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1 day ago

Slot Canyon trail was excellent. I went early (arrived around 0845) and was glad I did. 35 degrees when I started and 74 degrees by the time I finished. Some parts of the slot canyon really only allow for one way traffic so I’m glad I really only had to deal with the heavier foot traffic on my way down. A bit steep near the top, but the views are worth it! Bring hand sanitizer in case there isn’t anymore left in the bathroom at the trailhead.

I entered the cave from the Natural Entrance and WOW! My mouth was slack-jawed the entire journey down. The trail is incredibly smooth so you don't ever need to worry about tripping even though it gets rather dark.

The cave floor is rather crowded with people who took the elevator down but the sights were so amazing that I hardly noticed.

5 days ago

My friend and I attempted this trail on 10/15, but only ended up making it to the saddle due to time constraints and because we were pretty much smoked by the time we got there :) We used the AllTrails map and did not have any navigation issues. There are a few stray trails in the lower desert portion, but the cairns will generally keep you on track. Take everyone’s advice and wear pants as the trail is very narrow with a lot of cacti and other prickly plants along the way. Lots of scrambling and very steep once you get to the mountain. Also lots of loose rock, so you have to be careful on the way down. We enjoyed the portion of the trail we did, but come prepared for a workout!

Great, easy trail, steep at the end but not for long. Took two hours total to go up to the peak, relax for a bit, then make our way down and around the cave loop. Only issue is the narrow trail through the slot canyon slows you down when you meet traffic.

Always cool to go here , do the walk down from the bat entrance its way funner!

6 days ago

amazing natural formations. easy hike with amazing views at the end.

6 days ago

It’s amazing to see the rock natural formations shaped like tents. Make sure to stop by the visitor center. We did not get to complete the whole hike as it was raining and the water was gushing through the canyon. Will surely be back to complete the hike.

Great hike with great views. Get there early or go on a less busy week. Long lines to get into the park. We waited about an hour to get in. Once you are in the foot traffic wasn’t too bad as the rangers limit the amount of people allowed in the park at one time. Took us about 3 hours to hike both trails, stopping for photos and to take in the views. Defiantly planning on returning during a less busy week.

This trail is a beautiful trail with amazing views easy, would be perfect for a family outing.

This hike is definitely in my top 5 hikes in the US. Like others have posted, there are parts that reminded me of Zion. The hike is relatively short (3 miles). It took us an hour in and an hour out. The short detour to the Cave is nice, and a lot less crowded. It won't take you much longer to do both, as the Cave trail circles back around and ends up right at the parking lot. Go early!!! We we arrived right at 9:00 am. and were able to get right in. By the time we left, shortly after 11, cars were backed way up at the gate--probably a 2 hour wait in your car, as they limit traffic on the trails. The slot canyons were filling up with people, making it difficult to navigate our way down. I cannot imagine what they would have been like hours later. Also, if you have never experienced a slot canyon, don't forget to look up! Everyone always seems to forget that. Take the time to look up and back going through the slots. You will be glad you did!

9 days ago

Hiked this trail on October 6th with two daughters and Son-In-Law. Great time of year as the temperature was perfect (50s to low 60s). The last time was a couple of years ago in June and it was quite warm. It took about an hour and 45 minutes up and about an hour and 20 minutes down with lunch and photos at the top. It’s a very challenging hike! The first half is a well traveled trail which wraps around the mountain from the west side to the northeast side and then it starts a steep ascent up a skree field. At the top of the skree field starts the bouldering section which is marked with red spray painted arrows and cairns marking the way. Take your time and stay focused. It’s very steep! The trail wraps around to the east side with a foot path and more bouldering with a final ascent to the top. The view at the top is 360 degrees of total awesomeness. I’m guessing you can see 40-50 miles. You’ll love this hike! The Land of Enchantment at its finest!

Loved this! Lots of ladders to climb.

Do not follow goggle maps.

