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The trail is actually a nine-mile trail that ends south at Dead Cholla. Only the first two miles hug the gorge. Views are spectacular. Do this hike early in the morning or in the afternoon with cloudcover as it is totally exposed. Trailhead is at the rest stop. People can stay here for 24 hours.

on Sun Mountain Trail

1 day ago

Good uphill hike with nice view.

on Dorothy Stewart Trail

1 day ago

Nice easy hike

This is my favorite trail in this area so far! Great weather today. I’ll be doing this one again.

1 day ago

Nice easy trail! Just be aware of your footing- big ants and dog poop here and there! Only a few skinny rocky spots to traverse. Good first hike for our vacation from FL!

Very beautiful trail with grass and flowers. The north-facing view at the end was great. We came back via the north crest trail giving us some shade and some westward views. We had to hike on the road for about 1/3 mike to get back to our car. Total distance doing this route was 6.7 miles.

1 day ago

Nice little hike out to Chimney Rock. Best to leave early in the morning before it gets too hot, as the trail is exposed the entire time.

Nice shaded trail. See the other side of the new trestle that you can view from 82. There is also a trail to the old trestle that has collapsed.

Note that this trail has been reopened. However, when we were headed to the trailhead via Wilderness Gate this morning at 7, neighbors driving by told us they had seen a large bear at the base of the mountain along the road, so we played it safe and hiked Picacho instead.

We have a family house in Taos, and do hikes here every time we go. It’s great by itself, I only give it 3 stars because I know what the larger Sangre De Cristos hold just 45 minutes away. Don’t let that deter you from this hike though. Good little starter. Don’t go too late in the day during rainy season though...one of the scariest things I’ve ever done.

scenic driving
1 day ago

The only bad part was when it ended.

1 day ago

Great trail. Nice and long (in reality, it only feels long)...good workout, good forest, even good meadows along the way for a break here and there.

Great trail with multiple options, really a network of trails. Altitude gains of 500 to 600 feet. Connects to the Little Tesque trail. Easily accessible from Santa Fe. Trails well marked with junction markers and on trail maps. We loved it. Lot’s great views.

Awesome trail.

I liked this hike; it's not particularly difficult, though there are a couple steep sections. The trail is easy to follow and it's peaceful. Not much in the ways of views and vistas though. The trail terminates in a little meadow with a couple of backpacking campsites. Not exactly scenic, but it's pleasant.

Be mindful of monsoon season when doing this in the summer--it's best to do the hike in the morning.

Note also that the "Holy Ghost Trailhead" is located about 3/4 mile from the actual start of the trailhead. That is, if you park at the lot just outside of the trailhead, this is closer to 8.5 miles round trip.

Nice trail for three of us (including 6 year old). Plenty of tree cover and views. Occasional fallen tree to climb over or around.

Park in Sulphur Canyon picnic area ($3 user fee). Stay right at Faulty Trail.

Beautiful trail. Well marked.

4 days ago

Soda Rock was a nice place, the sign was hard to see. Don’t go during monsoon season, because the current was so forceful I couldn’t get in.

4 days ago

Nice trail, pretty area, well marked and close to downtown Cloudcroft. Trailhead right off highway. Was plenty challenging for wife and I in mid 70s. Entire trail had cell service available. Enjoyed using to see our location on the trail with this app.

Only thing it lacks is a view - but a lovely stream and trail - a few big trees down but just reopened this morning after 5 weeks closed due to fire hazard - so no complaints!

We went up Italianos for about 1.2miles until the aspen grove. It is one of the most beautiful hikes I have done. Recommended by a Taos local to us. We saw so many different types of flowers and moss. The trail crosses over the creek quite a few times. Wear good shoes it is a little rocky at parts.

Trails are open again!

I got into town as the clouds were ready to burst. I waited out the storm but took off two hours before sunset. The loop took me 2:20 hours. I did it clockwise. Great vistas all around. The rock slab chairs have been restored at the peak. My dogs were able to drink water from a few shallow pools in the rocks along the way. The trailhead parking lot was still crowded when I returned to my truck.

5 days ago

This is a nice trail but beware of the very aggressive wasps as you get close to the river bed. My son and I both got stung just walking by their hive in the rocks near the trail.

Great trail. The biodiversity between the West fork and the East fork are completely different. I did the loop backwards starting with the West fork. When you get to the divide, hike down to Truchas lake. Bring binoculars, big horns are everywhere up thier. Only saw 4 other people the six days I took to complete. The views and vistas from the divide are excellent. Seen a lot of elk up there as well. Definitely recommend to those with cardio as you will definitely need it!

we are doing this trail with the wellness coordinator at work. a really good trail for all levels

Highly disappointed. Walking trail we picked went along backyards. Little shade, and good luck finding a map and dust in-between my toes.

7 days ago

The trail was recommended in preperation to a hiking adventure in the near future due to elevation gain.

Started out about 9 am, with expectation of rain. Definitely rained on and off. We were the only ones in the trail the entire 12 miles.

Alltrails will say 11, but we logged 12 on the Alltrails map.

The overgrowth was a frustration and hard to tackle on the the way down, again expected from previous reviews. the only thing to see up, other the the forest was a few rocks, river, up to a clearing towards the top. it was feeling long, and that's probably becasue the miles were incorrect.

With the rain, we had sit tight for a bit to see if we could continue on. We decided to go on and as reaching the top (which was about a mile or so up), the fog coming up from the rain, and covering the trees and forest to all white, and low visibility was just an amazingly view to see and have the luck to experience.

Arriving to the top the views were indeed spectacular and we were happy to reach the trailhead with all the uncertainty from the storm. as soon as we reached the top, the lightening showed face. too bad we had to head back immediately for safty and couldnt go on to the ridge and peak as intended.

Overall, if you you can navigate and head out, at both forks you will turn right, and at mile three the path continues where the fallen tree is split to the left.

Also, wildlife was plenty, at the beginning of the forest entrance and throughout if thats something that you are looking for. We did see more on the way out but plenty all over.

Trail is closed until further notice as of July 8th, 2018.

on Achenbach Canyon Trail

8 days ago

definitely moderate difficulty & poorly marked but gorgeous views

8 days ago

Great boost for beginners. Good incline changes, uphill and downhill terrain. Easy to navigate. Bring water if you are hiking in the sun like I did. Got my heart rate up and had a great time. Beautiful views of the city.

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