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Not a great hike, hot dirt road with a lot of broken glass. The end result is a run down old series of pools fed by a natural spring. It's kind of cool but not something I would do again. Better off going to John Dunne bridge for a dip

Began with the intention of completing the McCauley Warm Springs trail. However, Trail 137 connects up to the Jemez Falls trail, as part of the East Fork Trail, making this about 8+ miles with the added bonus of viewing the falls. I agree with the other commentators that the MWS trail could be better marked... Parking for day-use is $5. Camping is also an option for the same ppd.
So, to add on to the MWS hike from Battleship rock, simply continue on the path after the quaint warm springs and climb upward to arrive at the Jemez Falls trail-head and picnic area.
Plenty of sun-dappled shade, lovely vistas, mountain breezes, and a light afternoon sprinkle.

I give five stars because it's a beautiful area and the springs are quite magical. There's a smaller, more shallow, warmer spring at the bottom and a bigger, less warm spring at the top that you can swim in. It's about 4 feet deep, I'd guess.
As others stated, the trail can be confusing though. You start at the east trail map and take the trail to the left of the river. Keep right. You'll eventually come to a fork, go right and follow the red trail markers. If you go left, on the edge of the mountain, you're going the wrong way and the trail will end.
It's a completely uphill trail so make sure to wear good shoes.
Overall, my friends and I loved it once we found it and it made the hike worthwhile. We had it completely to ourselves on a Thursday afternoon. We had to cut it short when it started to pour rain but it was fun! We'll definitely be back.
Also disclaimer that I did not know: It costs $5 (cash/check only) to park near the trail and that lot closes at 6. If you stay past that time, you'll have to find the woman in the RV to unlock the gate for you.

Trail is badly marked, one sign could save a lot of experienced hikers trouble. We missed it and ended up towards that top of the flat mtn and had to gps track back to main trail. But the Springs were warm and very nice.

We rode our dirt bikes up 376 and just did the little hike to the springs from the no motorized vehicle gate. We took a dip to cool down in the creek before heading up the mountain. It is a cascading hotspring and very warm! I plan to try it while there is some snow on the ground, but overall the experience was amazing. It is gorgeous, and not too busy like at spence.

I absolutely loved this trail! I camped at Jemez Falls for a few days and climbed this trail every day with my dog. It takes about an hour to get there if you know the way. I was lucky enough to find it easily by myself as I didn't find this app until I got home. I recommend bringing plenty of water. I also brought a few pool toys to play with my dog and to float. The water is about swimming pool temp which is nice in the heat of summer. It is cooler than some of the other springs in Jemez, and the main pool is big enough to swim in! Little fish eat the dead skin off your feet for a Japanese mountain pedicure. Scrub yourself down before going if you think you'd find it uncomfortable.

Good enjoyable hike on an ok trail. The trail is rocky and a steady climb. Watch for rock cairns and tree flagging to help you at forks in the trail. Water is probably around 90 degrees - comfortable but at a temperature that sustains little fish who nibble on your skin. Seriously on of my favorite places in the entire state!

rating it a 4, just because the hot springs - when you can finally find them - are breathtaking and very warm! we had the whole trail and pools to our self on a Tuesday evening. it was lovely. but only a 4 for these reasons: took us 3 full different attempts doing the hike and trying to find the springs due to false trails! the lower "trail" shown on alltrails IS NOT A TRAIL!! don't follow it, we found markers also along it leading us falsely, but it's literally just a climb up the side of the mountain. we climbed on ZERO TRAIL up the side of the mountain, for 4 hours! if we hadn't been recording on here we wouldve been totally lost!. it eventually led us up to where the Jemez Falls trail is, once we could find it- still never coming around the springs!. so definitely try to stay on the north end trail, it's super easily and well defined once you find it. you pass up past the hot springs- that's the trail you should only follow!!

Nice hike away from Albuquerque heat. As other have said, trail in not marked well (at least coming from the Battleship Rock side.

Absolutely gorgeous! It's like sitting on the edge of the mountain, lovely warm pools to relax in. Easy and short little hike to the hot springs. The top pool is much warmer than the bottom. I noticed little fish nibbling at my feet in the bottom pool. Only thing- please take your trash!! Picked up a full garbage bag of trash thrown along the way!! Doesn't make anyone want to get into the springs or even walk the trail with trash everywhere! Keep it as you left it, or it won't be beautiful for long!

the hike in was really difficult from the campgrounds but once we found the warm springs it was quite breath taking. From the campgrounds it took us about two hours to find them. If you're coming from the north we found that if you stay right it is much easier to get to the springs. the terrain is quite rough and was a little exhausting for us because we are not well seasoned hikers. The springs had little fish that seemed to be eating the dry skin off our feet. it was a great experience and well worth the soreness.

We found the warm springs! It's a lovely hike, but a bit confusing as others have stated. The thing that saved us was having GPS and the map open on my phone, so we were eventually able to find it when we got off the trail. Well, we were on a pretty well-beaten trail, but it wasn't The Trail to the springs.
A few notes. You park at the base of Battleship Rock, and there are picnicking spots at the base of the hike. Also yes regarding going left at the bottom of the hill where the sign has fallen down. We did the hike correctly on the way back, but still don't know where we went wrong on the way up.
Also not sure about finding the loop on the way back--allegedly you can take a loop, according to the map. We didn't have time to explore for it after dipping in the wonderful warm springs, but other folks we ran into said there wasn't a true way back that direction. Next time I'd like to find out.
Also it was pretty crowded on a holiday weekend, and lots of kids were doing an awesome job hiking the trail. But the warm springs were in great shape. Great views from the hike too.