Nice trail! Easy walking over lava...maybe a couple of troublesome steps, but overall a good walk. Interesting scenery. Trail is well marked with cairns.

10 days ago

Beautiful views amazing formations. A definite must.

An absolutely wonderful site, with so many petroglyphs that it would be impossible to see them all in a single visit. The extended trail up the mesa is definitely worth hiking, as you will still encounter a few more examples of prehistoric rock art, and it's beautiful from that vantage point. The ranger lives on site and was very helpful and enthusiastic about the place. I've visited many areas where petroglyphs were found, and this was surprisingly one of the best.

11 days ago

I was really surprised on the canyon portion of the trail. It is so deep and narrow it reminds you of Zion. Also the hike is easy enough and short enough to do in just a couple hours, but provides so many beautiful scenes along the way, including magnificent panoramas of New Mexico and the American west from the top

12 days ago

Great hike/climb. Views were amazing!

Certainly a unique hike that you won't find anywhere else. The descent is long but the trail is quite pleasant - the views along the way will have all your attention. The chambers at the bottom are spectacular. Even with the lights, it is quite dark. If you're planning on taking nice pictures bring a decent flash or a camera with good low-light capabilities.

If possible, try to go during the week. The crowds aren't a deal-breaker, but you might have to maneuver around others on the path and wait a while for the elevator back up. Hiking back up gives a nice alternate view.

13 days ago

Easy Hike. Parking area is unmarked and you will have to squeeze thru a barb wire cattle gate. This area is heaven for photographers. This north loop will get you to the famous Bisti Wings quicker and via an easier route than the better known main parking area. This hike also includes the Conversing Hoodoos, the Brown Hoodoos, White Hoodoos and the Manta Ray Wing.

14 days ago

This "trail" (if you'd like to call it a trail, it's really just the cave system) was what got me truly hooked on hiking. We made the 7 hour drive from Dallas, TX, and I was completely floored by all the beautiful mountains and wildlife on the way up to the caverns entrance (we even saw mountain goats!). I guess the park guides thought that my boyfriend and I were pretty experienced - which we ARE, but not incredibly physically fit haha - and he told us to take the elevators down and the natural entrance back up. We didn't have any knowledge of the cave systems and how they worked, so we just took his word for it! The hike through the general caves took us probably about 2 hours, and was very easy (the caves are around 56 degrees and totally comfortable). It was nice and quiet because you have to keep your voice down, but be warned - it's a very touristy park so prepare yourself for crowds. The hike back UP the natural entrance was killer. It's a 79 story, steep incline. We had to take multiple breaks but the challenge was 100% worth it (and we avoided the MASSIVE elevator line back up). Amazing views from start to finish, and who doesn't love the cute little bats?

This place was awesome! I would highly recommend stopping by if in the Carlsbad area.

15 days ago

Must see when in Santa Fe!

16 days ago

Great Trail. Make sure to bring lots of Water and remember to carry sanitizers in your car as the national park is not allowed to dig for water so in case if they run out of it in the bathrooms.

17 days ago

Great trail bring water. About 1 hr in 1 hr out if u don’t stop at the top for lunch or a break. Could be longer if u have more hikes on the trail. No shade at the top. Need a hat and sun screen of some kind. Most of the trail is easy. Some rocks I have to get a leg up on. If u have bad knees or hips. U might need some help up in a few places
but no problem. Definitely worth the hike

17 days ago

Short and to the point! Just a quick walk down to the center of the volcano. Very cool to stand right where it exploded. Saw some lizards on the way down.

17 days ago

Incredible, breathtaking view! You can see Colorado, Oklahoma and Texas. Lots of things to learn with the signs posted around the trail. Definitely worth the fee, especially if you love history!

on Tent Rocks Trail

18 days ago

Amazing views of rock formations! We went mid September late morning and did find the last parking spot.

My favorite hike ever! It was pretty easy - I was even running through some sections.

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