are no signs! Sad was looking forward to the hike! What a shame New Mexico has such beautiful places just needs more signs and directions to get to places!

I really loved the view. Its so peacefully there.

27 days ago

Easy trail with some beautiful color changes and river/small lake. About half way is a cute barn that has been certified as a historic building. Recommend it for a quick walk to relax.

Nice hike. Water was warm not hot. The little fish nibbling at your feet are the best. Easy to find.

30 days ago

awesome untill a creepy old guy took his clothes off and got in the hot spring we were in...there are 3 and none had anyone there...strange...

1 month ago

1 month ago

The Gila is Sooo nice, hot springs, camping, river crossings, canyons, wildlife.

1 month ago

We are pretty inexperienced hikers and this was our first time to the area. We pretty much only found it by happenstance. Here are my personal tips to find it

-There is no real trailhead for this trail. This may be a given for some folks but don’t expect a sign directing you where to actually start. We started on trail 137(East Fork Trail) but the map posted there doesn’t really say anything about the springs.(Although there’s a generic sign saying McCauley Springs Trail ahead)

-When you start on that, you hike along a river uphill for a bit and you will finally find a downed sign with McCauley Springs to let you know you’re on the right path. (You still prob have about 2 miles to go)

-During one uphill switchback, it got pretty confusing. There’s a downed tree that was like a boarder but was hard to tell if you continue over it or if you switch directions. We switched directions and continued uphill that got us back to an obvious trail. I’m not sure what would’ve happened if we would’ve continued over the tree. We might still be in the woods right now.

-Cell signal was shotty with Verizon up there and guessing it prob is with most carriers. Would’ve been nice if we prepared and downloaded a map.

-Shoutout to all the people that left stacked rocks to let us know we were on the right path!

Really beautiful up there and well worth it once we made it up.

Edit: I’m not sure what was up with the latitude/longitude to start at but my GPS would not pull it up.

1 month ago

Our SUV had some issues with road. Giant potholes filled with rain water. Ended up leaving our vehicle on the side of the trail and hiking up 3+ miles, so 6 miles out-and-back. Trail (aka road) was not difficult, but lots of other trucks zooming along on the road. Not a peaceful hike, but a few ok views along the way. Springs were hot, and the view at the springs was also worth the hike. Be prepared to share the experience with a lot of other people.