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beautiful, but trails are not well defined

Great hike, but as mentioned the trail can be hard to find and stay on. The trail starts at the bench just below Battleship rock. Stay left when you reach the fallen over sign for McCauley Hot Springs. You will soon come to a place where the trail splits, take a right and head up among the rocks (look for a stone cairn on a big rock to mark the turn up). The trail is blazed by a red circle with a walking person on it, as well as little white tacks on some trees. The springs are great for a soak and the hike was beautiful!

Great views of many rock formations but it can be hard to find the right trail. There are many paths to campsites, dead ends, make sure you stay on the hiking path. Some campers put up ribbons to guide presumably their friends to their sites, do not follow the ribbons! Also, despite some attempts, we did not find the southern part of the loop. Our hike turned into a great in-and-out hike, the pools are warm and fun to dip your feet in, you can continue towards Jemez Falls if you are looking for a longer hike. The views are spectacular.

A great hike, much like the Aravaipa Canyon, in Arizona but without the 50 person per day limit. Found the hot springs fairly easily because we had a map. They are tucked away on the side of hill, about 30 feet above the river. When a friend and I went, there was a guy camping out just above the springs and he was offering free back rubs (he was naked) to all visitors. Beside this funny story to tell friends, it was a great experience. The pool at the hot spring itself is known to contain a bacteria known to cause meningitis so submerging your head is not recommended. Not very hot. just barely hot enough, in my opinion.

a good challenging hike with the reward of the hot spring at the end I have nothing else new to say that hasn't been said extra shoes, socks , expect to get wet . the only thing peculiar that happened to me was when I was at the hot springs a family was there a husband a wife and two children and the two adults decided to get in naked which I thought was kind of weird considering they were with their children other than that a great adventure a great hike and very challenging o yeah one last thing not a good hike for a canine mine got pretty beat up it there

nice easy hike. Not well marked.

1 month ago

This is a cool trail with a lot of great scenery. However, it's poorly marked and you can find yourself off trail or on a dead end spur trail rather easily. The main map makes it appear that there are two routes at one point. I took the south and it quickly devolved into nothing and I had to cut through the woods to find the more northern route. But besides that, pretty awesome. The elevation gain can kick your but at times if you're it used to it. The springs are more like warm springs, but I preferred that that after the hike.

Loved the trail and views. The hot springs were cool and I was surprised to see little fish! Kids loved it to.

Saturday's are the busiest from what I've seen. But, the hot springs are well worth the hike up. The best is going when there is still some snow. Enjoy!

I'm convinced these hot springs are actually the fountain of youth. ♡♡♡

So far the best trail I've been to. I found it to be a bit difficult since it was so long and it had many different terrains you had to go through but nonetheless that's what made it worth it. Very amazing views. The hot spring was definitely worth it and do not forget to bring extra shoes as you will be crossing a river repeatedly and getting wet.

I am not sure what the other reviewer's experienced, but it was not what we saw. the trail is a dirt road then after walking through someone's property it becomes undicernable as to what is a trail when we tried to stick to the line on the app it said we were at the end only to be looking at dead end. after wondering way off what it said was the way, we found what appeared to be or what used to be a pool and the stream next to it was warm. but looked nothing like the picture or the description. we have used this app many times and this is the first bad experience.