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Did this hike at the end of June. Really good hike. The things to prepare for are snow still in patches where you need to traverse and also a fairly steep climb towards the summit. The views are fantastic and the weather in the mornings is good for a hike. We saw many marmots, big horns, and chipmunks above the tree line. Wear sturdy hiking shoes because it does get rocky at the top. You will start around 10,000 ft and climb a little over 3,000. I live at higher altitude so the thin air wasn't too bad but you definitely need to take account of it. Rain can come in after lunch. Outstanding scenery the whole way with light foot traffic for us. We refueled at 5 Star Burgers in Taos. Great spot to unwind and reflect.

Went there 3/13-15 and didn't need any snow shoes or traction aides. There was only one part of the skyline trail right after the fork to go up to Baldy which required some minor route finding to navigate around the snow. Within the next week or so that section should melt out.

Nice hike with great views. The Williams Lake trail is nice but Bull-of-the-woods is a much more spectacular choice if you have the time/stamina.

I hiked this today! I only hiked this going down from the peak. I came from Bull of the Woods which took me about 4.5 hours and lake Williams trail all the way down to where I parked to start took me about 2-2.5. The snow slowed me down pretty good on the rock scree area and the trails were easy to lose since it was a first for both. Too tired to go near the lake and hang out. Give both trails another month of the same type of summer heat and that snow shouldn't be as much of a factor. Also, I forgot to record this one!

15 days ago

Tried to make it to the lake last weekend​, but was not able to due to the snow. I honestly wasn't expecting that much snow this late into the year. The hike was still awesome with lots of streams for water and there is plenty of meadows to set up camp at a lower elevation, but don't expect to make it to Lake Katherine without snow shoes this time of year.

Hiked on 5/30/17, a lot of snow after the lake, and even to the lake. I would suggest poles and crampons still, the peak is cleared out and the trail up has some spots but most of it is still snow. My group started around 8 in the morning, the snow was good and pact then but on the way down, around 1, the snow was getting pretty soft. Great area to glissade if you have the proper gear.

We just hiked this mtn on 5/28/17. The entire trail to the top is still snow covered and I would not recommend hiking it without crampons and poles. The trail is visible at the very top, maybe last 500 ft of climb. Otherwise once you pass the lake and turn for the peak, it is wherever you can hike. We literally scaled the slope of the mountain in the snow. There were maybe 50 others attempting and those with just tennis shoes struggled. This was very challenging but round trip we still did it in 7 hours considering the conditions. Also, at noon the easy packed snow from the morning is melting slush and difficult and slick when hiking back, especially around the lake. Many bad falls from hikers and sprained ankles we witnessed. It is doable with experience hiking these conditions. We were going to do bull of woods but the river was impassable per previous attempts from people we spoke to in town. Beautiful views from the top, just amazing. Marmots everywhere.

Do not take this trail early in the year. I recently attempted the hike into the lake, and there was far too much snow. The trail seems really nice and fairly easy, but it's near impassable in the snow. I'd recommend waiting until June or later.

2 months ago

Perfect for a beginner backpacking trip.