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7 hours ago

Stunning photo ops! Recommend going for sun rise or sun set.

1 day ago

Great family time. I wouldn’t take kids under 5 in summer as it can be hot and a lil steep in areas, but it was a great time! We did trail on right and would go back to try trail on left!

It's a shame this trail's so short! It's beautiful. After you cross the bridge, you'll walk through a canyon by a creek. There's a couple of bridges to walk across. You get a photo op of the cliff dwellings, then a climb up to them. There's a ranger on duty to answer questions. After viewing the dwellings, you walk along the cliff. Then descend back to the bridge.

This was our favorite trail at White Sands. Some incline, but pretty easy. The gypsum is easier to walk on than regular sand.

Did the natural entrance trail. Lots of switchbacks & steep! Wanted to do the other loop, but since the elevators were out we had to walk back up the way we came. Very strenuous.
The cave is fabulous. We've been in a lot of caves. This is the first one they just turn you loose without a tour. We were able to set our own pace.

Scenic drive to the cave. The drive there is all uphill. It's all good until someone crosses the yellow line. Stay in your lane!

5 days ago

Main Loop Trail is best with guild book so as not to miss the petroglyphs along the way. Don’t forget binoculars for views of canyon and other dwellings not close to trail.
Climbed to Alcove House in late afternoon, the tallest ladder’s rungs were very hot to the touch due to warm temperatures and afternoon sun.
I’m extremely afraid of heights but this opportunity was too great to miss.
Don’t look down
Stare straight ahead
Take one step at a time
Don’t attempt when crowded.

6 days ago

Beautiful hike to do on Mother’s Day! Not too many people on the trail. Cool view of the trickling waterfall.

Lengthy hike to Supernova Pictograph site near the end of the trail. Trail is generally sand and dirt without much elevation gain until near the end of the trail. It is out and back. Hardly any traffic after the first two miles. I went in the early afternoon and it was quite warm, even in early May. You will want to take plenty of water and some trail food, of course. There is no cell service generally anywhere within the Park so you must take care of yourself out there. The trail is well marked and easy to follow. Not much wildlife but I did see some coyote scat, some birds, a couple of lizards and one large snake.

11 days ago

Great hiking

12 days ago

An amazing but strenuous hike!! It took us about 10 hours round trip, with lots of resting and relaxing up at the top. It is definitely physically demanding on the way up and especially on the way down. We got lost/off trail a few times but made it back down. Follow the trail markers and make mental notes on the way up so you remember how to get back down with limited bushwhacking and scrambling. I’d advise wearing pants for sure and taking about a gallon of water each person and food/snacks. Be careful of rattlesnakes and stinging metal. The views are amazing and definitely worth the endurance.

13 days ago

The drive in was beautiful! We came in from Cedar Crest lots of people out and enjoying the stream. Saw some deer. I was afraid the road was going to be terrible NY reading other reviews it was not that bad. we saw lots of cars. it is rocky in some spots and there are some ruts but I wouldn't be afraid to take a car on it. The trail was easy. It was narrow in some spots which was nerve racking with littles. The views though were amazing and worth the climb. The staircase was a fun touch and the cave was awesome especially for the kids. The dust is awful so bring masks and flashlights. If you're not claustrophobic or afraid to get dirty you can go pretty far back.

This trail is really short and easy, but totally worth it. At the end is a metal spiral staircase that leads up to a catwalk that goes into the caves. It’s a little nerve wracking to be up on the catwalk, but the views more than make up for it. Keep in mind that the road leading to the trailhead is extremely rocky and not the best for passenger cars. And if you want to explore deeper into the caves be sure to bring a flashlight!

13 days ago

The trail is asphalt, so don't worry too much about footwear. Great views in every direction, weather permitting. It's apparently windy at the top all the time, too. Park entry fee is $15 per vehicle, so be prepared for that too.

This was really fascinating. So many petroglyphs I could have spent a lot more time just taking pictures but the sun was setting. Will definitely be back.

17 days ago

Very neat, allowed hands-on exploration of historical dwellings in such a beautiful setting. We were there in the evening around sunset & it was very peaceful.

17 days ago

Not too scenic since it's mostly in the pinyon juniper woods. Highway noise is heard along the whole trail. There are some information signs along the trail, but it would probably be better to get the guidebook from the park visitor center. Remember that you need to get the gate code from the park visitor center. I called their main phone number and got it, so you don't necessarily have to go in person.

18 days ago

Great long hike, 10 miles, 5 hours up, 4 hours down. The Narrows at the half way point could be a destination in itself. Several distinct vegetation zones.

Nice views, easy walk. Lots of history to learn about.

19 days ago

This listing and some of the reviews seem to be referring to several different trails. The route shown here is definitely not easy. My husband and I are experienced hikers, and we lost the trail a few times. I would rate it as moderate most of the way for the routefinding needed.

However, as written, this route has grades of more than 50% near the end. That is because it is a class 3 scramble. Definitely NOT easy or even moderate, especially when two people are trying to get a 60 pound dog up the rock face. We kept checking the AllTrails app thinking we were off trail, but we were right on route.

The "no dogs" tag on AllTrails is also incorrect; the sign in the parking lot states all El Malpais trails are dog friendly (but to consider the trail surface, obviously). This trail as written was completely fine for our dog (except for the scrambling near the end); the trail literally only crosses volcanic rock twice for maybe 10 feet total. Most of the trail is sand/sandstone.

Note that there are not views of the Ventana Arch from this trail. (Though there are a couple smaller natural arches that are cool!) Overall a nice trail; just be prepared, as the route currently shown does not match the rating or description.

19 days ago

A must do hike! Amazing views, some navigating of rocks but worth it. Gets busy quick, we got there at 8am on a Thursday and while we were on our way back it was getting crowded. On the way up very few people though so go early.

22 days ago

I love this place. I felt like I was walking around on another planet. Such a wonderful experience, and I cannot wait to go back.

I love that there are well beaten paths, and landmarks to go see, but I feel it's such a treat to be able to walk anywhere you want at Bisti.

Such a fun hike! No elevator service into the caverns so it was a great 800 feet descend but a workout hiking back up!! Was def worth it!! So neat!

Absolutely love this hike. Love going to the end and seeing the old sanatorium and the hotel camp. Very easy hike. The Spring is not Dripping but still very pretty and interesting to see history in the mountains.

Awesome, challenging hike. I did this back in March. Took me 5 hrs round trip, but I’d plan for an all day hike and pack accordingly. On the first third of the ascent, At approximately 32.339365 N, and 106.584949 W, there is a fork in the trail, and they both look good. Take the right fork (steer towards the large boulder up ahead). This will save you a lot of bushwhacking or backtracking. After the first third to half of the ascent, the trail is easier to follow. Wear pants.

Top ten hike!

Got there at 10am on a Saturday. The slot canyon was pretty clear but I can see how going later would be a pain when there's traffic in the narrows. Gorgeous hike, the rocks are amazing.

Easy hike. The lodge was interesting.Wind can make it a little more difficult.

Get there very early to avoid bottle necks in the narrow canyons. But otherwise the hike is phenomenal. The view from the top is beautiful and the narrow canyons were stunning.

on Tent Rocks Trail

29 days ago

Very beautiful trail with lots of interesting geology. Challenging for us amateurs, but not too much. Go early to avoid crowds.

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